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Buying The Virgin Box Set One by Award-Winning Author Simone Leigh

The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future. But she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity.
She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder. Charlotte’s buyer becomes her Master and he chooses to share her with his friend.
But when she later returns to them, as the relationship between the Three develops, it becomes clear that there is more to Charlotte than a young woman in need of money.
Definitely Not Dating by USA Today Bestselling Author Christi Barth

Everleigh Girard always dates the wrong men at the worst times. But thanks to a crazy lottery win, she and her friends have a fresh start restoring a historic inn. Determined to make it a success, Everleigh swears off the dangers of dating entirely. Except…the town’s police chief is distractingly hot. How much trouble could friends with benefits really cause?
Whiskey Lies by Bestselling Author Brittanee Nicole

It was supposed to be a simple weekend away to forget the heartache caused by my cheating husband. But the man sitting next to me in 1B has different plans. Cash’s whiskey-colored eyes and easy smile beg me to dance beneath the stars, kiss in the moonlight, and walk hand in hand down the streets of Boston. Unfortunately, life has other plans because I’m still married, and Cash James is the billionaire playboy standing between me and my dream promotion.
Moon Hunters Inc. by Catty Diva

Cash owes Razar a favor but it turns out to be much harder than he thought. He has to go in person to get this done before he can can get back to his security business.
Hot For The Matchmaker by Bestselling Author Daniella Brodsky

I’ve had a tough few years after the royal disaster I created between my ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. But I’ve been working on it. And when I met that stupidly good-looking man that I thought would be perfect for the stupidly good-looking girl sitting next to me on the ferry, a crazy thing happened: I started to think he might actually be perfect for me. But am I ready for all that?

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Discover Romance Books Free Online!

Here Cums The Bride by Bestselling Author Cassandra Medcalf

Melanie Cobb has met her Prince Charming. Christopher is everything she’d ever dreamed she’d find in a husband: kind, loyal, devout, and wealthy. I mean, have you SEEN her ring?? 
But as the wedding night approaches, anxiety builds for Melanie around the wedding night. She knows that Christopher is the love of her life, but they’ve never taken their passion beyond a few chaste kisses. When she asks her bridesmaids for advice, they come up dry: these girls have spent their summers at church camp and youth group, not gossiping over teen magazines and Cosmo quizzes. And when it comes to learning about sex, they’re all looking to Melanie, the first of their BFF trio to get married, to give them the scoop.
Sworn To Forget by Award-Winning Author Maria Imbalzano

Nicki Reading is a star. PR director at a major music label, she is successful, independent and confidently calls the shots. She dates whom she wants, when she wants, with no strings attached. But beneath that shine, loneliness flickers. Events from her past prove love leads only to pain. Commitment is not an option. Until Dex Hanover, a classy, and prosperous CPA, enters the picture. Undeterred by his unhappy childhood, he has an amazing capacity to be both caring and generous; giving his free time as a mentor for a child from the projects. Dex wears his paternal yearnings on his sleeve and he is at a point in his life where commitment is the only option. Despite their opposing views, Nicki and Dex ignite each other. But will events from their pasts ruin their challenging relationship?
Under Your Skin by Shannyn Schroeder

Nothing gets under your skin quite like love…
Norah O’Malley has way too much on her plate to even consider romance.  Being home for the first time in ten years—single and pregnant—is more than enough. Too bad her heart has other ideas when she first lays eyes on her brother’s tattooed, grumpy, and entirely too sexy boss…
Tropical Hope by Erin Brockus

A five-day conference had seemed like such a good idea to Half Moon Bay Resort owner Hope Collins. But now that it’s over, all she wants is to get home to St. Croix. And to Alex.
Then the flight delay happens.
Heart Of Stone by Chiquita Dennie

Emery Stone has a secret. If all goes as planned after she leaves her cheating ex-boyfriend, she can make sure no one ever finds out. Determined to keep love at bay, she’s resigned herself to a life of no strings attached, but just as she settles on her new loveless path, her heart is put to the test – again.
Joker’s Story by Bestselling Author Barbara Nolan

An MC Out of Control
First Love
First Heartbreak
A Raw, Gritty Intense Ride
Jump on for a wild ride into Joker’s life, and the sideways world of an outlaw biker. Greed, power, and heartbreak shape his life.
Feel his pain when the love of his life is ripped away from him by a senseless grudge, and how he must now do one last job for the club to save his son.

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Tuscan Heat by Bestselling Author M.A. Gonzales

All her life, Marlina has done what is expected of her. Married the right man, went to the right schools, and even landed the proper jobs. She still felt dreadfully incomplete. Something was missing. She is blindsided when her husband files for divorce. Driving home the hurt by admitting he never loved her.
On impulse, she leaves everything behind and breaks free from the things that always held her back. Retreating to Tuscany, the only place she has ever been happy, she’s ready to put the past behind her and embark on a new adventure. Who knew that new adventure would come in the form of her childhood friend’s older brother, Gabriel De Luca ?
APT 2E by Olivia Monroe

What happens when your best friend’s boyfriend moves in down the hall and wants to play naughty neighbors?
Shelby Whitmore is a strong-willed woman who runs a busy interior design business for wealthy clients. When Shelby’s best friend, Diane, introduces her to her boyfriend to get the friends decorating rates, Shelby is inclined to say no. Not because she doesn’t want to help, but because she wants to do more than decorate his apartment, and he is clearly off-limits.
Trick by USA Today Bestselling Author Laramie Briscoe

When my husband walked out on me over a year ago, it devastated me. When the divorce papers came, it killed me. When we had to sell our house, it broke me.
But then he moved in with his new flavor of the month and told our daughter his new woman wasn’t into children. That pissed me off.
Now Riley feels abandoned, and I can’t make it better; no matter how hard I try. I’m desperate to help her adjust to the loss of a male figure in her life. The companion program that matches adults up with children who have loneliness and abandonment issues is my last hope.
The counselors tell me he’s doing community service hours, and I ask to sit in on his meetings with Riley. The minute I see him astride the matte black Harley, I know neither my nor Riley’s life will ever be the same again.
Wild Country by Bestselling Author Constance Ruth Clark

Kristina is content hiding from the world after her mother’s death a year ago, but her world is rocked off its axis when Peter crashes his sports car into her fence during a snowstorm. Men haven’t proven to be trustworthy, and when he claims to be the lead singer of a famous country band, she’s sure he’s delusional.
Finding Malcolm by Amber Warden

Malcolm hates school dances, and only shows up to help his best friend out of his most recent tough spot. It’s his friend that gets all the girls, not him. Malcolm’s good looking enough, but his quick fists led to a reputation that keeps the girls away. All but this girl.

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