20 Romantic Thriller Books

Everyone loves romantic thriller books that can grab you by the heart and take you for a spin. These books are capable of just that and so much more! Here are our top books with intense romances that will have you clinging to every word. Check them out now!

romantic thriller books: tall, dark and deadly

Tall, Dark, and Deadly – Heather Graham

Marnie Newcastle has disappeared, but few people in Florida are worried. A successful lawyer with a wild side, Marnie has been known to disappear during her passionate love affairs. But her college friend, Samantha Miller, is suspicious. So she decides to investigate Marnie’s ex-lovers, who all have something to hide. And with a killer stalking the Florida swamps, Samantha must find him before he finds her.

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romantic thriller books: when all the girls have gone

When All The Girls Have Gone – Jayne Ann Krentz 

When Charlotte Sawyer is unable to contact her step-sister, Jocelyn, to tell her that her closest friend was found dead, she discovers that Jocelyn has vanished. She’s gone off the grid before, but never like this. Charlotte joins forces with Max Cutler to find Jocelyn. But the search for answers is a dangerous path.

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romantic thriller books: till death

Till Death – Jennifer L. Armentrout

It’s been ten years since Sasha Keaton left her West Virginia hometown and she escaped the twisted serial killer known as the Groom. But then Sasha is threatened and FBI agent Cole Landis vows to protect her the way he couldn’t a decade ago.

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romantic thriller books: rebecca

Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier

Whilst working for Mrs Van Hopper, a young girl becomes acquainted with Maxim de Winter. After a brief courtship, the pair marry and he whisks her away into his mansion in England, Manderley. And there she discovers that the staff and friends of Maxim were very fond of Maxim’s previous wife, Rebecca. Even the housekeeper, Mrs Danvers, keeps comparing the new Mrs Winters to Rebecca. But Rebecca died in a strange boating accident, yet her legacy still lives on.

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romantic thriller books: a madness of sunshine

A Madness Of Sunshine – Nalini Singh

One fateful summer tragedy shattered the trust holding the Golden Cove community together. All that’s left are whispers behind closed doors, broken friendships and a silent agreement to never look back. But you can’t run from the past forever. Especially when another young girl disappears without a trace.

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romantic thriller books: it ends with us

It Ends With Us – Coleen Hoover

Lily hasn’t always had it easy, but that’s never stopped her from working hard for the life she wants. So when she feels a spark with the gorgeous neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid, everything seems too good to be true. But his complete aversion to relationships is disturbing. She can’t help but wonder what made him have a ‘no dating’ rule in the first place, even if she is an exception.

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romantic thriller books: don't tell

Don’t Tell – Karen Rose

Mary Grace Winters knew the only way to save herself and her child from her abusive husband was to stage their deaths. Now living as Caroline Stewart, she has almost forgotten the nightmare she left behind nine years ago. Then her husband uncovers her hidden trail.

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The Obsession – Nora Roberts

Naomi Carson is a survivor. As a child, her family was torn apart by a shocking crime. It could have torn her apart, but her passion for photography has taken her all around the world. Now she has decided to put down roots in the beautiful old house on Point Bluff. But her past is catching up to her.

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Verity – Coleen Hoover

Lowen Ashleigh is a struggling writer on the brink of financial ruin when she accepts the job offer of a lifetime.Jeremy Crawford, husband of a bestselling author, has hired Lowen to complete the remaining books in his wife’s series as she is injured. But Lowen discovers an unfinished autobiography which could change everything.

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Mr Perfect – Linda Howard

What would make your perfect man? That’s the topic of certain professional women at their favorite restaurant. They make a tongue-in-cheek list that’s both funny and racy. But then the List becomes an overnight sensation and one of the four is murdered.

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Naked In Death – JD Robb

We couldn’t end this Best Nora Roberts book list without including a mention to the In Death series written by Nora Roberts under the pen name JD Robb. The first book in the series introduces us to New York Police Detective Eve Dallas and Roarke, the dashing businessman with a shadowy past who finds Dallas enormously intriguing. And as try as hard as she might Eve will find it difficult to resist the irresistible Roarke’s persistent advances.

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Hideaway – Nora Roberts

Caitlyn Sullivan is nine years old when a game of Hide and Seek at a family party changes her life forever. She has been running away from her trauma, but if she wants to thrive she must return home to face her past.

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The Unsung Hero – Suzanne Brockmann

After a near-fatal head injury, Navy SEAL Lieutenant Tom Paoletti is ordered to take a leave of absence from his team. Although it’s the last thing he wants, he decides to visit home in New England and a chance to reconnect with childhood sweetheart Kelly Ashton. But Tom catches a terrifying glimpse of an international terrorist in their hometown and the Navy dismisses the danger as injury-induced imaginings, Kelly is the one person to believe him.

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Devil’s Lair – Anna Zaires

Live-in tutor wanted for four-year-old. Must be willing to relocate to a remote mountain estate. $3K/week cash.

On the run from ruthless killers and with barely any money left, the job sounds like the answer to my prayers. But the child’s father is the most beautiful and dangerous man I’ve ever met. Nikolai Molotov draws me in like a magnet, even as my instincts scream for me to run. And I’m not the only one with secrets.

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Her Last Word – Mary Burton

Fourteen years ago, Kaitlin Rose was the lone witness to her cousin Gina’s abduction. Now Kaitlin is interviewing everyone associated with the crime for a podcast to bring closure to the case. But a woman that Kaitlin questioned is found dead and Detective John Adler’s fear is that the murders have only just begun. And he needs to keep Kaitlin safe.

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Cross Her Heart – Melinda Leigh

For more than twenty-five years, Philadelphia homicide detective Bree Taggert has tucked away the nightmarish childhood memories of her parents’ murder-suicide. Until her younger sister, Erin, is killed in a crime that echoes the tragic night. And Erin’s husband, Justin, has vanished. Teaming up with Matt Flynn, Bree uncovers the truth of what happened.

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The Witness – Nora Roberts

At just sixteen, Abigail Lowery witnessed a shocking mafia murder. She narrowly escaped with her life, leaving her old identity behind. Fifteen years later, Abigail is still hiding from the world and she’s convinced herself that everything she has right now is all she needs. But Brooks Gleason, local chief of police, has other ideas. His persistence to uncover the truth is unsettling, exciting and dangerous.

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Shadow Woman – Linda Howard

Lizette Henry wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize the reflection staring back at her in the mirror. She isn’t suffering from amnesia, she remembers everything. But who she is, is not who she sees.

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Closer Than You Think – Karen Rose

Faith Corcoran has escaped her identity. Being a therapist to victims of sex crimes was rewarding, but her work with the offenders has jeopardized her life. Her move is the chance to build a new life. But hwat she doesn’t know is that a killer has made this house his playground and Faith is disturbing his fun. Faith is going to have to put her trust in Deacon, an experienced FBI Agent, if she’s going to survive.

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Untraceable – Laura Griffin

Private inestigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help her clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety. Until Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive cop husband, vanishes for real. Alex fears the worst and teams up with homicide cop Nathan Deveraux to uncover the truth.

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Which of these romantic thriller books are your favorite? Let us know!

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