30 Most Romantic Kpop Love Songs Ever

Have you ever just found yourself endlessly searching through thousands and thousands of Kpop songs to put together the perfect romantic playlist for date night? Well, if yes, then we’ve got you sorted. Or, you know, maybe you just want to chill to some Kpop love songs yourself. Maybe you want to go on an imaginary date with BTS’ Jimin (we can’t blame you!). In either case, this list is also perfect! We’ve got cute and cheerful confessions, but we’ve also got sexy and bold songs too. So there’s something for everyone. Plus, we’ve put all the songs together on a Youtube and Spotify playlist. Check out our picks of the best Kpop love songs now!

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Kpop Love Songs – Longing For Love


“ASAP, my other half, no, my perfect copy; Someone who’s like me and knows my heart well; ASAP, my décalcomanie that resembles me; Please appear before me.”

After the successful of their debut with So Bad, STACY came back even stronger and better. With the fun and playful song that describes their ideal type who they want to find as soon as possible, ASAP has been a huge hit for the girls. It’s addicting and the dance became something of a worldwide trend. And on top of all of this, the comic-style music video is just amazing!

Apink – %% (Eung Eung (응응))

I’ll be happy, make me overwhelmed by delight; If you’re not confident, goodbye; The sweet words without sincerity; Thank you but sorry, ooh, ooh

This song has it all. An aesthetic music video, check. Gorgeous styling, check. A beautifully dreamy dance song, check. And doesn’t Naeun just look so good with those curls? Produced by the duo Black Eyed Pilseung – who also produced STAYC’s ASAP – %% cleverly uses Korean Internet slang (응응 (romanized as eung eung) is a way to say okay or got it over text) to express the desire to not give in to loneliness and waiting for a good person to appear in their lives.

Twice – What Is Love?

(I wanna know.) How it could be as sweet as candy? (I wanna know.) How it’s like flying in the sky? I wanna know know know know; What is love? What love feels like?

Twice are wondering if they can experience love like it appears in movies and books – sweet, surreal and beautiful. They’re ready to know what it feels like, they’re just waiting for it to come to them. What is Love? is also packed with famous movie references – like The Princess Diaries, Ghost, Pulp Fiction, La La Land, Romeo + Juliet, and more!

EXO – Universe

I’ll search the universe; Until I can find you again; I won’t let go, even the smallest memories; Memories engraved in the seasons; They come and go several times; But I will still call out to you

Universe is EXO’s fourth Winter Special album. It’s a rock ballad song that combines a piano melody with electric guitar. The lyrics of Universe express the longing to find love, even if it means travelling to the end of the universe to find it. In the music video, the members of EXO pose as baristas in a cafe, giving the song a warming vibe to chase away the cold of winter. 

Kpop Love Songs: Blackpink – Lovesick Girls

Endless night; Love trapped us in a windowless room; What can we say? Long for love even though it hurts every time 

Lovesick Girls is about how, despite being hurt before, they’re still looking to fall in love, even if they know they’ll just get hurt again in the end. The guy in the video is LØREN, he’s a DJ and producer under a sub-label of Blackpink’s company, YG Entertainment. He also co-wrote the song with members Jennie and Jisoo.

Kpop Love Songs – Crushes & Confessions

Pentagon – Shine

I’m a loser who loves you; Yes, I’m a misery; To you, I’m a nuisance, I’m an outsider; But in this world, I only need you

If you were a Kpop fan in 2018, then there’s no way that you haven’t heard of this song before. Despite getting no music show wins, Shine was an immensely popular song that had everyone recreating the dance and singing along. Written by members Hui, Yuto, Wooseok and former member E’Dawn, Shine expresses the feeling of being in love with someone, but being too shy to tell them.

G(I)-DLE – Senorita

Please come to me; Hold me tight; I want to know about you; I fell in love with you; It is true

In this Latin pop-themed track, the girls of G(I)-DLE confidently express their feelings to a Senor, who they are in love with. Member Soyeon worked with Carlos Gorito, a Brazilian TV personality, to express the Spanish elements in a strong way. Soyeon also worked with Big Sancho to produce the song. Although the lyrics talk about confessing their love, the music video is much darker. They find themselves in a brightly-hued hotel of danger, with electrocution and fire.

Gugudan – Not That Type

I like you I like you but what about you? I don’t know how to express it; I’m not that type

Not That Type was released in November of 2018, which makes it their last song before their disbanded at the end of 2020. The song is a confession of a bold woman who wants to know if her lover likes her back – they want a straight yes or no answer. There’s no room for ambiguity, these are women who know what they want. For this song, they took inspiration for Ocean’s 8 to show that they each have their own uniqueness, but share a common goal. 

Kpop Love Songs: DIA – Will You Go Out With Me?

Hey baby baby, will you go out with me? Stop playing games; What do I do? My shocked heart keeps pounding; What’s wrong with me?My face grows red whenever I see you; But still, I like you, what do I do?

The title really says it all for this song. It’s about a girl confessing her love. She might be a bit shy and nervous, but she doesn’t want to lose him to someone else. Members Eunice, Huihyeon, Jenny, Yebin, Eunjin and Chaeyeon all worked on the lyrics of this song and some of them ever helped produce it. The track marks their first release with two new members, Jueun and Somyi, making DIA a nine-member group.

Weki Meki – La La La

They say the person who likes the other person more loses; But I don’t really want to win over you, I don’t mind yeah

Following the disbandment of temporary group I.O.I in 2017, which members Doyeon and Yoojung were a part of (along with members from Gugudan, DIA, WJSN, Pristin and solo artists Chungha and Somi), Weki Meki was formed. La La La is their second song – it’s another bold confession track, which is well-known for it’s intricate and beautiful dance.

Kpop Love Songs: BtoB – Only One For Me

I can’t live without you, it has to be you; No matter how much I think about it, it’s you for me; I don’t want to regret, I love you; Cause you are the only one; You’re the only one for me

Clearly, it wouldn’t be hard to guess what this song is about. It’s a passionate confession song, telling the one they love just how much they love them because they’re the only one they can see themselves with. Basically, they’re in love because they’re perfect for each other. 

Seventeen – Ready to Love

I’m ready to love; Tell me, can we stay together, can we stay together; I’m a fool of love for you; My heart by your side forever, by your side forever

The lyrics are told from the perspective of someone who has built up the courage to confess that they’ve fallen in love with somebody they thought was a friend’. With members S.Coups, Mingyu and Woozi writing the lyrics, Ready to Love is part of a new era for Seventeen with their project Power of Love. So, if you like love songs, Seventeen will be a group to keep an eye out for this year.

Kpop Love Songs – Being In Love

The Rose – Baby

Will the starlight in the sky; Be the same for you? Stars; The look in your eyes; Are you trying to say goodbye? No

You could argue that Baby is more of a break-up song than a love song, but the lyrics talk about someone trying to convince himself to let someone go because he knows that’s what’s best for them. It feels like a if you love someone, let them go situation, which is why Baby has found it’s way onto our list. And when Woosung’s vocals are just so heavenly (one of the best we’ve ever heard), we can’t not put it on here. The Rose is a Kpop rock band that you just need to stan!

Kpop Love Songs: Chuu (LOONA) – Heart Attack

Surely you’re my destiny; It shines fully in my heart; This must be what thrill feels like, darling; Eventually I fall into you; You attack my heart

If there’s one thing that LOONA is known for, it’s their unique debut process. Each member had a solo song and they were put into sub-units before coming together as one big group. The tenth solo release was Chuu’s Heart Attack, which is a long song that “does not interpret the feelings of being in love in a serious way, but with Chuu’s own adorable emoticon-like ways.”  The music video shows Chuu trying to win the attention of fellow LOONA member (and the ninth member to be revealed) Yves.

OnlyOneOf – libidO

Libido, libido; I want you more and more; Believe in yoursеlf and accept it

OnlyOneOf’s libidO became a hot topic because of the suggestive themes and sensual dance moves, things which are something of a rarity in the Kpop world. However exploring more taboo themes is something that the group have been doing for a while. Anyway, it’s based on the ideas from the psychologist Sigmund Freud, who believed that the libido contains our suppressed and subconscious desires of wanting someone. It’s pretty clear what that desire is from the lyrics, music video and dance.

Twice – Alcohol-Free

A spell is cast upon me; I could stay up all night without feeling sleepy; All other thoughts go away; And my heart beats louder; Suddenly love feels so easy; So I fall deeper and deeper for you; That’s what you do to me

Alcohol-Free is a Latin-themed, bossa nova track that gives summery vibes. The lyrics talk about being drunk in love with their significant other and comparing their feelings to alcoholic drinks in the post-chorus. Additionally, the choreography also incorporates alcoholic drink making, for example one notable point features the girls creating a bar setting, with Mina as the bartender giving a drink to Dahyun.

Vivi feat. Haseul (LOONA) – Everyday I Love You

If only you liked me, if only you loved me; I miss you, I hope I can see you again; Like a fool, I’m thinking of you; And another day passes

Vivi was the fifth member to make her solo debut. Her song features the third member Haseul with a rap verse that marks the first ever rap in a LOONA song. Everyday I Love You interprets the 90s style in a modern way that shows off Vivi’s unique charm. It’s clear from the title what the song is about: being madly in love with someone. The music video features Love from Onlyoneof (who actually just recently left the group due to personal reasons). Love, at the time of the music video, was the first known male trainee of LOONA’s company, BlockBerryCreative.

Heize – Happen (With Song Joong Ki)

I opened my eyes one morning; Only to find that I was born into this world; To where you are, of all places; Gradually my body gets used to all the little habits; And they lead me down a path straight to you

Maybe this isn’t really a love song, maybe it is. Happen talks about fated encounters, but fate isn’t always positive and happy. The music video, which features the actor Song Joong Ki (who, disappointingly, doesn’t have any singing lines), is full of ‘what ifs’. And Heize’s beautiful voice compliments the themes of the song. So, whilst Happen may have an upbeat vibe, a fated romance can be complicated and not straight forward. They crossed paths several times, but never really noticed each other.

Fromis_9 – Love Bomb

I want it; A mysterious cloud spreads out; And love it; I close both my eyes; The time, It feels like it stopped for a bit; I get surprised, I hold my breath

Love Bomb expresses “the thrill and flutter felt when falling in love through bubbly melody and unique lyrics”. This song is their first release since Gyuri’s return from Produce48 (the Mnet survival program that created IZ*ONE). It’s cute, it’s upbeat and it’s super fun. Speaking of fun, Fromis_9 has been receiving a lot of attention for the song FUN! released in 2019, a few months after Love Bomb

Sunmi – Tail

We’re madly in love; Kiss each other like crazy; Wag our tails frantically

For the concept of Tail, Sunmi took inspiration from the way animals use tails to express their emotions, which she found charming and fascinatingly honest. The song is about a bold woman who wants to love someone with all of her heart. The sexy and feline-like choreography was made by Janelle Ginestra, who has notably worked with Beyoncé as well as Seulgi and Irene from Red Velvet.

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

Sweeter than candy; Sweeter than chocolate; Come closer, let’s make tonight special; Love love love love so sweet

Addictive, yet simple. Love So Sweet is a memorable and catchy retro-based synth-pop track, that talks about a love that is so sweet. The music video, which mainly focuses on their dancing, is just as addicting as the song. For mainly the first minute, the video traverses through a series of rooms, in which the Cherry Bullet girls are dancing. The styling changes up each time and we just love the outfits so much (especially Remi’s pink zebra print trousers).


Her eyes and her vibes have a scent; So charming; I’m falling for you; Your voice sounds like you swallowed flower petals; I’m bewitched; So charming; I’m falling for you

Shortly after the disbandment of JBJ, which was formed after the show Produce 101, members Kenta and Sanggyun would continue as a duo. The name JBJ95 pays homage to their original group and the year 1995, in which they were both born. JASMIN is about being seduced and enchanted by a beautiful woman. It’s their most recent song, although it was released late 2020. Currently, Kenta and Sanggyun are filing a lawsuit against their company to terminate their contracts.

Park Jihoon – L.O.V.E.

My flower, rose; Always bloom next to me; You’re my only love; Let’s grow our love; Always stay by my side

Park Jihoon marks his solo debut after the disbandment of Wanna One with the song L.O.V.E., which expresses the innocent feelings of being in love. The beautiful filming locations really make this music video even more romantic and prince-like. It was filmed in two castles: Hluboká in Prague and Konopiště in Benešov. Both of which are located in the Czech Republic 

Stray Kids – Neverending Story

Although saying ”I love you” might be a little obvious; I can’t save those words; I care about you more than anything in the world

With a bit of a different tone than their usual style, Changbin wrote this song for the Kdrama Extraordinary You, which is about a girl who discovers that she is just a side character in a fictional world, so she sets out to change her destiny and fall in love. Neverending Story showcases the vocal talents of the boys that we don’t often get to see in their title tracks.

BTS – Just One Day

If only I had just one day; I want to peacefully fall asleep intoxicated with your sweet scent; If there’s a chance in my busy schedule; I want to put my body in your warm and deep eyes

A B-side from their album Skool Luv Affair that talks about what they would do if they could have just one day with the one they love. Member Suga wrote this song, then it was finalized by RM and J-Hope. Although it sounds romantic, there are also sad undertones to the song because it shows what they had to sacrifice to achieve their dreams.

Chungha (feat. Changmo) – Play 

I want a more breathtaking dance; I want it more, your love; Don’t set me free; I’ma play you on repeat

Play continues with the themes of Chungha’s previous single Stay Tonight, which is about love. It contains the story of a beautiful, hot afternoon and a secret, private moment. Changmo’s verse compliments Chungha’s beautiful voice. One reason why Play became so popular (excluding the absolutely stunning music video) is because of the salsa and samba elements of the duo dance that Chungha does with her dance partner, Kim Hongin, in the dance break towards the end of the song.

Suzy & Baekhyun of EXO – Dream

Dream that I can never have again; That was really sweet; I think you are just like the dream; Dream that I get to keep thinking about all day; That was really sweet; That’s you

Dream is a R&B song with jazz and neo soul sounds. The lyrics describe a couple falling in love. Although most of the music video mainly focuses on Suzy and Baekhyun singing with a jazz band, there are some scenes where they show them getting ready for what we can only assume is a date.

Red Velvet – With You

When I’m with you; When I’m with you; It’s like Christmas in summer; When I’m with you; When I’m with you; You’re like the gifts that I’ve been waiting for

Off their Summer Magic EP that had Power Up as the title track and had Bad Boy (English Version) as a bonus track, With You is a summery R&B track that compares being in love to Christmas. The joy of Christmas and the waiting for gifts is just what love is! How romantic! 

SHINee – Symptoms

The sickness that is you, the worse it gets, the more exhausted I get but the only medicine is you; If I can’t have you, I might die, I might go crazy, I don’t know what will happen, the only medicine is you; I can’t live if I lose you

Maybe this takes love to the extremes. With a bold confession of how they can’t live if they lose the one they love, SHINee express what it’s like to fall hard for someone. It seems a bit melodramatic, but we love it anyway.

Taeyeon – Make Me Love You

Never seen it before (Such warm eyes) Deeply place me in your universe (I’ll close my eyes) Take me far away And make me love you

Lyrically, this song is so obviously about love, more specifically about love blossoming in wake of fear and insecurity. Make Me Love You highlights the beauty of Taeyeon’s stunning vocals in a song that reminds us of spring.

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