25 Hella Rad Romantic Movies 80s To Take You Back In Time

We’ve got some totally tubular romantic movies 80s that you legit need to watch right now! Featuring all of your fave actors from the 80s, like Molly Ringwald, Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, Andrew McCarthy, Michelle Pfeiffer, Nicolas Cage, and Patrick Swayze. And this list is just proof that the 80s will never die. Check them out now, dude!

The Blue Lagoon (1980)

Emmeline and Richard survive a shipwreck and find themselves marooned on a beautiful island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Under the tutelage of a fellow castaway, Paddy Button, the two learn the basics of survival and how to love in a tropical paradise.

Fun fact: Herpetologist (reptile scientist) John Gibbons realized that, after seeing the movie, the iguanas that appeared in the film were a distinct species that had never been seen or documented before. Afterwards, he visited Nanuya Levu – the Fiji island where the movie was made – and named the species the Fiji Crested Iguana.

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romantic movies 80s: arthur

Romantic Movies 80s: Arthur (1981)

Wealthy New York City playboy Arthur Bach is perpetually drunk and completely rudderless. Dutifully supported by his sharp-tongued and quick-witted butler, Hobson, Arthur reluctantly prepares to enter into an arranged marriage with heiress Susan Johnson. When he meets Linda Marolla, a waitress from Queens, he falls head over heels in love. But if he backs out of his engagement with Susan, he may lose his fortune.

Fun fact: Liza Minnelli was supposed to board a bus in front of Bergdorf’s on Fifth Avenue. But instead of getting on the movie bus, she accidentally boarded a real bus, thinking it was the one for the movie. Halfway down the block, she realized her blunder and saw the whole crew cracking up.

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An Officer and A Gentleman (1982)

Zach Mayo, a new member of the U.S. Navy, has a bad attitude. When he signs up for the Aviation Academy, he is met with the strict leadership of Sgt. Emil Foley, who gives Zach a rude awakening. Through Foley’s guidance and an unexpected romance with Paula, an outsider who hangs around the naval base, Zach discovers what he truly wants out of life.

Fun fact: Lisa Eilbacher said the hardest part about doing her obstacle course scenes was pretending that she was out of shape, when she was possibly in the best physical condition of all the actors.

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Romantic Movies 80s: Flashdance (1983)

Alex Owens is a beautiful young woman who works a day job in a steel mill and dances in a bar at night. When she discovers that her handsome boss, Nick Hurley, is both interested in her and supportive of her performing career, she renews her efforts to get accepted into a prestigious dance conservatory. With Nick and her mentor cheering her on, Alex is making her dreams a reality.

Fun fact: Jennifer Beals’ trend-setting collarless sweatshirt came about by accident. Beals had brought the sweatshirt from home – it had shrunk in the wash and she had to cut the collar off to get it over her head!

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Valley Girl (1983)

Julie Richman is steeped in the excessive, pink-clad culture of the San Fernando Valley, complete with her narcissistic boyfriend, Tommy. At a party, Julie falls for an edgy Hollywood punk named Randy and the two begin an unlikely romance. And now Julie is torn between fitting in with her superficial friends and embracing a more non-conformist lifestyle. She can either stay with Tommy or take a risk with Randy.

Fun fact: Nicolas Cage (Randy) actually had a real-life crush on co-star Deborah Foreman (Julie)! He would write her poetry on set. And Foreman still has one of his poems titled ‘American Girl‘.

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Romancing The Stone (1984)

A romantic-adventure writer is hurled into a real-life adventure in the Colombian jungle in order to save her sister, who will be killed if a treasure map is not delivered to her captors. Together with a brash mercenary they search for the priceless gem located in the map.

Fun fact: Studio executives were so sure that this movie would flop that Robert Zemeckis was fired from directing Cocoon (1985). However, it turned out to be such a success that Zemeckis was able to go forward on his own project, Back to the Future (1985).

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romantic movies 80s: sixteen candles

Sixteen Candles (1984)

With the occasion overshadowed by her sister’s upcoming wedding, Samantha faces her 16th birthday with typical adolescent dread. Samantha pines for studly older boy Jake, but worries that her chastity will be a turnoff. Meanwhile, she must constantly rebuff the affections of nerdy Ted, the only boy in school with an interest in her.

Fun fact: Even though the costume designer begged her not to wear the hat at the beginning of the movie, Molly Ringwald insisted. After the movie was released, teenage girls started wearing their hats titled back like that.

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romantic movies 80s: splash

Romantic Movies 80s: Splash (1984)

Eight year old Allen Bauer is on a boat trip when he falls into the water, he almost drowns when he is saved by a beautiful young mermaid. 20 years later the mermaid, Madison returns to land and seeks out Allen. On land Madison has legs and she only reverts to her fishy tail when she becomes wet. A scheming scientist becomes interested in the mermaid and before Allen can choose between life on dry land or a deep sea paradise with his dream woman.

Fun fact: Splash is credited with introducing the girl’s name Madison, which has since been one of the most popular names for newborn girls in the early 21st century.

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romantic movies 80s: a room with a view

A Room With A View (1985)

Lucy Honeychurch, a young englishwoman, is touring Italy with her older cousin when she meets the charming and free-spirited George Emerson at a hotel in Florence. Although intrigued by George, once she’s back home in England, Lucy considers settling down with the wealthy Cecil Vyse. Until George reappears in her life.

Fun fact: This movie was the theatrical debut of Helena Bonham Carter.

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romantic movies 80s: pretty in pink

Pretty In Pink (1986)

Andie is an outcast at her Chicago high school, hanging out with either her older boss who owns the record store where she works or her quirky classmate Duckie who has a crush on her. When Andie is asked out by one of the rich and popular kids, Blane, it seems too good to be true. As she starts to fall in love with Blane, Andie realizes that dating someone from a different social sphere is not easy.

Fun fact: It was filmed at the same Los Angeles high school where Grease (1978) was made.

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romantic movies 80s: top gun

Romantic Movies 80s: Top Gun (1986)

The Top Gun Naval Fighter Weapons School is where the best of the best train to refine their elite flying skills. When hotshot fighter pilot Maverick is sent to the school, his reckless attitude and cocky demeanour put him at odds with the other pilots. But Maverick isn’t only competing to be the top fighter pilot, he’s also fighting for the attention of his beautiful flight instructor Charlotte Blackwood.

Fun fact: The real Top Gun School gives a $5 fine to any staff member who quotes the movie. So let’s just hope that no one feels the need… the need for speed!

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romance movies on hulu: dirty dancing

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Frances ‘Baby’ Housman falls in love with dance instructor Johnny Castle when they are thrown together at a holiday resort. Throw in an over-protective father, a jealous spurned woman and many other incidents into the mix and the path of love isn’t a smooth one.

Fun fact: Patrick Swayze had to convince Jennifer Grey to be in the film because she disliked him so much when filming for Red Dawn (1984)

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Romantic Movies 80s: Mannequin (1987)

Jonathan Switcher, an unemployed artist, finds a job as an assistant window dresser for a department store. When he happens upon a beautiful mannequin he previously designed, she springs to life and introduces herself as Emmy, an Egyptian under an ancient spell. Jonathan and Emmy fall in love whilst creating eye-catching window displays to keep the struggling store in business.

Fun fact: The organ Jonathan Switcher sits at in the dance sequence is an actual organ in the John Wanamaker building in Philadelphia. It is the largest operational pipe organ in the world!

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Moonstruck (1987)

No sooner does Italian-American widow Loretta accept a marriage from her doltish boyfriend, Johnny, than she finds herself falling for his younger brother, Ronny. Although she tries to resist, when Johnny is out of the country, Ronny has no scruples about aggressively pursuing her. As she falls deeper in love, she comes to learn that she’s not the only one in her family with a secret romance.

Fun fact: Nicolas Cage’s screen test didn’t impress the studio and they wanted someone else to play Ronny. But Cher insisted that Cage was the one to play that role and threatened to quit unless he was hired. After a few days, the studio relented.

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The Princess Bride (1987)

Buttercup is living in the fictional land of Florin on a farm. She realizes that the farmhand Westley is in love with her and she loves him. But after he goes oversees to earn a fortune so he can marry her, his ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts. Buttercup and Westley will do anything so they can be reunited again.

Fun fact: During the filming of some scenes, the weather became markedly cold for Robin Wright. André the Giant helped her by placing one of his hands over her head, which were so large one would entirely cover the top of her head, keeping her warm. André the Giant also called everyone on set ‘boss’.

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Romantic Movies 80s: Roxanne (1987)

In this modern take on Edmond Rostand’s classic play “Cyrano de Bergerac,” C.D. Bales is the witty, intelligent and brave fire chief of a small Pacific Northwest town who, due to the size of his enormous nose, declines to pursue the girl of his dreams, lovely Roxanne Kowalski. Instead, when his shy underling Chris McConnell becomes smitten with Roxanne, Bales feeds the handsome young man the words of love to win her heart.

Fun fact: When C.D. is consulting a plastic surgeon about his nose, he holds up a picture of the nose he wants. The picture is Steve Martin’s nose, who plays C.D.

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Some Kind Of Wonderful (1987)

Artsy high school outcast Keith Nelson tries to land a date with popular girl Amanda Jones with help from his tomboy best friend, Watts. However, his advances draw the ire of Amanda’s snobby ex-boyfriend, Hardy Jenns, who makes plans to get even. Matters are even more complicated when Watts realizes that she’s actually in love with Keith.

Fun fact: Howard Deutch (the director) and Lea Thompson (who plays Amanda Jones) fell in love while making the film. They got married in 1989 and are still married today! They have two famous children – Madelyn and Zoey Deutch.

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Romantic Movies 80s: Cocktail (1988)

Brian Flanagan wants a high-paying marketing job, but needs a business degree first. Working as a bartender to pay for college, Flanagan – once mentored by his veteran boss – is a natural. With showy ticks and charisma, they command large crowds and get tip payments. Until they have a falling out. And so, Flanagan moves to Jamaica to open his own bar and falls in love with artist Jordan Mooney.

Fun fact: The term for the flamboyant bar tending by the characters is known as “flair bartending” which is an acrobatic bar-tending skill. John Bandy, a flair bartender, trained Tom Cruise for the film.

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Coming To America (1988)

Prince Akeem is the prince of a wealthy African country and wants for nothing – except a wife who will love him in spite of his title. In order to escape an arranged marriage, Akeem flees to America with his persnickety sidekick Semmi. Disguised as a foreign student working in fast food, he romances Lisa but struggles with revealing his true identity to her.

Fun fact: Most of the dance performed the royal dancers in that sequence was actually a high-tempo rendition of the dance from Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ .

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Dangerous Liaisons (1988)

Based on Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos, Marquise de Merteuil plots revenge against her ex-lover after he ends their relationship. She seeks to arrange the seduction and disgrace of his young virgin fiancée, Cécile de Volanges.

Fun fact: At the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards, Madonna wore one of Glenn Close’s costumes from the film during her eighteenth-century themed performance of “Vogue“.

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romantic movies 80s: mystic pizza

Mystic Pizza (1988)

This movie charts the lives and loves of three unforgettable waitresses in a little town called Mystic. For the sexy Daisy Araujo, her sensible sister Kat and their wisecracking friend Jojo, the summer after high school is a summer they’ll never forget. Slinging pizza at a local restaurant, they share their hopes, dreams and plans for escaping Mystic.

Fun fact: Mystic Pizza is actually a real place! It’s in Mystic, Connecticut. But the movie isn’t actually filmed there, it just inspired the film’s writer.

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Working Girl (1988)

Savvy New York City receptionist Tess McGill gives her conniving boss, Katharine Parker, an excellent business tip. But Katharine simply steals the idea without giving credit to Tess. After Katharine is in hospital with an injured leg, Tess decides to get revenge. Pretending to be her boss, Tess initiates a major deal with an investment broker. But things turn ugly when Katharine finds out.

Fun fact: Sigourney Weaver (Katharine) and Melanie Griffith (Tess) followed female executives and secretaries on their hectic daily schedules in New York City and sat in during meetings to get a better idea of the industry from the perspective of a woman.

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romantic movies disney: the little mermaid

The Little Mermaid (1989)

Mermaid princess Ariel is fascinated with life on land. On one of her visits to the surface, she falls in love with the handsome prince Eric. Determined to be with her new love, she makes a dangerous deal with the sea witch Ursula to become human for three days.

Fun fact: In the opening scene – when King Triton arrives at the arena – Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and Kermit the Frog can be seen as mermen in the crowd of sea-people.

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Say Anything… (1989)

Lloyd seeks to capture the heart of the beautiful and straight A-student Diane. It surprises everyone when she returns the sentiment. But her overly possessive, divorced father doesn’t approve. It will take more than the power of love to conquer all.

Fun fact: During the iconic boombox scene, the actual song being played during filming was reportedly ‘Turn The Other Way’ by Fishbone. ‘In Your Eyes’ was added post-production.

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romantic movies 80s: when harry met sally

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When Harry Burns and Sally Albright meet as college graduates they share a car ride from Chicago to New York, a particular argument proves contentious about whether men and women can truly remain platonic friends without sex becoming involved. Ten years in the future, Harry and Sally meet again at a bookstore and their friendship is rekindled leading to them attempting to remain friends without sex getting in the way.

Fun fact: Billy Crystal actually came up with the infamous “I’ll have what she’s having” line.

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