All We Know So Far About Wildfire By Hannah Grace

Ready to meet the novel that has taken the reading community by storm? In this blazing novel, Icebreaker auhor Hannah Grace knocks it out of the park with her new release Wildfire.

Whilst there isn’t much to say about this book until its release (October 2023, keep your eyes and ears peeled!), the ARC reviews have been phenomenal! It’s clear to see that Hannah Grace is no one-hit-wonder, and we’re super excited to get our hands on Wildfire once it’s released!

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wildfire by hannah grace

Wildfire by Hannah Grace
The Maple Hills Book 2

Release Date: October 3 2023

The new novel from the bestselling author of Icebreaker….

When Russ and Aurora cross paths at a university party, a drinking game ends with them spending the night together. The next day, Aurora slips away before Russ learns her full name. 

This anonymity ends when they both turn up to their first day of work as camp counsellors. A job they had both chosen to escape Maple Hills for the summer. 

Given their history, there’s still an obvious tension between the two but the camp has a strict “no staff fraternizing” rule. Russ doesn’t want to risk heading home early but Aurora has never been one for rules.  

As things heat up, they’ll have to resist or risk starting something they just can’t stop. 

What the Reviews Are Saying

This book hasn’t yet released, so the reviews are few and far between with only a lucky few people have been given an ARC!

Unanimously, we can say that it looks to be that this book follows the same momentum in quality as the last. The protagonists, Russ and Rory, have excellent chemistry despite their differences. In the reviews, it appears that Hannah Grace has depicted these differences more subtley than most contemporary romance authors. Rather than the two characters depicting total opposites, their differences lie mostly in the small things. With coping with problems, Rory is direct whereas Russ buries his feelings. Yet, they find solace and support in each other, gradually unburdening themselves of their past and forging a deep connection. 

There are excellent and nuanced references to overarching stories throughout the book; parental difficulties, addiction, complex family dynamics, and more. Whilst Wildfire by Hannah Grace may be a romance, I would not be surprised if many people turned to this book as a commentary on growth away from a toxic family and finding yourself as a person. Hannah Grace has chosen a difficult theme to tackle, one which may take some readers back initially. However, her writing has so much genuine heart to it that this very unexpected depth might be the novel’s greatest strength.

This definitely may not be like other contemporary romance novels. Despite her novels wearing the covers and blurbs of a typical contemporary NA romance, Hannah Grace is taking a more nuanced take on the genre. There is no unnecessary drama, ridiculous lack-of-communication, and no third-act breakup. Woohoo!

Many reviewers have claimed that they prefer Wildfire over Icebreaker – excited to be your own judge?

The Reviews are in for Wildfire by Hannah Grace

About Hannah Grace (Official Biography)

Hannah is an English self-labelled “fluffy comfort book” author, writing predominantly new adult and contemporary romance from her home in Manchester.

When she’s not describing everyone’s eyes ten-thousand times a chapter, accidentally giving multiple characters the same name, or using English sayings in her American book that nobody understands, you can find her hanging out with her husband and two dogs, Pig and Bear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wildfire by Hannah Grace going to be about?

Hannah Grace’s sophomore novel is honest, vulnerable, and deliciously sexy. Readers will be rooting for Russ and Aurora from the very first page. An earnest romance between two broken people who find their missing pieces in each other, Hannah Grace’s Wildfire is a decadent addition to the Maple Hills series.

Is there a second book for Icebreaker?

The second book in the Maple Hills series, Wildfire by Hannah Grace, is due for release in October 2023!

Who is the publisher of Wildfire by Hannah Grace?

Atria Books is the publisher. A subdivision of Simon & Schuster, they have published from authors such as Tina Turner, Jodi Picoult, Rachel Ray, and more.

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