Ali Hazelwood Below Zero: The Hot New STEMinist Sensation

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Love Hypothesis comes the latest steamy, STEMinist novella – Ali Hazelwood Below Zero. With Hazelwood’s signature enemies-to-lovers trope carrying the theme of her novellas, it’s no doubt that if you loved any of Hazelwood’s works – you’ll love this one too.

The STEMinist Novellas are short enough to absorb in one sitting, and we highly suggest you do! With sweet and doting characters that leave us smiling, scenarios so ridiculous we can’t help but laugh, and a whole whirlwind of romance and passion, Below Zero is a must-read! Still unsure? Keep reading to find out all you need to know.

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Official Description of Ali Hazelwood Below Zero

below zero ali hazelwood

Below Zero

“He opens his arms and pulls me to his chest, and…I fit inside them so perfectly, it’s as though there was a spot ready for me all along. A five-year-old spot, familiar and cozy.’

Ali Hazelwood, Below Zero

It will take the frosty terrain of the Arctic to show these rival scientists that their chemistry burns hot.

Hannah’s got a bad feeling about this. Not only has the NASA aerospace engineer found herself injured and stranded at a remote Arctic research station-but the one person willing to undertake the hazardous rescue mission is her longtime rival.

Ian has been many things to Hannah: the villain who tried to veto her expedition and ruin her career, the man who stars in her most deliciously lurid dreams… but he’s never played the hero. So why is he risking everything to be here? And why does his presence seem just as dangerous to her heart as the coming snowstorm?

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Our Overview

The second story in Hazelwoods new STEMinish Novella series, Below Zero is 139 pages of quirky dialogue and Hazelwood’s iconic characters.

Hannah Arroyo is a headstrong NASA engineer who won’t let anything stand in her way, not even relationships. Too busy with her fascination of space, Hannah doesn’t want any guy that will take up too much of her space, time, or effort. Ian, on the other hand, is the opposite when it comes to relationships. It seems the only thing the pair have in common is their love for space.

As part of a grad school class, Hannah has to do an informal interview with someone in her desired career field. One of Hannah’s friends just so happens to have a hunky cousin who works at NASA who is willing to do the interview. Despite the background of the pair’s meeting, the Hannah and Ian end up spending the night together in a passionate one-night-fling.

Hannah and Ian awkwardly meet again when she works at NASA and requests for project funding. The funding is denied and things go from bad to worse when she’s stuck in the arctic with a sprained ankle.

The white night comes to her rescue, dumping all of his own priorities to rescue Hannah during her project. Ian has had feelings for Hannah since the night of the interview. The pair manage to rekindle that initial flame even in subzero temperatures.

Our Review of Ali Hazelwood’s Below Zero

Bingeability – ★★★★★

Readers of The Love Hypothesis may be happy to know that Hazelwood’s Below Zero is just as bingeable – if not more so! Hannah is so headstrong and Ian is such a softie – it really had us in a chokehold! Not to mention the injury and peril Hannah was in, this is definitely a gripping novella, even for all its length.

Characters – ★★★★★

Hannah’s lax attitude to school is a little funny considering that she ended up working for NASA, but hey, academia isn’t for everyone. It was interesting that her and Ian seemed to clash in this regard.

Underneath Hannah’s tough exterior is a very obvious vulnerable side which Ian’s tender saviour complex seems to nourish perfectly. It seems these two really are fit perfectly!

Setting – ★★★★★

Maybe the whole arctic exploration thing isn’t for everyone, but it seems like the perfect amount of faraway for these two NASA scientists. It added a sense of seclusion and danger which wasn’t present in Hazelwood’s earlier novellas.

Storyline – ★★★★★

We appreciated how much science-talk came to play in this novella! Just the right amount to keep things interesting without forcing us to go off and google a thing or two mid-read. The reunion of Ian and Hannah was funny and a little awkward, but it was nice to see that two people can have multiple chances to set things off on the right foot, for good.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Ali Hazelwood knows what she is doing! The enemies-to-lovers trope never fails, and this is another hit out of the park. We loved every moment of this book. It had us smiling the entire way through, even moreso because Hazelwoods heroines are so adorkable!

Ali Hazelwood Below Zero: The hottest new STEMinist sensation!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many pages is Ali Hazelwood Below Zero?

This is a novella so it carries a sensible 139 pages. Easy to binge in one sitting!

Is Ali Hazelwood Below Zero spicy?

As with all Hazelwood works, you should expect enough spice to make you blush! Even if some of the dialogue during is a little dorky.

Is Below Zero a standalone?

Below Zero is the final novella in Ali Hazelwood’s STEMinist Novella series. The Novella series follows the three friends: Mara, Sadie, and Hannah. The three novellas in the series include;

  1. Under One Roof
  2. Stuck with You
  3. Below Zero

Where to read Below Zero Ali Hazelwood

You can read Below Zero on paperback from Amazon or any book seller. It is also available on kindle and on audible!

What did you think of Below Zero? Let us know!

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