The True Love Experiment: Christina Lauren’s Upcoming Book

The True Love Experiment is the upcoming new release from blockbuster writing duo Christina Lauren. In this captivating love story from the author of The Unhoneymooners, a romance novelist and a documentary filmmaker team up to create the ultimate movie romance. However, their feelings for each other threaten to interfere with their professional collaboration, leading to an electrifying and unpredictable journey of love and self-discovery. Read on for everything we know so far about this hotly anticipated title. And bookmark this page because we will update it with our review as soon as we can get our hands on it!

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The True Love Experiment

the true love experiment

Release Date: May 16 2023

Sparks fly when a romance novelist and a documentary filmmaker join forces to craft the perfect Hollywood love story and take both of their careers to the next level—but only if they can keep the chemistry between them from taking the whole thing off script—from the New York Times bestselling authors of The Soulmate Equation and The Unhoneymooners.

Felicity “Fizzy” Chen is lost. Sure, she’s got an incredible career as a beloved romance novelist with a slew of bestsellers under her belt, but when she’s asked to give a commencement address, it hits her: she hasn’t been practicing what she’s preached.

Fizzy hasn’t ever really been in love. Lust? Definitely. But that swoon-worthy, can’t-stop-thinking-about-him, all-encompassing feeling? Nope. Nothing. What happens when the optimism she’s spent her career encouraging in readers starts to feel like a lie?

Connor Prince, documentary filmmaker and single father, loves his work in large part because it allows him to live near his daughter. But when his profit-minded boss orders him to create a reality TV show, putting his job on the line, Connor is out of his element. Desperate to find his romantic lead, a chance run-in with an exasperated Fizzy offers Connor the perfect solution. What if he could show the queen of romance herself falling head-over-heels for all the world to see? Fizzy gives him a hard pass—unless he agrees to cast the contestants according to a list of romance archetypes. When he says yes, and production on The True Love Experiment begins, Connor wonders if that perfect match will ever be in the cue cards for him, too.

The True Love Experiment is the book fans have been waiting for ever since Fizzy’s debut in the New York Times bestselling The Soulmate Equation. But when the lights come on and all eyes are on her, it turns out the happily ever after Fizzy had all but given up on might lie just behind the camera.

“The authors gleefully play with romance tropes, blending the delight of the meet cute with smart critiques of more toxic dating habits and wrapping the whole in clever dialogue and refreshing sex-positivity. Readers will have no trouble rooting for Fizzy.” 
– –Publishers Weekly

“The True Love Experiment is my favorite kind of book to devour: something that manages to be hot and intense, yet still the very best comfort food. The divine Christina Lauren has created the ultimate reality dating show, and like all its fictional viewers, you’ll fall for Fizzy.”
– – Jodi Picoult, NYT bestselling author of MAD HONEY

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The True Love Experiment will be released on May 16 2023.

About The Author

Christina Lauren is the pen name for the writing duo of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. The two met online and began writing together in 2009, eventually publishing their debut novel “Beautiful Bastard” in 2013. Since then, they have published over 30 books, including several New York Times bestsellers.

Christina Lauren’s books are known for their steamy romance, witty banter, and engaging characters. Their novels often explore themes of love, identity, and self-discovery, and are beloved by readers for their relatable and realistic portrayal of relationships.

In addition to their writing career, Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings both have backgrounds in academia and have worked as English teachers and professors. They credit their love of literature and storytelling as the inspiration for their writing career.

Christina Lauren continues to write together, publishing several books each year that have won over fans with their compelling storylines, humor, and emotionally satisfying endings. They have been praised for their ability to write books that are both steamy and heartwarming, and for their strong and empowering female characters.

What people are saying about Christina Lauren:

‘Pure, irresistible magic from start to finish,’ EMILY HENRY

‘Witty and downright hilarious . . . a perfect feel-good romantic comedy,’ HELEN HOANG

‘Pure joy,’ SALLY THORNE

‘Writing duo Christina Lauren are my go-to when I’m feeling sad,’ BETH O’LEARY

‘What a joyful, warm, touching book! This is the book to read if you want to smile so hard your face hurts,’ JASMINE GUILLORY

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christina Laurens best selling book?

Christina Lauren has written many bestselling books throughout their career. However, their most successful book to date is “Beautiful Bastard,” which was published in 2013 and became an instant New York Times bestseller. The book is a steamy workplace romance that centers around the complicated relationship between a boss and his assistant. It was the first book in the “Beautiful” series, which has since spawned several more successful novels. Other notable bestsellers by Christina Lauren include “The Unhoneymooners,” “Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating,” and “Roomies.”

Here are some of Christina Lauren’s most popular books:

  1. The Unhoneymooners
  2. Roomies
  3. Beautiful Bastard
  4. Love And Other Words
  5. Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating
  6. My Favorite Half-Night Stand
  7. The Honey-Don’t List
  8. In a Holidaze
  9. The Soulmate Equation
  10. Autoboyography

What genre is Christina Lauren?

Christina Lauren is a contemporary romance author. Their books are known for their steamy and witty stories of love, often exploring themes of self-discovery, relationships, and identity. While their stories are classified as romance, they also incorporate elements of humor, drama, and sometimes even suspense.

What should I read after Christina Lauren?

If you like Christina Lauren then you may also like the following authors:

  1. Ali Hazelwood
  2. Tessa Bailey
  3. Emily Henry
  4. Elle Kennedy
  5. Helen Hoang
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  9. Meghan March
  10. Lauren Blakeley

We hope that just like us you can’t wait to get your hands on The Love Experiment by Christina Lauren!

And remember to check back for our review!

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