To Sir Phillip With Love (Bridgerton #5) A Decedent Romance

This novel is the fifth book in the popular Bridgerton series, which has captured the hearts of readers worldwide. Set in Regency-era England, To Sir Phllip with Love follows our well beloved Eloise and Phillip

This romantic comedy is stuffed full of witty dialogue, charming characters and isn’t without some steamy scandals! Join us as we dive into the world of Bridgerton by Julia Quinn and explore the romance and drama of Regency-era England.

‘Julia Quinn is one of the best historical romance novelists of our time’
Heroes & Heartbreakers

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About the Series

The Bridgerton series is a collection of romance novels written by Julia Quinn. The series is set in the Regency era of England, and follows the lives of the eight Bridgerton siblings as they navigate love, marriage, and society. Each book in the series is centred on one of the siblings, and follows their love story as they find their happily ever after. The series has gained a large following and has been adapted into a popular Netflix show.

There are nine books in the series:

  1. The Duke & I (Daphne & Simon)
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me (Anthony & Kate)
  3. An Offer from a Gentleman (Benedict & Sophie)
  4. Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Colin & Penelope)
  5. To Sir Phillip, With Love (Eloise & Phillip)
  6. When He Was Wicked (Francesca & Michael)
  7. It’s In His Kiss (Hyacinth & Gareth)
  8. On the Way to the Wedding (Gregory & Lucy)
  9. The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After

We are also blessed with a number of collections , as well as two collections:

  1. The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton (Lady Whistledown’s Official Guide)
  2. The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown
  3. Lady Whistledown Strikes Back

Official Description

to sir phillip with love

To Sir Phillip with Love


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Official Description

My dear Miss Bridgerton,

We have been corresponding now for quite some time, and although we have never formally met, I feel as if I know you.

Forgive me if I am too bold, but I am writing to invite you to visit me. It is my hope that we might decide that we will suit, and you will consent to be my wife.
—Sir Phillip Crane

Sir Phillip Crane knew that Eloise Bridgerton was a spinster, and so he’d proposed, figuring that she’d be homely and unassuming, and more than a little desperate for an offer of marriage. Except… she wasn’t. The beautiful woman on his doorstep was anything but quiet, and when she stopped talking long enough to close her mouth, all he wanted to do was kiss her… and more.

Did he think she was mad? Eloise Bridgerton couldn’t marry a man she had never met! But then she started thinking… and wondering… and before she knew it, she was in a hired carriage in the middle of the night, on her way to meet the man she hoped might be her perfect match. Except… he wasn’t. Her perfect husband wouldn’t be so moody and ill-mannered, and while Phillip was certainly handsome, he was a large brute of a man, rough and rugged, and totally unlike the London gentlemen vying for her hand. But when he smiled… and when he kissed her… the rest of the world simply fell away, and she couldn’t help but wonder… could this imperfect man be perfect for her?

Our Overview

“If one didn’t have love, was it better, then, to be alone?”

Julia Quinn, To Sir Phillip, With Love

A little familiar after the previous book, we follow one Eloise Bridgerton pondering her lonely life as a spinster. Although Eloise had always claimed to be happily single, now that her best friend Penelope has found love, she is finding it hard to face the world without the concurrent singleness of her best friend.

One day she offers condolences to a distant cousin’s husband, a Sir Phillip Crane, whose depressed wife, Marina, has just passed. The two begin a pen pal letter exchange lasting a long time. Needless to say, there is some romantic tension bursting through the pages! Meanwhile, Phillip is struggling to care for his twin children, Oliver and Amanda, since his wife’s passing, though he does not disclose this to Eloise in her letters.

Eloise decides to surprise Phillip at his home, where she is shocked to discover he has children. Nonetheless, she takes it in her stride and cares for him and the children. As they spend more time together, Phillip shares the traumas of his childhood and his marriage to Marina with Eloise.

With a beautiful woman caring for him and his children, Phillip can’t help but gradually fall for one Eloise. And in likewise, with Phillip being greatly supportive and kind, mutual feelings begin to become apparent. Eventually, after what feels like an age, the pair announce their love to each other and get married.

Our Review

Eloise’s longing for love makes her vulnerable – not to be mistaken for being weak! Much like Penelope, she is a fairly modern woman with a lot of self-respect. Definately someone I could see myself being friends with!

The banter between Eloise and Phillip was endearing, sometimes funny and sometimes, well, not so funny. As much as we loved the story there were parts of Phillip’s reasonings for falling for Eloise that left a bad taste in our mouths. How many times do you need to tell a woman you want her to mother your children!

Despite some concerning dialogue, the novel is a nice addition to the series. Maybe not as high up in our favorites as the previous instalment (but who can resist Penelope?), but a wonderful read nonetheless.

The processing of grief from his wife passing was written very well and despite some internalised issues which presented in uncomfortable ways, I did care deeply for Phillip. He doesn’t quite know how to express love, and doesn’t know how as his father was cruel and he went on to blame himself for his wife’s passing. He’s scared to reach out to his children for fear that he will continue the cycle of abuse.

Some topics are quite difficult, and some parts weren’t fun to read – but this definitely sets a realistic and slightly darker tone in comparison to the other books.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
To Sir Phillip With Love (Bridgerton #5): A Decedant Regency Romance

Fancy More…?

The Netflix Series

The hit Netflix series has taken off as an international sensation. With Bridgerton being renewed for season 3 and 4, we can only hope that it will continue to be renewed in the upcoming years to make way for an on-screen adaption of To Sir Phillip, with Love.

If you haven’t had the blessing of watching the series yet, check out the trailer and see if you can stop yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is To Sir Phillip, With Love spicy?

To Sir Phillip With Love is considered one of the least steamy instalments of the Bridgerton series, so spice lovers may have to hold off until the next book

What is To Sir Phillip with Love About?

Sir Phillip is widowed with two children, and Eloise is unmarried and longing for love. The pair eventually find that they are a more than agreeable match, but may face some challenges along the way.

Why does Eloise marry Sir Phillip?

They marry out of love, of course. All Bridgerton novels have a happy and heartwarming ending, and that’s coming from the author herself!

How old is Eloise in To Sir Phillip, with Love?

At this time in the novel, she is 28. So young and so eager to settle into a life of solitary, talk about a change in the times, huh?

Which Bridgerton novel is your favorite? Let us know!

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