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Seducing Shelly by Lacy Jane

You met Jeremy and Shelly in Enticing Ella. Now you can read their steamy love story.

Shelly is smart.
She’s beautiful.
And she’s perfect.
She’s also my assistant, so she is totally off limits to me.
How can I keep my hands to myself when she’s everything I’ve ever wanted?

Jeremy is a hot, older man.
He’s the sexiest guy I’ve ever seen.
He’s also my boss, and way out of my league.
How can I stay professional when he’s all I can think about?

See what happens when Shelly and Jeremy give in to their undeniable attraction.

This book is an OTT instalove with high heat, no cheating, and (of course!) a HEA. A steamy read with HEA guaranteed. Enjoy!

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Excerpt From Seducing Shelly by Lacy Jane

How am I ever going to behave myself with this woman? It’s been one day, and I’ve already jacked myself off in the bathroom three times. Not that it helped. No, nothing will help except driving my cock deep inside this beautiful woman until we both pass out from exhaustion.

She purses her lips, and bites the end of her pencil. Just like that, my mind is right back in the gutter, imagining better uses for that sexy mouth of hers. Those puffy lips would open wide for my big cock. She would suck and lick my cock head like a lollipop. Then I would fuck her throat until she gagged, but she would love every second of it, getting herself off along with me. When I finally explode in her mouth, she would gladly swallow down every drop of cum like the good girl she is.

And just like that, I’m hard as a fucking rock again.

I’m resigned to my fate. As long as she works for me, this will be my life; a hard cock all day long, every day, with no end in sight. Can a man die of blue balls? It sure as hell feels like it.

Damn! Does she have to bend over like that to get those files? Fuck! Her full, heart shaped ass is in the air. It takes every ounce of my willpower not to push her down and fuck her like she’s never been fucked before.

I’m her boss. Hitting on her would be abuse of power at best; sexual harassment at worst. I can’t do anything about this unrelenting pull I feel toward her. Maybe I’ll get used to her, and won’t find her so irresistible after we’ve spent more time together. This attraction will get easier to resist, right? I sure as hell hope so. As it is, I feel like a starving animal eyeing a steak dinner. She is everything I’ve ever wanted, wrapped in a delicious, curvy little package.

Meet The Author

Seducing Shelly by Lacy Jane

Lacy Jane is a happily married empty nester and dog mom who believes in happily ever afters and loves to write about them. She enjoys reading steamy romances, streaming shows, and watching football and baseball. Her favorite things to do include hanging out with her husband, kids, friends, family, and dogs. She loves traveling, shopping, drinking delicious coffee drinks, and is a self-professed beauty junkie. Her books are always OTT, high heat, instalove, no cheating, and (of course!) have an HEA. Always a steamy read with HEA guaranteed.

Interview with Lacy Jane

Q: How many books have you published and which is your favorite?

LJ: Seven. Generally, the one I am writing at that time.

Q: Name a few of your favorite authors or books?

LJ: Olivia T. Turner, Cassie Mint, Sadie King, Mia Brody.

Q: Favorite book when you were a kid?

LJ: Any of the Nancy Drew books. When I was really young, The Monster at the End of This Book.

Q: How many bookshelves are in your house?

LJ: Not too many anymore. I have three bookcases packed with some of my favorites, but I have
completely transitioned over to reading ebooks over the last few years. My kindle has over 300
purchased books on it, plus the borrowed titles (limited to 10) at any given time.

Q: What was your dream job as a kid?

LJ: Actress.

Q: What are you reading right now?

LJ: Fight Dirty by Cassie Mint. I will read it tonight. I love it when an author I love has a new book come out!

This or That Questions

Coffee or Tea? Coffee! (But not black)
Book or Movie? Book, though I love movies, too.
Shower or Bath? Bath! I have to take one every night, no matter how late it is.
Print or ebook? Ebook all the way.
Spiders or snakes? Neither! Eek!!!
Summer or winter? Winter. I love it when it snows!

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