Virgin River Season 5: What to expect!

Season 4 of Virgin River hit Netflix on July 20 2022 and the Virgin River Season 5 will likely be dropping on Netflix in the summer of 2023. Season 4 ended with a shocking bombshell, so we’re biting our nails in anticipation for season 5. We are so excited that we have collected everything you need to know ahead of Virgin River season 5!

Virgin River: What to expect!
Warning: There will be season 4 spoilers ahead so proceed with caution if you haven’t caught up with season 4 yet!
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All About Virgin River

The Virgin River TV Series is a Netflix Show, which is based on the Virgin River book series by author Robyn Carr. The TV shows are developed by Sue Tenney, who is also executive producer and writer of some episodes. Although we will see a bunch of new writers, showrunners and directors soon!

The series is set in the fictional small town of Virgin River. In this remote Northern California Town we meet the various residents of Virgin River and experience all their problems, be it of the romantic kind or otherwise.

The first season was released in 2019, the second in 2020, the third in 2021, and the fourth in 2022. Additionally, there are currently a total of 42 episodes, with each season having ten each (besides the latest season, which boasts 12).
A fifth season is currently in production and the release date is speculated to be summer 2023. The Virgin River Instagram account confirmed the news on July 18th when they announced that their cast were in a table read for season 5.
There had been delays in filming season 5, which may be why we’re working mostly with speculation here. Watch this spot though, we will keep you updated on any developments!

Virgin River follows Melinda ‘Mel’ Monroe, the protagonist of the first book. When she answers an ad to work as a nurse practitioner and midwife in the remote Virgin River town, thinking it will be the chance of a fresh start and the opportunity to leave her painful memories behind. But she finds Virgin River and the town’s inhabitants are not quite as she expected.  The main characters are Jack (a marine veteran with PTSD who runs a local restaurant and bar) and Mel, but the plotlines also feature many other characters’ stories.

Virgin River Season 5 Cast

Much of the season 1-4 cast are set to return for season 5. Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge reprise their roles as the main protagonists Jack and Mel with many familiar faces also returning. Check out the full cast list below!

Main Cast Members

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe – Mel Monroe is a nurse practitioner and midwife who arrives in Virgin River from Los Angeles hoping for a fresh start after experiencing a heartbreak.
Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan – Jack is a former US Marine, who suffers from PTSD. He now runs a local restaurant/bar in Virgin River.
Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton – Preacher works as a chef at Jack’s bar and is also a close friend of Jack.
Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts – Charmaine is a friend of Jack’s, although they are sometimes known to get a bit closer than friends.
Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea – Hope is the mayor of Virgin River.
Tim Matheson as Vernon “Doc” Mullins, MD – Doc Mullins is the local physician of Virgin River.
Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady – Dan is also a marine veteran who served with Jack. He faces difficulty in readjusting to civilian life.
Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes – Joey is Mel’s sister who lives in Los Angeles.
Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky – Ricky is a young man who works in Jack’s bar whilst he is in High School. When he graduates he hopes to join the marines.
Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie – Lizzie is Connie’s niece who arrives from Los Angeles.
Zibby Allen as Brie Sheridan – Brie is Jack’s sister. She is a high powered attorney who is visiting Virgin River.
Marco Grazzini as Mike Valenzuela – Mike is a police detective, who is a friend of Jack’s from the marines.
Patrick Sabongui as Todd, Charmaine’s new love interest
Mark Ghanimé as Dr. Cameron Hayek, the clinic’s newest physician

Season 5 New Cast Members

Although we have no news of any new characters or cast members for Virgin River season 5, we have no doubt that season 5 will give us a bunch of new faces and exciting new drama!

Recurring Cast Members

Lexa Doig as Paige Lassiter, the owner of a local bakery truck
Nicola Cavendish as Connie, Hope’s friend and she runs the town’s general store
Gwynyth Walsh as Jo Ellen, who puts Mel up while her cabin is renovated
Teryl Rothery as Muriel, an actress and Hope’s nemesis
Carmel Amit as Jamie, a visitor to Virgin River
Stacey Farber as Tara Anderson, Lilly’s daughter

Virgin River Season 4 Recap

So that we are all up to speed and ready for season 5 let’s just recap exactly what went on in season 4.

WARNING – season 4 spoilers ahead!

Episode 1

Mel spills the news of her pregnancy to her sister, Joey despite Jack suggesting that they keep the pregnancy a secret due to possible complications.

Hope is out of the hospital and is reassured that Calvin had nothing to do with the accident. The accident left Hope with issues affecting her smell, taste, memory and her personality. Her small bought of amnesia causes her to forget that Doc told her that Lilly was dead.

The news is broken by Lizzie and Hope is devastated.

A new doctor called Cameron starts at the clinic and he instantly falls for Mel. Doc meeys someone who claims to be his grandson. We then find out that Vince shot Jack – meaning that Brady has been framed for the shooting. A fellow inmate stabs Vince in the stomach.

Episode 2

Despite being told that Brady is innocent, Detective Mike still believes that Brady did it. Lizzie and Denny go on a date and the ex-boyfriend, Ricky, becomes jealous.

Brie tells Brady that she is in love with him and tells him she will do everything she can to get him out of prison. Calvin then threatens Brie, telling her that Brady needs to start working on him. Jack’s mother revealed that she wants a divorce.

Episode 3

Connie warns Lizzie that Denny might only be here to claim a placed in Doc’s inheritance. Brady gets out on bail but has no idea who bailed him out. Jack realises that Cameron is attracted to Mel, but says that he isn’t jealous. Doc tells hope about his grandson and she is thrilled to meet him. Jack realises that his mother is having an affair.

Episode 4

Brie finds out that Brady is planning to go on the run from the law but promises that she will prove his innocence. Charmaine tells Jack that they are having boys, but he is angry about her keeping it a secret for so long. Doc wants his grandson to move in with them, but Hope intercepts with her refusal. Mel and Jack are en route to a holiday on a seaplane to a remote island, but the pilot has a heart-attack mid-flight.

Episode 5

Jack manages to land the plane and the pilot is rushed into hospital. Mel is shaken but the baby is fine. Doc is worried about his wife’s slow recovery and books her for a check-up, though she misses the appointment. Jack refuses to take the paternity test, which causes Mel to be upset. Denny moves into the clinic and breaks into a drug cabinet, who is then caught by Mel.

Episode 6

The Renaissance Fair is in town. Jack is introduced to Tim, Chris’ brother. Brady accepts a job with Calvin in hopes of framing him for the shooting. Mel then tells Doc about Denny breaking into the drug cabinet. Mel feels a pain in her stomach and shouts for Jack, but Jack is passed out drunk.

Episode 7

The baby is fine, but Mel is understandably furious with Jack. Mel’s sister arrives and suddenly reveals her engagement. Mel thinks that her sister is rushing the marriage. After speaking with Mel, Joey’s fiance then calls the wedding off. Lizzie finds Denny’s stash of pills. Hope crashes her car.

Episode 8

Jack tells Mel that he’ll give up alcohol for her. Mel then talks to Joey and tries to get the wedding back on. To surprise her sister as an apology, Mel plans a surprise ceremony. Doc confronts Denny about the drug cabinet, who lies. A bloody knife is found at the bar. Jack drinks at the bar, immediately breaking his promise. Denny uses Doc’s identity to close an account. Jack is missing from the wedding, prompting Mel and Preacher to search for him.

Episode 9

The entire town look for Jack. Preacher finds him asleep in his truck. Both Preacher and Mel tell Jack to seek help, and he ends up meeting with a potential therapist in secret. Melissa has taken over Calvin’s job and wants Brady to be more involved. Denny confesses to Doc that he had a large inheritance and used the money to pay off the clinic’s mortgage. Mel is informed by her sister-in-law that her mother is seeking custody of Mel’s embryos. Brie and Mike track down Calvin’s boat, whose boat suddenly explodes.

Episode 10

Melissa informs Brady that Calvin is dead. Mel meets with her mother-in-law who is grieving her son’s death and wants to carry on Mark’s legacy. Cameron finds out about Mel’s pregnancy. We then find out that the DNA on the bloody knife is Vince’s. Doc finds out that Hope crashed her car. Preacher tells Julia about his ex and then Paige shows up at his doorstep.

Episode 11

Paige explains that she has been living at a women’s shelter and returned because Sally told her that Vince kidnapped Christopher. Jack finally takes the paternity test. Hope’s neurologist tells her that she needs to either become an in-patient or get a health aide. Paige contacts Vince and agrees to swap her for Christopher. Cameron advises Mel to be weary of Jack and they argue. Lizzie and Denny break up. Preacher and Christopher reunite. Jack proposes to Mel.

Episode 12

Mel says yes to Jack’s proposal. Meanwhile, Mel receives the lab results; Jack is the father and they are having a girl. Cameron resigns. Hope offers the aide role to Lizzie. Mike tells Bri that he’s a free man and the charges have been dropped. Charmaine thinks that Jack is cheating on her. Ricky and Lizzie part ways. Denny tells Lizzie that he has Huntington’s disease. Mel and Jack then celebrate with Nick and Jo Ellen. Brie tells Don that she will be pressing rape charges against him. Vince threatens Paige at gun point. Thankfully, Preacher cuts in and saves the day by knocking Vince unconscious. A flashback reveals why Vince shot Jack. Charmaine is gravely ill and tells Jack that the twins aren’t his.

What Can We Expect In Season 5

With showrunner Sue Tenney being replaced with Patrick Sean Smith, we’re excited to see what this new creator will do with Virgin River season 5. The writer has worked on the CW’s Supernatural and ABC Family’s Chasing Life, so we have no doubt that season 5 will knock it out of the park!

It’s also worth mentioning that Netflix has since hired a new Drama Head! New Head of Drama Jinny Hower professed her love for lush romances and given the huge success of her first project, Bridgerton, we’re super excited to see what she will do for Virgin River!

virgin river season 5

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Smith teased some hot info about the new season:

“We get into things that will be new and exciting, but still very much feel like the same show, but are definately taking a more exciting approach to some of the stories. A little bit louder, but not to the detriment of the comfort of the show. I want it to feel like season five will be next-level.

Patrick Sean Smith

With the shock of the end of season 4, one of the biggest questions for season 5 will be revolving around Charmaine’s twins not being Jack’s. We now know that some of the team know the twins’ paternity, so it can be speculated that we may already know the twins’ father!

Mel and Jack will continue to be the forefront of the show’s success while following their relationship and their new baby girl.

We hope that we will see Hope recover over the journey of season 5 and hopefully be fit to get back into her mayoral duties with the help of her aide.

Additionally, the news of Brie filing a report on ex-boyfriend Don’s rape will certainly bring a heavy emotional storyline into season 5. As much as we hope it all goes smoothly, knowing Virgin River there will be countless speedbumps along the way. Tackling women’s issues is a huge priority for the show, and the creators take a lot of care in representing that core belief very solemly. Being on the forefront of their minds, we can trust the new crew to do the storyline justice.

virgin river season 5
We left Preacher and Paige – but that begs the question, where does Julia fit into all of this? Will a love-triangle be on the horizon in season 5 or will we have to say goodbye to one of these romantic interests?

Next season will tell what will become of Denny. Having Huntington’s disease (a rare autoimmune disease which causes progressive degeneration of the brain), Denny’s life expectancy is cut enormously. Will we get a glimpse into how the character struggles or see how the disease starts to make itself known?

It’s exciting to hear that the new showrunners, writers, and directors are hoping to add some diversity to the Virgin River series. So we hope to see some new LGBTQ+ storylines in season 5 to appeal to the huge range of fans following the show!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a series 5 of Virgin River?

Yes, there will be a series 5 of Virgin River, it will likely be arriving to Netflix sometime in summer 2023.

Where is Virgin River filmed?

Despite Virgin River being set in California, the seasons were filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. Mel’s cabin is actually the former caretaker’s house in Vancouver’s Murdo Frazer Park, which the public are allowed to visit. And the doctor’s surgery where Mel works is also a real place in Vancouver. Meanwhile, Jack’s bar is Watershed Grill in Brackendale by the Squamish River, to the North of Vancouver. 

Is Virgin River season 5 the last season?

There has been no official announcement about season 6 as of yet, but with the show only getting more and more popular, we anticipate that season 6 will make its way soon! And as there are 22 books in the Virgin River book series from Robyn Carr then there is plenty of source material for more episodes.

Is Virgin River season 5 out yet?

Virgin River Season 5 is still in production, so be sure to watch this space as we keep you up to date!

How many episodes will Virgin River season 5 have?

It seems that unlike seasons 1-3, season 5 will mirror season 4 in having 12 episodes.

Have you watched the latest season of Virgin River yet? Let us know!

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