DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – 30 Thoughtful Ideas

If you want to give someone an extra special Valentine’s day gift, then doing some cute DIYs is the perfect option. From crocheting to soap making to baking, there’s something that everyone will be able to do – no matter your skill level. So check out these adorable ideas and pick out the best DIY Valentine’s day gift for the one you love!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: lego bear

Lego Valentine Bear

This adorable bear decorated with love hearts is an amazing way of telling someone you love them beary much!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: resin paperweight

Valentine Resin Paperweights

A fun and easy way to personalize your own handmade gift. Decorate it with any message you want to tell your partner!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: painted rocks

Romantic Painted Rocks

Even if you’re not the best at painting, surely they’ll appreciate the thought put behind these handpainted rocks. Super easy and super cute!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: crochet basket

Crochet Heart Shaped Storage Baskets

If you’ve never crocheted before, now is the best time to start. Make these adorable storage baskets shaped like a heart – practical and beautiful!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: wire heart bookmark

Wire Heart Bookmark

Are you in love with someone who adores reading? Then this gift is the perfect choice! Constantly remind them of your love whenever they read with this bookmark.

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: crochet heart balloon

Crochet Heart Balloon

If you learnt how to crochet for the storage baskets, you may as well put your new talent into use and make this heart balloon too!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: heart sugar cookies

Heart Sugar Cookies

Are you a really talented baker or do you enjoy baking? The best way to tell someone you love them is by giving them something homemade!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: heart shaped cookies

Heart Shaped Cookies

If the design above doesn’t quite capture the feeling you want, how about these cookies instead? Or maybe you could do a mix of both!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Conversation Heart Cookies

Or maybe those cookies above weren’t exactly what you wanted either, so what about these? Actually, why not just do a mix of all three?

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Heart Macaroons

If you really want to put your baking skills to the test, then these macaroons are the perfect option. Cute, homemade, and tasty!

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine Caddy

Flowers are a great way to brighten up any home. And when you pair them with a wooden caddy and some cute messages, they seem even more beautiful!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: wool hearts

Wool Heart

Maybe the crochet didn’t turn out quite as good as you wanted to, but don’t worry! Put that wool to use with these adorable wool hearts.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

Plastic Soda Bottle Heart

If you love putting rubbish into good use and want to get rid of your ever-growing collection of bottles, make some of these soda bottle hearts filled with sweets! Save the environment and gift at the same time!

DIY Valentine's Day Gift: seed paper

Seed Paper

Grow some flowers from paper cut into cute shapes! Or better yet, make them a Valentine’s day card out of seed paper.

DIY Valentine's Day Gifts

I Love You Buckets

A bucket to demonstrate how much you love them – what could be better? Fill it with all of your love to really get the message across.


Painted Clay Pots

These would pair up beautifully with the seed paper! Or they would make super cute storage pots to hold little bits and pieces.


Burned Heart Spoon

So if your partner is a baker or loves to bake, then make their wooden spoon more exciting with these little hearts!


Crochet Rose

Even more crochet! If you’ve managed to pick it up, you may as well make some roses too. Make a whole bouquet of flowers, go crazy with it!


Pop top valentine in a can

Can you put all of your love into a can? Probably not. But you can fill it with love hearts sweets, which are just as good!


Decorated Mug

Everyone needs at least one mug in their life, so you may as well make sure that it’s this mug. Hand decorated by you!


Glitter Crayon Cards

Who doesn’t love glitter? Everyone loves glitter (as long as it’s not all over the floor or on every single surface in sight).


No Sew Valentine Pillows

You may look at these hearts and think that they’re really cute. But alas, your sewing skills are not that good. No worries though because these are no-sew pillows. Yay!


Sugar Scrub Soap Bars

Want to tell someone they need to better hygiene but still make it romantic? Then try making these soap bars! It’s a joke, of course, but these soaps are truly beautiful.


Heart Soap

The designs on these are absolutely stunning and easier than they look! Combine them with the soap above to make a beautiful assortment.


Valentine’s Dollar Tree

Get super crafty and have fun making these dollar trees. Plus you can add in loads of extra gifts – like some sweet treats!


Felted Heart Pillows

Cute little heart pillows! A great idea for these is to put them on a keychain, so they can carry them with them everywhere. Or maybe you could turn them into earrings.


Heart Jewelry Dish

Jewelry dishes are a great way to keep things organized! And it’s not just jewelry either – you can store anything (within reason) in them!


Squishy Heart Cards

Squish squish squishy! Squishy heart cards to show your love. Did we mention that they’re squishy? Squish squish!


Simple Origami Heart Flower Bouquet

Have you tried origami before? Maybe you have a secret talent for it and want to show it off! These hearts may be simple, but they are effective and cute!


Cross Stitch Socks

Does the one you love wear socks? Of course they do! So these socks are adorable and full of love, making them a great gift choice.


Pick Up Fortune Cookies

Fill these fortune cookies with the most cringe-worthy pickup lines! Don’t hold back – make them as embarrassing as possible.


Valentine Soap

More soap! Yay! All three different soap options put together into one collection is an amazing idea, but they’d still be a great gift individually too!


Heart Keychain

A pair of keychains with a chunk of wood on the end. You have half each and when you put them together, the image is whole! A lovely DIY Valentine’s Day Gift.

Which DIY Valentine’s Day gift will you be making? Let us know!

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