Nightwork Nora Roberts – Another Gripping Epic!

All Nora Roberts fans have been greatly anticipating this new release. Nightwork Nora Roberts is another amazing publication from critically acclaimed bestselling author Nora Roberts. Stay here with us and we’ll take you through what you need to know about the newest Nora Roberts release!

Sunday Times bestselling author Nora Roberts returns with a brand new standalone novel – a story about the power of love to light a way through the darkness

‘If you’re after the perfect pick-me-up, take-me-away-from-the-world read, then she’s your woman’
The Guardian

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Official Description


When he was nine, and his mother had her first deadly dance with cancer, Harry became a thief. Someone had to find food and pay the mortgage even if his mother was too sick to work. When his mother finally succumbs to cancer, Harry leaves Chicago but somehow he can’t quite leave all of his past behind.

Harry lives a quiet, careful, rootless life – he can’t afford to attract attention or get attached – until he meets Miranda. But just when Harry thinks he has a chance at happiness his old life comes back to haunt him. Harry has had dealings with some bad people in his past but none more dangerous than Carter LaPorte and Harry is forced to run. But no matter what name he uses or where he goes, Harry cannot escape. If he is ever going to feel safe Harry must face down his enemy once and for all.

Only then can he hope to possess something more valuable than anything he has ever stolen.

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Our Overview

“…a master class in the slow burn, blending heartrending emotion and thrills to deeply satisfying effect.”

Publishers Weekly

Harry Booth started stealing at nine to support himself and his sick mother. He would sneak into mansions in the dead of night, searching for expensive items he could pocket and trade for money. This nightwork ended up being the only thing keeping him and his mother afloat. When his mother tragically succumbed to cancer, he left Chicago—but kept up what he calls his nightwork.

Wandering from the Outer Banks to Savannah to New Orleans, he takes upon new identities and stays careful. One cannot take the risk of carelessness in this business. He can’t afford to attract attention—or get attached. Despite his caution, his guard drops itself around aspiring writer Miranda Emerson. But the bond between them cannot last—because not all thieves follow Harry’s code of honor. Some pay others to take risks so they can hoard more treasures. Some are driven by a desire to own people the way they own paintings and jewels. And after Harry takes a lucrative job commissioned by Carter LaPorte, LaPorte sees a tool he can use, and decides he wants to own Harry.

The man is a predator more frightening than the alligators that haunt the bayou. He uses threats to Harry’s aunt—and Miranda—to force Harry into working for him again. Harry abandons Miranda—cruelly, with no explanation—and disappears. But no matter what name he uses or where he goes, LaPorte casts a shadow over Harry’s life. To truly free himself, he must face down his enemy once and for all. Only then can he hope to possess something more valuable than anything he has ever stolen.

Harry abandons Miranda and spends years on the run. That is, until he finally gets the chance to take LaPorte down—with Miranda’s help.

Our Review

Nora Roberts once again proves herself as the queen of romanceland. Not suggesting that this novel is as simple cut-and-dry as a romance. Nightwork Nora Roberts is a fantastic blend of action, mystery, crime, and romance.

The first half of this novel is dedicated to defining Harry’s character, which may make for a delay in active storytelling to a degree, but it only supports the later half of the novel. We grow much more attached to the character, and all of the things that happen to become much more impactful and emotional. As a result of this careful character creation, this may be our favorite Nora Roberts character to date!

Roberts’ new story has all– endearing characters whom you feel for, a heart-touching love story with Harry and Miranda, and intense action– all which come together to make a read which is unforgettable.

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Nightwork Nora Roberts – Another Gripping Epic!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered Nora Roberts best book?

Some of Nora Roberts’ best books are considered to be as follows:

  1. Midnight Bayou
  2. Blue Dahlia
  3. Chasing Fire
  4. The Villa
  5. Birthright

What is Nora Roberts best trilogy?

Call us biased with some fun fantasy elements, but our favorite Nora Roberts trilogy is The Dragon Heart Legacy.

Did Nora Roberts pass away?

Despite some hoaxes and scares, Nora Roberts is well and at 72 years old is still one of the most prolific authors of this decade!

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