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Rowena Murphy-Summers lost her husband at a young age. With three daughters to raise, she didn’t have time to think about her roots. Now, her beloved daughters are on their own and making their own way through life. It was time for her to go to the homeland of her ancestors and learn about where she got her power as a witch. She goes to Ireland in search of answers, but she finds so much more.

Niall Fitzgerald inherited the pub in Dingle from his grandfather. He had never been the settling down type, and running the pub was going to put a damper on his easy-going lifestyle. Grudgingly, he went through his days and nights doing everything he could bring continued success to Bollocks Pub. It was quite boring to him. Until the night a lovely red-haired lass jumped up on the stage and started singing with the band.

In this prequel to Blessed Be, Threefold, and Namaste you will meet the mother who raised the brave witches who banished the evil entity which fell upon their town.

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Excerpt from Rowena’s Song by Teresa Keefer

She wasn’t moping. She was doing what she wanted to do, and it sure as hell wasn’t going to be supper with Niall Fitzgerald. Maybe, she wouldn’t even have to deal with him since both her grandmother and Finn knew she wasn’t going to go out with him. Hopefully, they would warn him not to even show up. Surely, they wouldn’t let him come out here and be embarrassed when she answered the door in her pajamas. 

Of course, that wasn’t to be because when the cuckoo clock signaled seven, the buzzer on the front door rang. Then a knock. Rowena sighed and went to the door and put on her brightest smile. Which froze on her face when she saw Niall standing there. In his pajamas and carrying a bottle of wine and a picnic basket. 

“I hear we are having a pajama party tonight.” He pushed past her and went to put the food in the kitchen. “Grab some candles, will you? I’ll dish up our supper and pour some wine.” He smiled broadly and held up the bottle of wine and two glasses.  

“Do you always get your way?” Rowena stood by the open door. “Because I have no intention of playing this game with you, Niall Fitzgerald.” 

In a dramatic move, he put his hand to his heart. “Oh, you hurt my feelings and I don’t have many of those left anymore. We’ve not even gotten to the part of playing games. Yet. But I do look forward to playing one of these days.” 

Rowena watched as he moved with familiarity about her grandmother’s kitchen. Took down two of her nice dishes, pulled cloth napkins out of a drawer. Filled the plates with flaky topped fisherman’s pie and slices of homemade bread. Reached in the icebox and pulled out a bowl of the butter her grandmother just churned the day before. She rolled her eyes. This man was impossible. But the scent of the food wafting through the house made her mouth water and her stomach grumble as a stark reminder she hadn’t eaten since breakfast. 

With a sigh, she walked over to the mantle and took down a pair of candles. Rowena had to admit, the man had a set of balls and no shame to actually drive out to the countryside in his fancy red sports car wearing his pajamas. And he looked quite comical standing there, now wearing her grandmother’s apron as he set the table and poured the wine.  She chuckled to herself as she carried the candles to the table. 

“Don’t think for one minute you can make a habit of this.” Rowena pointed a finger at him. 

Niall grinned. “Of course not. I usually save the pajamas for when I stay over. I think we got it backwards this time.” He held out a chair for her. “Have a seat, fair lady.” 

Meet The Author


Teresa Keefer was chosen by her adoptive parents in Warsaw, Indiana and has remained in Indiana all her life. She currently resides in rural Indiana near her adult daughters and grandchildren.

Holding an MBA from Indiana Institute of Technology, she has spent the last 32 years in the human resources profession. In her spare time—what little there is—she can be found doing a variety of crafts, cooking, studying the paranormal, making organic remedies, and barefoot gardening. Her bucket list is quite extensive, and she is determined to mark off every item—as she adds two more for each one accomplished.

Interview with Teresa Keefer

Q: Hi, Teresa! Tell us a little more about yourself.

TK: I’m really into spirituality, witchery, natural remedies, crafts, and gardening. I have seen spirits, probably from the time I was a young girl and kept telling my mother about the lady standing in the corner of my bedroom. She said it was just my overactive imagination. Now, I know differently. I’ve studied spiritualism and as a clairvoyant, get regular visits from the spirit world. I constantly look for books and literature about organic gardening and foraging for natural remedies. My ideal place to live would be in a cozy log cabin with plenty of woods and grassland surrounding me and a huge kitchen and workshop where I could concoct and create all kinds of things. And don’t forget a huge barn so I can have an animal rescue center.

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

TK: I started writing poetry and short stories when I was just a young girl. It wasn’t until my very best friend in the world suggested that I write a book. It was his coercion and push that sent me on my way. In fact, when he suggested that I write, he gave me a story idea and I wrote the first three chapters of his story that very night. Maybe someday I will finish his story for him. So, as a simple answer to your question, yes…I think I have always wanted to be an author of some sort.

Q: What was the highlight of writing Rowena’s Song?

TK: Taking the actual trip to Ireland to do my research and immerse myself in the country. I cannot wait to go back…time and time again! The people are absolutely the most welcoming and wonderful sort of folks you could ever meet. And to hear the mythological stories I had only read about told by tour guides was amazing. The food, the music, the beauty of the country…there is no place in the world like it!

Q: What was your dream job as a kid?

TK: My dream job would have been to be a pilot or an attorney. And honestly, I have given both a shot as an adult. I went to law school for two years but discovered that trying to balance a full-time job and a part-time job along with having two teenagers still at home, didn’t leave enough quiet time to actually be a successful law student. As far as being a pilot, my younger brother and my grandson are both private pilots so I went  up for my exploratory flight a year ago and I can tell you, it was the most exhilarating and freeing experience in my life. I cannot wait to get on to the regular lessons and get my own license.

Q: What is a typical writing day like for you? What inspires you?

TK: I still work a full-time day job as a human resources business partner for a manufacturing company, so my writing is done nights, weekends, vacations, holidays etc. I think the longest writing binge I did was 22 hours straight during Nanowrimo a few years back. I get inspired by everything from songs to travels or even just waking up with this story line in my head that I’m not quite sure where it came from. Maybe the faeries whispering in my ear?

Q: What is your favorite part of being a published author?

TK: This is the easy question. My favorite part of being a published author is being able to travel to places and meet people that I may not have ever met if not for my writing. I have met strangers who became friends and friends who are now like family. That’s the best part of being a published writer!

This Or That Questions:

Coffee or Tea? Definitely tea. Iced. And my favorites are Earl Grey, Barry’s, and I have some special blends I buy from Magic Hour teas.

Coke or Pepsi? Neither. On the very infrequent occasions I drink soda, it’s Diet Mountain Dew

Shower or Bath? On winter weekends, I love to treat myself to a bath with a book, glass of wine and candles.

City or Country? The country hands down. Cities are a nice place to visit, but I would never want to live there again.

Summer or Winter? I like all four seasons but if I were to pick one of these, I’d have to say summer because having livestock in the winter is a lot of hard work. Besides, I can float around in the pool reading all day in the summer.

Haunted Mansion or Un-haunted Shack? I’ll take a haunted mansion any day as long as it’s in the Irish countryside.

Readers, you can follow Teresa Keefer online at her website and blog as well as on TikTok @takauthor and on Facebook.

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