Category: Romance Books

Must Read Author – A. E. Wasp

City Boy: Hot Off the Ice #1 Free Reg. Price: 3.99 Follow the money or follow your heart? Either way, you lose. When a blown tire leads directly to mind-blowing sex with a white knight named Dakota, pro-hockey player Bryce Lowery discovers he is most definitely gay. Being with Dakota opens up a whole new

Must Read Author – Victoria Danann

Simon Says $0.99 He thought she was gone forever, but what if…? “Heart-warming, witty, quirky, a little racy and completely engaging!” Rosie Storm is about to get the chance to head up a new Black Swan unit, D.I.T. The Department of Interdimensional Trespass. Twenty years ago Sir Simon was a vampire hunter. He took three

Must Read Author – K.J. Jackson

Stone Devil Duke: A Hold Your Breath Novel FREE Marked for death, Lady Augustine Christopherson finds herself scouring the slums of London in a desperate search to find the men who killed her father, and are determined to dispose of her. To protect her family, to protect herself, she is determined to find the men

Must Read Author – Amy Sumida

Godhunter (Godhunter, Book 1) FREE Reg. Price: 0.99 From witch to Godhunter. Sometimes a single fact can change a life completely. For Vervain Lavine, that change came when she learned the truth about the gods: who they really are, where they came from, and what they want from us. To survive, she learned how to

Must Read Author – Jordan Ford

Curve Ball (Barlow Sisters Trilogy, Book 1) $0.99 She’s out of her element. He’s driving her crazy. Will they go down swinging or knock it out of the park? Maddie Barlow thought she had everything figured out. But just six months from high school graduation, her dad moves the family to the crummy small town

Must Read Author – Demelza Carlton

Hansel and Gretel Retold (Romance a Medieval Fairytale series #10) ​​​​​​​$0.99 An unlikely duo. A wicked witch. Whatever it takes to find their way home. Once upon a time… Rhona is certain her stepmother wants to kill her and her sisters, and she’ll stop at nothing to do it. Leaving them in the woods alone,

Must Read Author – A K Michaels

Kade: A Wolf’s Hunger $0.99 An out of control Alpha Wolf who is obstinate and won’t heed his Beta’s warnings. Kade MacKenzie is hell-bent on feeding the Hunger gnawing inside him. Stubborn to the core he refuses to believe what’s wrong, that is, until his Wolf decides otherwise. When his best friend, and one of

Must Read Author – Alyssa Day

Alejandro’s Sorceress, Book 1, The Cardinal Witches $0.99 Reg. Price: 2.99 Hardened by years of protecting his town, Alejandro is a warrior that is taken off guard by the garden witch who sees the world in shades of sunshine and delight in this delightfully charming paranormal romance. I was completely and utterly delighted by this