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When the job can only be handled by a team that doesn’t exist, you call GHOST.

He was raised to be a GHOST operative.

She’s an Army-trained, skilled negotiator.

Together they play a game of push and pull—until she finds herself in need of his protection.

Henry Delany inherited his father’s muscular frame and his mother’s penchant for the law. Working for GHOST gives him the opportunity to use both while doing what he loves—protecting the lives of others. Determined to bring tranquility and harmony to Glen Hollow, the small-town he now calls home, he has agreed to work with a closed-off, government liaison in an effort to broker a peace deal .But Protecting Everleigh just might be Henry’s most challenging mission to date .

Everleigh Hayes was raised to be a negotiator, and Glen Hollow, Kentucky is a small town in need of a truce. She is just the woman to make that happen. Like her previous assignments, she approaches this one with her finely-tuned grace and finesse. But when Everleigh comes face to face with the undercurrent of darkness permeating this little town, she finds herself ensnared by more danger than she’s ever faced. Needing Henry and falling in love with him is a development she’s never negotiated before.

USA Today bestselling author PJ Fiala brings you the GHOST Legacy series—heroes willing to sacrifice everything in service to their country, and for the men and women they love. A novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed.

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Excerpt from Protecting Everleigh by PJ Fiala

“Henry Delany?”

He whirled around to see a beautiful woman. Long blonde hair flowed over her shoulders in soft waves. Soft green eyes reminded him of summer grass. Her posture was straight and tall, her shoulders pulled back, hinting at some military training for sure. The burgundy business suit she wore belied the softness her eyes emanated. She was a contrast in a good way.

She was thin and tall, his guess around five-foot-six inches.

“Yes. Good morning.” He moved toward her and stretched out his hand. She placed her palm into his and squeezed his hand tightly in a firm handshake that spoke volumes. No wimpy, flimsy handshake, here. She was poised, and polished, and exuded confidence. “Ms. Hayes, I presume.”

Her full lips turned up and her face radiated a beauty only accentuated by her presence. Quite simply, she was breathtaking.

“Yes. Everleigh Hayes. Thank you for picking me up. I didn’t want to argue with Casper, but honestly, I’m quite capable of driving myself around to meetings.”

His right shoulder lifted and fell. “I’m just following orders, ma’am.”


He bobbed his head. “Everleigh.”

Her throat constricted as she swallowed and he stepped aside, gesturing toward the front of the building, a silent but respectful, “after you.”

She gave him a curt nod and glided past him and to the door. Well, off to a great start. At least he thought so. She seemed professional, and elegant. Plus, she was stunning. Off to a good start indeed.

Meet The Author Of Protecting Everleigh by PJ Fiala


USA Today Best Selling Author, PJ Fiala, has published many romance novels over the years. Focusing primarily on romantic suspense, she weaves a little bit of reality with make-believe to create stories with heat, heart and all the feels. PJ lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin but travels to destinations unknown via motorcycle. But it was romance novels that took her to places she’d only dreamed of, and solidified her love of all things romance. Her family keeps her feet on the ground when her mind travels too far from home, delivering both a reality check and a nudge to keep it real.

Interview with PJ Fiala

Q: Tell us about your publishing journey. Did you always want to be an author?

PJF: I always wanted to be an author, but back in the day, I figured it wouldn’t happen. To have to write to publishers and submit manuscripts seemed like it was only for the few lucky ones. But, my husband and I always joked about putting this or that in a book.  Back in 2012 ish, I worked a horrible job and was terribly unhappy. My husband told me, “You’ll always work for people like her unless you actually sit down and write a book.”  I took that to heart and began writing. Dealing with an awful person during the day, knowing I’d go home to write my story, made the days bearable. That first book took a long time. I didn’t have contacts within the publishing industry so everything I did took loads of research. But, by early 2014, I had an edited book published. It was a dream come true. Since that time, I’ve published 38 books and I’m still writing.

Q: What is your favorite trope to write and why?

PJF: I write romantic suspense because I like that the H/h don’t have to have silly arguments and a black moment to make the story angsty. There’s the outside suspense element that seems to always interfere. That’s more interesting to me. But, I also love, love, love vampires and hope to one day dip my toe into the paranormal waters.

Q: What is your book about?

PJF: It’s about two people with polar opposite childhoods finding each other. To be an adult without familial support in any way – financially, emotionally, etc. makes a person feel lonely and alone. That’s who Everleigh is. Henry’s family has been present and supportive all his life. He doesn’t know what it’s like to truly be out in the world with only yourself to rely on. The thing is, he’d be just fine, but it takes a different personality to not become hardened and nasty.

These two are each doing their jobs when they meet. Both excel at what they do. Both are committed to their work. And, when they meet, they both see something in the other that brings them together, rather than pushing them apart.

Q: Tell us about your heroine. What inspired her quirks and struggles?

PFJ: To be honest, me. My parents are/were both alcoholics. They were never really there for me as I grew up. I felt on my own all the time. At an early age I was doing my own laundry if I wanted clean clothes and making meals for myself and my brother because my parents were sitting in a bar and not home. So, as life decisions needed to be made, I didn’t have anyone to discuss them with. I made a lot of mistakes in life, largely because of that.  So, Everleigh is the me I wanted to be!

Q: Tell us about your hero. What motivates him?

PJF: Henry is a special operative just like his father. It’s all he’s ever wanted to be. And, he’s good at it. But, what his parents offered him growing up, was the best of both worlds. He father would be out on missions and Henry and his sister, Stella, would be home with their mom, who is a kick-ass attorney. When dad came home, they had a hobby farm about an hour away and that’s where they went so dad could unwind and get the mission out of his head. That’s how Henry grew up, knowing there were dangerous things in the world, and dealing with them in a way that is productive and satisfying. That’s what motivates him in everything he does. It’s also the direction he’s going in this book.

Q: Why did you choose your setting?

PJF: I have extended family that lives in Kentucky and it’s a special state for me. I go to visit cousins there as often as I can. The state is beautiful and feels like home in many ways. So, I’ve selected it for two series of mine, GHOST Legacy and Bluegrass Security.

This Or That Questions:

Coffee or Tea?  Coffee – lots of coffee. But I do enjoy tea.
Coke or Pepsi?  Pepsi – I like the taste better.
Morning or Night? I’m not a morning person. It takes me an hour to fully wake up and want to people.
Shower or Bath? Shower daily. A bath occasionally when I want to relax with a book and a glass of wine.
Summer or Winter? Summer – always. I don’t like cold weather at all.

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