The Best Wall Book Shelves For Your Home Library

Say goodbye to stacks of books sitting on your floor and say hello to these gorgeous wall book shelves! Organize your shelf life and store your most precious books on these wall shelves. We’ve got loads of cool designs that are sure to capture your eyes and make you fall in love. Check them out now!

Wallniture Minori Floating Shelves Set of 3

Calling all book lovers: these shelves for your walls look simple yet decorative and hold plenty. You can keep everything tidy and neat in home library. Or bedroom, office, lounge, bathroom. Wherever you like!

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wall book shelves: cirlce

Circle Floating Book Shelves

Squares and rectangles? Boring! We’re all about circles nowadays, which is great because this wall shelf is perfect for our circle-loving selves. Team circles all the way!

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Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Floating Shelves

We’re not too sure how many books this shelf can actually hold, but it definitely looks cool. If nothing else, it can hold some of your faves (if you can pick just a few). And it comes in a wide variety of colors which makes it perfect for any room.

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Rustic Floating Book Shelf

Funky shelves at angle? So cool! We love the quirky and fun design of these. With a range of colors and quantities, these handmade shelves are gorgeous for any room.

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Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

Coming in a set of three with each a different size, you can really let your creativity go wild with how you position these. There are just so many different options to really compliment your books.

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Set of 2 Wall Mounted Whitewashed Wood

The look of the whitewashed wood looks so good! And the only way it could look better is with our books on it.

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Black Floating Shelves for Wall Set of 3

With an extra bar in front to protect your babies books, this set of wall book shelves is perfect to hold all of your fave novels.

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3 Tier Corner Shelf

Pretty much any of these shelves could be put in the corner, if you wanted to, but this one is made to go in the corner. It spreads over both walls, so it makes a wonderful corner feature.

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Set of 2, 2-Tier Rustic Wood Wall Book Shelves

The same rustic wood look but this time we’re going two tier! And it’s a set of two too. Wow, just imagine how many books you can fit on these.

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Invisible Book Shelves

Get the cool and trippy look of books just floating on your wall with these invisible shelves. WARNING: These will make your friends super jealous.

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wall book shelves: superman

Invisible Hanging Metal Floating Book Shelves

We’re totally geeking out over this male superhero wall book shelf. Absolutely perfect for kids or superhero fans alike! And these’s even a female superhero version too. Girl power!

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wall book shelves: tree

Tree Book Shelves

Take the books and wood back to their roots with this tree book shelves. This is one of our favorites, it’s a beautiful feature to show off some beautiful books.

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3 Tier Floating Shelves

We’ve had one tier, we’ve had two tier, and what’s the only thing better than a two tier wall book shelf? Three tier! Triple the fun and triple the amount of book storage. 

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wall book shelves: now reading

Now Reading Book Shelf

Whilst this can only hold one book, we absolutely love it! It’s a great way to show off the book that you’re currently reading.

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wall book shelves: rhombus

Retro Rhombus Wall Shelf

A rhombus is such an underrated shape. Everyone talks about their close cousins the square. But no one talks about the rhombus. Anyway, check out this cool wall shelf!

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Which of these wall book shelves is your fav?

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