Unique Book Ends for Romance Lovers

Unique book ends are a fabulous way to decorate your shelf. While many book collections look somewhat eclectic on their own, the right combination of ornaments and book ends can bring the entire room back in line with your chosen aesthetic.

But what if you want your aesthetic to match your favorite genre? What if you want to show off your love for romance novels? 

We’ve searched high and low for the best unique book ends for romance novel lovers so you can spice up your shelves!

#21 VOSAREA 2pcs Decorative Metal Bookends Iron Lover Silhouette

Unique Book EndsThese adorable silhouette style book ends tell a love story of their own. We love the umbrella prop. It’s fun, whimsical, and makes us smile.
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#20 Tingting1992 Bookends

Unique Book EndsAnother beautiful and heart touching example of a friends to lovers story depicted in two simple silhouettes. These book ends personify the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It’s perfect for any romance fan and makes a great wedding gift!
blankBonus! There is even an option for a beautiful young adult to mature adult (or senior couple) made by the same company. You can mix and match them to tell a story of everlasting love! 
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#19 ZHANGWJ Gorgeous Decoration Bookends Romantic Bookends, Creative Eiffel Decorations

Unique Book EndsIt doesn’t get more romantic than the City of Lights! Make your Parisian dreams come true with these Eiffel Tower book ends.
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#18  Balvi The Library Metal Bookend

Unique Book EndsWhether you’re a librarian or just a massive book nerd and want to celebrate it, these book ends are for you! It’s not necessarily as romance-centric as the others, but we couldn’t resist adding it to this list. As book lovers, this find was just too perfect to leave out.
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#17 Whimsical Hidden Book Ends For A Cool Book Holder Display

blankThere’s so much to say about this SUPER unique, SUPER cool, SUPERWOMAN book end! Yes, your books will really lean. No, they won’t fall over! The actual book end is designed to be hidden by your books while the superwoman silhouette “floats” in place with a magnet. This idea is too genius not to include.

We found over a hundred variations of this design on the internet, but this was our favorite because women who read are the real superheroes.
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#16 Kikkerland Concrete Desktop Planter

Unique Book EndsOkay so this one is technically a desktop planter. However, it’s made of concrete, which means it can totally hold up books. Plant some pretty flowers in it and you get a book end that will be the envy of your entire book club! 
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#15 SRIWATANA Bookends Black

blankThese geometrical bookends don’t look like much at first glance. Until you realize they’re meant to be used for 3D bookscraping! You can stick photos, dried flowers, postcards, and all manner of other mementos in them, just like a page from a scrapbook. Wedding photos, anyone? Love notes? Make it your own!
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#14 Man And Woman Bookends

Unique Book EndsThere’s something about these two lovers that takes us back to simpler times. The rustic swing and vintage metal makes us nostalgic for summer love. It’s sweet, romantic, unique and perfect for you bookshelf.
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#13 Hearts Non Skid Bookends

blankNothing beats a classic pink heart when it comes to romance. It’s so versatile. For the sweet romance reader and the steamy romance reader alike. Bonus! You can customize the color!
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#12 Naked Lady Statue Bookend

Unique Book EndsFor those of you who enjoy something a little more risque, this book end is sure to make your guests talk. Celebrate female sexuality and strength, or just have fun being a little naughty. Especially if it matches the steam on (and off) the pages.
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#11 Frankenstein And Bride Bookends

blankAre you into paranormal romance? Or perhaps you’re a fan of gothic classics like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Either way, these book ends depicting Frankenstein and his Bride are a fun way to dress up any shelf. Don’t forget, monsters need love too.
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#10 Build Your Own Feminist Icon Bookend Set

Unique Book EndsWe are in love with this idea! From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Maya Angelou and many others. These customizable wooden book ends will empower you. In case you’re wondering, romance and feminism go hand in hand. All reading is smart and sexy. Celebrate your beautiful bookish brain.
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#9 Mystery Sleuth Bookends For Lightweight Paperbacks

Unique Book EndsIs amature sleuth and chicklit more your style? We’ve got the perfect book ends for you. This female detective design is to die for. It’s so cute and clever. You’ll crack the case just in time to fall in love.
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#8 Outlander Bookends

Unique Book EndsListen up, all you Outlander fans! We’ve found the book end for you!

These high quality book ends are laser carved from solid poplar wood, water stained, and painted all by hand. Featuring our beloved Claire and Jamie standing on opposite sides of Craigh Na Dun. We’re getting emotional just thinking about how perfect these are.
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#7 I Love You, I Know Metal Bookend Non Skid Book End Book Stopper

blankWhen Princess Lea said “I love you” she probably wasn’t expecting Han Solo to answer with “I know” — Or was she?

For fans of Star Wars, these quirky book ends are too cute to pass up! They’ll look great holding your other sci-fi romance favorites too!
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#6 XO Bookends

blankTurn your shelf into a love letter with these classic XO book ends. Perfect for any room, style, and genre. Makes a great gift!
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#5  Quotation Mark Bookends

Unique Book EndsIf you’re someone who loves to annotate books, flaunt it! These floating quotation marks are an impressive must-have for any bookshelf.  They’re such a simplistic design yet so clever for book lovers.
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#4 Once Upon A Time / The End Storybook Wood Bookends

blankWe love the destressed vintage look of these wooden block book ends. Perfect for a cozy cottage aesthetic.
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#3 Bookends Bike Book Ornaments

unique book endsWe’re obsessed with this adorable bicycle book ends made from an upcycled bike chain. The little basket in the front is such a clever detail. It adds a fun whimsical feel and a touch of sweet romance. Who doesn’t love riding their bike down an old country road? It’s very ‘boy meets girl’ in the sweetest way.
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#2 Solid Oak Personalised Bookend

Unique Book EndsThis solid wood book end was almost the winner. We’re crazy for that rose stem glass vase! Just picture adding your own rose. Or better yet, imagine waking up to see a fresh rose added by your lover. It doesn’t get more romantic than that.
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#1 Personalized Text Bookends

blankThis design wins first place for one reason. It’s 100% custom made to order. That means you can come up with your own clever romance pun or short quote. You could use the name of your favorite author or your own name. The possibilities are endless. That’s why we love it.
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Which of these 21 unique book ends for romance lovers was your favorite? Let us know below in the comments.

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