Unique Reading Lamps For Bed, Ranked!

Reading lamps for bed Bed don’t have to be boring.  We get it, today’s social media age is all about aesthetic. You want your decor to reflect your personality because it’s probably going to show up in your Instagram background, right?

That’s why we dug deep, past all the plain Jane lamp shades and boring bulbs, to find only the coolest and most unique bed lamps for reading. These bed lamps are guaranteed to wow romance lovers, booktokers, and readers of all types.

Your eyes will thank you! 

#15 Griffen 13” Table Lamp

Bed Lamps For ReadingWe love the sleek minimalist look and versatility of this lamp. You can put in a desk, nightstand, end table, bookshelf, and more. Comes with an LED blub. It is perfectly at home in modern and contemporary aesthetics.
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#14 Hermantown 14” White Novelty Table Lamp

blankRing lights have been trending ever since people realized great lighting equals great selfies and videos. This rainbow colored ring light gives you the best of both worlds. Use the white or yellow light option for reading. Then, when you finished your book, switch to any color you want to set the ambience and match your aesthetic. With 6 modes, a memory function, and 42 color options, it’s a content creator must have!
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#13 Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light

Bed Lamps For ReadingOkay, for those of us who are more serious about reading than bookstagraming, this neck light is the real deal. The bendable, adjustable arms and 3 levels of brightness will give you the ultimate experience in comfort and lighting. In bed or in a chair. At night or outside. You no longer have to worry about sitting next to a lamp because this lamp goes with you! It’s the ultimate reading accessory! 
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#12 Ogburn 12″ Decorative Rusty Barn Lantern Table Lamp

blankFor those who really dig the historical or fantasy aesthetic. This battery operated rustic looking oil lamp is for you! The “candle” can remain lit for up to 6 hours. It’s not a lot of light, but it looks fantastic! 
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#11 Quintan 17” Black Table Lamp

Bed Lamps For ReadingThere are few joys we like better than reading outside on a crisp autumn day. But reading outdoors isn’t always feasible. Bad weather and bugs can ruin the mood. So why not bring the outdoors inside with this cute colorful “fall leaf” design. The bold colors and versatile size make this lamp a perfect accent piece for any space.
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#10 Schermerhorn 19” Rustic Table Lamp

blankSpeaking of outdoor aesthetics, have you ever seen a more beautiful lamp? Made of natural reclaimed driftwood arranged in an angled array set atop a solid pinewood base. The driftwood table lamp offers a classic nautical style that brings a sense of casual elegance to your reading space. We admit, the price tag is a splurge. But this lamp is sure to impress! And it’s environmentally friendly!
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#9 Endres Girl Bedroom Lamp Flower Table Lamp

Bed Lamps For ReadingThis pink and white LED rose bush lamp instantly transforms any space you put it in! It’s battery powered, so you really can put it anywhere, even take it outside with you! It’s the perfect romantic fantasy ambience lamp!
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#8 Dabo 18.89” Gold Table Lamp

blankThis dreamy battery powered LED lamp adds a touch of magical fantasy to any surface. With 36 “pearl” lights and adjustable “branches” you can really make it your own. You can also plug it into a power source with a USB switch. 
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#7 LED Book Light Reading Night Light

bed lamps for readingWe couldn’t talk about reading lights without including this genius invention. The flat page panel is kind of amazing because it lights up the entire page! That alone makes this device a book accessory must have for traveling, camping, commuting, and more.
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#6 Moon Light Turkish Table Lamp

blankThere’s something dark, magical, and romantic about this crescent moon lamp. We can’t get enough of it. Another splurge at $114 but one that’s well worth the craftsmanship and ambience.
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#5 Personalized Wood Engrave Light Book

bed lamps for readingThis 360 degree folding lamp is the ultimate book lovers choice simply because it’s perfectly shaped like a book! Custom engrave the wood cover to make it your own. Then open it up and watch the pages illuminate with yellow or white light! A magnet keeps the cover open for you. Then just close the “book” when you are done! If you want one, we suggest you act fast. They’re known to sell out!
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#4 Cute Wooden Sitting LED Table Lamp

bed lamps for readingThis cute guy will watch your books for you! His legs are bendable so you can sit him in different poses but we love how the pose in the photo makes the desk look clear and neat while still having your books out ready to read again.
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#3 Sherlock Holmes Book Lamp

blankIf you’re into classics or going for that established library look, this idea might just be genius. Upcycled from a real hardback copy of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Conan Doyle, this book has been converted into a lamp! Add whatever bulb you want and you’re good to go.
What we especially love are all the book options you can choose from. This store offers many classic literature options to make your lamp your own.
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#2 Harry Potter Upcycled Book Lamp:

bed lamps for readingWe’re obsessed with this idea! Made by the same store as #3 above. This lamp features all seven real hardback book copies from the Harry Potter series. A hole is drilled down the middle to add the light fixture. Thus, this stack of books is now a lamp! Just add your own bulb and lamp shade. It’ll be the envy of every Harry Potter fan club! 
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#1 Moonchild Light

bed lamps for readingThe creator of this delightful little lamp somehow managed to perfectly capture the magic of reading. That’s why we picked it as our number one bed lamp for reading. The attention to detail, from the moon to the hair to the book in her hands, is very impressive. And it looks amazing anywhere. By your bed, on a desk, on a bookshelf. It just works!
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Which of these unique bed lamps for reading is your favorite? Let us know below in the comments.

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