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Ruthless by Kathryn C. Kelly

Like Father
Known for his fearlessness and unwavering love for his woman, Outlaw grapples with his past mistakes and strives to protect his family. He finds himself in a precarious position when the club’s dark origins are unearthed, threatening their hard-earned peace.

Like Son
Outlaw’s son, CJ, navigates his own dangerous path within the world of violence and betrayal. His first taste of club life has whetted his appetite for more. With Harley Banks vying for CJ’s affections and secrets unraveling, the Death Dwellers face challenges that could shake their foundations. Harley wants him for herself, but CJ’s attention is still on Molly Harris, a girl in deep trouble and possibly dead.

Amidst the chaos, Outlaw is determined to show his beloved Megan the depth of his devotion, even as the club is on a collision course to doom. In a story of love, loyalty, and the shadows of the past, “Ruthless” explores the complexities of family, power, and redemption in the unforgiving world of motorcycle clubs.

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Excerpt From RUTHLESS by Kathryn C. Kelly

Although CJ would’ve preferred the original plan of sticking close to home and hanging out with Mom, Dad, his sister, and his brothers, he also was coming to understand how quickly plans changed. The duality of his father’s life, and how hard it was to juggle being Christopher and Outlaw, was sinking in.

For so long, CJ thought it was just a matter of shedding the biker and president of the MC the moment his father walked through the door at home, and then reinventing himself as Outlaw when he left.

Yet, it wasn’t so simple. It was juggling and balancing and sacrificing. It was knowing when to set aside family issues for the sake of the club and vice versa.

CJ’s admiration toward Christopher the family man and Outlaw the biker ran so deep, he didn’t think he’d ever find a way to express it. Dad was legendary. Outlaw was infamous. And Christopher? Known everywhere for how much he adored his woman.

She and the children she’d given him, the home she’d built for their family, took priority in Dad’s life now. It had for a very long time. After Mystic and the Imperials got her, while she was unknowingly pregnant with Axel, Dad’s retribution was swift towards any sign of a threat.

Long ago, CJ understood what retribution meant in Death Dweller lingo. Within eighteen months, talk of enemies and punishment slid from discussions, and everyone settled into a comfortable life. Bikers by day, family men by night. Paranoia faded so much that Dad even eased up on Mom’s surveillance.

Who would’ve thought the fucking threat to her would be from someone close? Motherfucking Johnnie?

If Dad had fucked him up when he tried to strangle Mom, this shit would be behind them.

Because of that fucking fuckhead assfuck, CJ, his parents, and his siblings were at the club instead of at home, spending time together on the eve of Jo’s eye surgery.

“Hey, little brother,” Diesel greeted, walking to where CJ had stopped near the darkened pool area and leaned against the railings. The tables were in the process of being refelted, which would be finished tomorrow. “Outlaw wants to see us in the conference room.”

“Where’s Mom?”

Diesel sipped beer from the bottle he held. “In the kitchen. You can see her after. Come on.”

“She might need help.”

“She has Rebel, Mattie, and several old ladies with her. She’s fine. I’ve checked on her several times. It won’t take long.”

“Fine,” CJ said irritably, stalking behind Diesel.

Meet The Author Of RUTHLESS

Ruthless by Kathryn C. Kelly

Kathryn C. Kelly is a New Orleans native who has called southeast Texas home since 2005. She had intended to travel the world but always return to her beloved New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina had other plans. She is the mother of three beautiful daughters and the daughter of one gorgeous mother whose footsteps she followed in by becoming a writer.

Kathryn is the former owner and editor of Inside Rose Rich Magazine. She and her mother have been published by Jove Books as Christine Holden. The books have long been out of print but they got the rights back to the five novels and have plans to re-release them soon.
Kathryn is a cancer survivor. In 2010, she felt a small lump in her breast. In 2015, at the urging of her mother, she went in for her bi-yearly mammogram and was diagnosed with Stage 2b/3a HER2 positive breast cancer. On November 30, 2016, she rang the bell. During her treatment, she was also diagnosed with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome.

In 2013, Christopher “Outlaw” Caldwell introduced himself to Kat in the most cliché way ever.

He came to her in a dream. After the inauspicious meeting, he planted himself in her mind and the gentleman hasn’t left yet. In what was only supposed to be one book about the fictitious Death Dwellers MC, Outlaw has become a source of amusement, a well of frustration, and a bone of contention between Kat and one of her daughters.
She is hard at work on her next book. Her work has been included in several anthologies and she is looking forward to other upcoming single title releases, including Savage Suit from the Cocky Hero Club World created by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. She is a former RWA member and served as Vice President for the SOLA chapter of RWA.

Kathryn is a New Orleans Saints fan, but roots for the Texans, the Rockets, and the Coogs (U of H) as long as they aren’t playing any Louisiana teams. She loves champagne and sparkling wine. She still loves Chivas Regal but had a chance to taste Sassenach Scotch. A #lifegoal is to one day buy herself an entire bottle and keep it all for herself.

In her head, she is a biker babe with a Harley in her garage, waiting for her to hit the road. In reality, she has yet to hop on a bike and ride. She loves Cards Against Humanity, has very strong opinions that she keeps to herself, has to take her time to talk in public so nothing untoward pops out, and always strives to see the best in people and in life.

Interview With Kathryn C. Kelly

Q: Hi Kathryn! We’re coming in at book number four here, so can you tell us a little more about the Death Dwellers series?

KCK: At the heart of the Death Dweller series has always been the club president, Outlaw, and his woman, Megan. She walked into his life at a time when he was floundering and the club was falling apart. Now, their oldest biological son is almost seventeen and anxious to follow in his father’s footsteps. Lines are being drawn that forces her to remove her rose-colored glasses about club life.

Despite the danger that she’s faced over the years, dressing her sons like their father, encouraging them to act like their father, was cute. Until it isn’t. As her sons take on a more active role in the club, and the code of the club must be followed rather than any loyalty to her, douses her in reality. Like father, like son isn’t as adorable. For CJ, Outlaw’s mini-me, as he assumes more responsibility in the club, he realizes that the dual life his father led isn’t easy, is often treacherous, and can be a little daunting. He begins to lose his innocent adoration toward Outlaw as he gains a new respect and appreciation for the man, the biker, and most importantly, the father.

Q: Describe your main characters in three words.

KCK: CJ is confident, loyal, and considerate. Outlaw is resourceful, bold, and pragmatic.

Q: What were some challenges while writing this book?

KCK: One of the biggest challenges to writing this book was the multiple points of view. I know exactly where I want all the characters to end up to set up the next generation as adults in the final series of books, but the twists and turns to get to where I want to land has taken longer than expected. It is a challenge to pull it all together for the lead up to that one final showdown that will serve as the basis for the next series and the motivations of the individual characters and the impact it will have on each couple.

Q: Do you listen to music while writing? Share your Spotify list with us!

KCK: Definitely! Music, like books, has always been a big part of my life.

Q: Any advice for new writers?

KCK: My advice is to carve out time to write and finish your first drafts under all circumstances. Once you have the entire story on paper, you will get a clearer picture of where you want your characters to be and under what circumstances. Massive rewrites might be required, but you will never know what needs to be fixed if you never reach the end in the first place.

Q: Where can our readers find you on social media? 

KCK: Readers can find me on my website here.

This Or That?

Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Book or Movie? Book
Morning or Night? Night
Shower or Bath? Bath
City or Country? Undecided, since there are benefits to both.
Print or Ebook? Print again, now that ebooks are almost as expensive.
Spiders or Snakes? Neither
Summer or Winter? Spring and Fall
Early or Late? Late
Haunted Mansion or Un-haunted Shack? Neither

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