Top 10 Blue Light Glasses For Reading

Do you need Blue Light glasses for reading? With the increasing amount of time we spend looking at our smartphones, tablets, computers and other electronic devices it’s no wonder people are concerned about eye strain and Blue Light.

But what is Blue Light? Is it really as harmful as everyone says? What steps should we take to ensure proper vision care? We’ve done the research for you and will answer all that and more below! Plus, we’ve ranked our Top 10 favorite Blue Light glasses for reading! Check it out.

Blue Light Glasses For Reading – What Is Blue Light?

According to UC Davis Eye Center, Blue Light is a natural part of the visible light spectrum. In fact, the most commonly know form of Blue Light is sunlight! However, in today’s modern world, there are also artificial forms of Blue Light. This includes things like fluorescent light bulbs, LED televisions screens, and of course smartphone and tablet screens.

Blue Light Glasses For Reading – What Are The Benefits Of Blue Light?

Blue Light has such a bad rep these days, but there are actually some health benefits we get from Blue Light. Especially in its natural form, which is sunlight. 

Blue light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, and elevates mood. It regulates the body’s natural sleep cycle. Sunlight is also important for the growth and development of the eyes and vision in children. Inadequate exposure to blue light can contribute to nearsightedness.

Blue Light Glasses For Reading – Is Blue Light Bad?

According to UC Davis, “Continued exposure to blue light over time could damage retinal cells and cause vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration. It can also contribute to cataracts, eye cancer and growths on the clear covering over the white part of the eye.”

Children are said to be more vulnerable than adults because their eyes absorb more blue light from digital devices. Exposure to blue light before bedtime also can disrupt sleep patterns because it affects when our bodies create melatonin.

Blue Light also contributes to eye strain which can cause headaches, blurred vision, and neck and shoulder pain.

**If you are struggling with any kind of vision or medical problem, consult a doctor right away.**

Blue Light Glasses For Reading – Do Blue Light Glasses Really Work?

When it comes to protecting your visions from the long term effects of Blue Light, the scientific consensus is still out. However, when it comes to eye strain, which is more immediate, many people do report a noticeable difference in the reduction of eye strain when using Blue Light glasses for reading. Blue light-filtering lenses are said to reduce negative effects by 10.6% to 23.6% without reducing reading quality.

Lenses that block blue light with wavelengths less than 450 nm (blue-violet light) also help by significantly increasing contrast. As a result, computer glasses with yellow-tinted lenses may increase comfort when viewing digital devices for long periods of time.

In conclusion, if you spend a lot of time looking at digital screens, it’s worth doing everything you can to protect your vision. Always consult your doctor regarding any concerns

Blue Light Glasses For Reading – Our Top 10 Favorite Blue Light Glasses!

Favorite Metal Frame Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
SOJOS Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Hipster Metal Frame Women Eyeglasses She Young

Sometimes simple is best. These cute metal frames are comfortable, durable, and fashionable
without being over the top. The lenses can be replaced with your prescription at almost any store.
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blankFavorite ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
Gaoye 5-Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking, Spring Hinge Readers for Women

We love the square lenses and classic frame design on these. Plus, with 5 per pack, you can leave
one at home, one at the office, one in your purse, one in your car, or wherever else you may need
them! Talk about bang for your buck!
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Favorite Splurge Blue Light Glasses For Reading:

Blue Light Blocking Computer, Gaming and Migraine Glasses for Women and Men

For the serious reader, gamer, computer geek and anyone else logging mega hours in front of a screen.
These yellow tinted Blue Light blocking lenses offer the best protection for your eyes. They cost a little
extra, but it’s well worth it.
Get them from Amazon>>
blankFavorite Magnification Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
CRGATV 4-Pack Rimless Tinted Reading Glasses for Women Blue Light Blocking Stylish
Readers Anti UV/Eye Strain/Glare (+1.25 Magnification)

Not only are these the cutest frames we’ve come across, but these Blue Light blocking glasses also
come with 1.25 magnification which also helps reduce eye strain.
Get them from Amazon>>
blankFavorite Pink Frame Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women Men Computer Small Face Clear Bluelight Blocker Eyeglasses

We can’t get enough of these pink tinted frames! You could make them girly and cute or totally
punk them up. It’s up to you! Either way, they’re the perfect accessory.
Get them from Amazon>>
blankFavorite Cat Eye Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
Cateye Blue Light Blocking Glasses Women, SOJOS Anti Eye Strain Computer Glasses
Non Prescription SJ5056

Say goodbye to your grandmother’s boring old readers, and hello to these stylish beauties! They come
in a variety of colors too. Because reading is sexy!
Get them on Amazon>>
blankFavorite Round Retro Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
SOJOS Retro Big Round Blue Light Computer Glasses TR90 Eyewear Frame Ashley SJ9001

These cute frames will transport you back to 1959 while still protecting you from all the Blue Light
of today’s technology. The design is so fun and original, we had to get a pair for ourselves!
Get it from Amazon>>

Favorite Bifocal Blue Light Light Glasses For Reading:

Bifocal Reading Glasses with Blue Light Blocking Lenses, Bifocal Reader for Women,
Vintage Square frame with Spring Hinge (+0.00/+2.00 magnification)

For those in need of a good bifocal option, we love this trendy blue & pink design. However,
these frames come in a wide variety of color options so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!
Get them on Amazon>>
blankFavorite Vintage Design Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
SOJOS Blue Light Blocking Glasses Retro Vintage Cateye Eyeglasses for Women Plastic
Frame Hipster Party SJ5025

Sometimes you just need to make a bold fashion statement, and these Blue Light glasses are
stepping up to the plate with ultra thick cat eye frames! We adore any woman who wears them!
Get them on Amazon>>
blankFavorite Overall Brand Of Blue Light Glasses For Reading:
Peepers by Peeperspecs

One brand in particular kept popping up on our radar for having the coolest quality frames
at the best affordable prices, so we had to give them a shout out! From Blue glasses for reading,
to sunglasses and prescription options, check out Peepers for all your vision needs.
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Which of these Blue Light glasses for reading will you choose? Let us know below.

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