Floating Bookshelves – Keeping Books Safe & Stylish!

So you’ve got mountains of books piled up on your floor and you’ve finally decided that it’s time to do something about it? Well, the best way to organise your books AND make the room look stylish is with floating bookshelves or hanging bookshelves. A floating shelf is a shelf that has no visible supporting brackets, which means it’s great for both storage and style. So, check these out now!

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The Best Floating Bookshelves

floating bookshelves

Floating Book Shelf Storage Cabinet

Handmade from solid Hardwood, this floating bookcase is a beautiful piece of art that will fill up any empty wall space and keep your precious books safe and secure.

Tech Details: These shelves come in a choice of Walnut, White Oak or Maple.  There are also a selection of sizes available – small (16 inches), medium (24 inches), large (24 inches) and extra large (40 inches)


Wallniture Minori Floating Shelves Set of 3

Calling all book lovers: these shelves for your walls look simple yet decorative and hold plenty. You can keep everything tidy and neat in home library. Or bedroom, living room, office, lounge, bathroom. Wherever you like!

Tech Details: These come in a choice of two colors – natural burned or white.  The overall size of these shelves is depth 17 inches, width 6 inches, height 5.5 inches


Circle Floating Book Shelves

Squares and rectangles? Boring! We’re all about circles nowadays, which is great because this wall shelf is perfect for our circle-loving selves. Team circles all the way!

These shelves only come in the color featured here.  The dimensions are height 22.8 inches, width 22.8 inches and depth 8.7 inches.

floating bookshelves

Rustic Floating Bookshelf Set of 2

The perfect and uniquely beautiful combination of minimalist, rustic & modern decor are showcased in  these wood floating shelves. You can hang it from a 45 to 60 degree angle depending on the size of your book too!

Tech Details: This set of two shelves are available in a choice of three colours – brown, white or black.  Size specs are height: 11 inches, width: 9 inches, depth: 1 inch.


Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Floating Shelves

We’re not too sure how many books this shelf can actually hold, but it definitely looks cool. If nothing else, it can hold some of your faves (if you can pick just a few).  And you can even use up some of the smaller shelves to hold things like office supplies! And it comes in a wide variety of colors which makes it perfect for any room.

Tech Details:  There are many colors to choose from in this design – white, rustic white, grey, natural, espresso and even turquoise! The dimensions for this set are depth 3.88 inches, width 17.75 inches and height 25.5 inches.

floating bookshelves:

Rustic Floating Book Shelf

Funky shelves at angle? So cool! We love the quirky and fun design of these. With a range of colors and quantities, these handmade shelves are gorgeous for any room.

Tech Details: There is plenty of choice of color here – Espresso, Ebony, Dark Walnut, Aged Barrel, Painted White and Painted Black.  You can even decide if you would like the shelves to lean left or right! The dimensions are height 9 inches, depth 8 inches and width 7.5 inches.  These shelves can hold around 30 books (16lbs in weight capacity). 

floating bookshelves:

Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

Coming in a set of three with each a different size, you can really let your creativity go wild with how you position this shelf set. There are just so many different options to really compliment your books.

These shelves come in a choice of five colors – white, weathered black, weathered grey, dark brown and light brown.  The size dimensions are depth 4.7inches, width 16.7 inches and height x 3.9inches

floating bookshelves

Black Floating Shelves for Wall Set of 3

With an extra bar in front to protect your babies books, this set of wall book shelves is perfect to hold all of your fave novels.

These wall shelves only come in the color pictured, black and rustic wood but it looks fabulous! As there are three shelves in this set the three dimensions are large shelf: 15.7x5x4.6 inches, medium shelf: 12.8×4.6×4 inches and small shelf: 10.4×4.4×3.4 inches.


Invisible Book Shelves

Get the cool and trippy look of books just floating on your wall with these invisible shelves. WARNING: These will make your friends super jealous.

These only come in one color – invisible! The size dimensions are Width: 5,9 inches Depth: 4,7 inches.  These floating shelves may not hold many books but the possibilities for fun displays are endless!

wall book shelves: superman

Invisible Hanging Metal Floating Book Shelves

We’re totally geeking out over this male superhero wall book shelf. Absolutely perfect for kids or superhero fans alike! And there’s even a female superhero version too. Girl power!

These are only available in black but you can choose Supershelf or Wondershelf.  The dimensions are 5″D x 3.5″W x 5.5″H


3 Tier Floating Shelves

We’ve had one tier, we’ve had two tier, and what’s the only thing better than a two tier wall book shelf? Three tier! Triple the fun and triple the amount of book storage with these hanging shelves. 

This wall shelf is only available in the one color, which is as shown – natural burned wood with black metal.  The dimensions are depth 6 inches, width 24 inches and height 28 inches.

wall book shelves: rhombus

Retro Rhombus Wall Shelf

A rhombus is such an underrated shape. Everyone talks about their close cousins the square. But no one talks about the rhombus. Anyway, check out this cool wall shelf!

This shelf is only available in the pictured color but we think that it looks great in these colors anyway!  The size dimensions are length 19.7 inches, width 19.7 inches and height 7.5 inches. 

wall book shelves: now reading

Now Reading Book Shelf

Whilst this can only hold one book, we absolutely love it! It’s a great way to show off the book that you’re currently reading.  And there are even glitter options available – fabulous!

There is a load of choices of color for this amazing shelf, choose from black, white, blue, marble, black glitter, yellow, pink, gold or silver glitter.  The size dimensions are width 6.3 inches, depth 2.64 inches and height 1.38 inches.

floating bookshelves

Floating Hexagon Bookshelf

Squares? Check. Circles? Check. Rhombus? Check. And now, finally, we get to check the hexagon off our list as well!

This only comes in the one color as pictured – rustic wood with black metal. The dimensions are height 22.8 inches, width 22.8 inches and depth 8.7 inches.


Nursery/Kids Room Floating Bookshelf

There is plenty of space on these floating shelves and the display area is huge too, which makes them perfect for a nursery or kids room!

There is a choice of colors too! Choose from natural, special walnut, dark walnut or black.  There are also three choices of length – 24, 30 or 36 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are floating shelves strong enough for books?

Yes! Any of the book shelves on this page are designed for holding books and are strong enough for books! The amount of books that can be shelved will vary depending on the style of floating shelf chosen. Some of the designs are only capable of holding a few books whilst some can hold a whole library!

How much weight can floating bookshelves hold?

The amount of weight that floating bookshelves can hold will vary a lot depending on the type of design and the type of wall they are being fixed to. Some of the sturdiest designs would be capable of holding up to 100 pounds!

How do you make a simple floating bookshelf?

An easy hack to make a simple floating bookshelf is to use L shaped wall brackets. Depending on the size of the shelf that you are planning on fixing above you will need one or two of these brackets. Screw the brackets into the wall, then attach your wooden shelf to the other side of the bracket to secure the wood in place. The trick is then to hide the brackets with the books and ta-da you have floating bookshelves!

How do you secure a floating bookshelf?

The easiest way to secure a floating bookshelf is to ensure that the brackets are attached to the studs in the wall. You can locate the studs in a wall with a stud finder. You then drill into the studs and attach the brackets with screws.

Which of these floating bookshelves is your fav?

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