Rinkside Romance in the Icebreaker Book (TikTok Sensation)

Ready to meet the novel that has taken the reading community by storm? In her smashing debut novel, Hannah Grace knocks it out of the park with her Icebreaker book.

This story focuses on mental illness, building the right friendships, and not letting anyone walk all over you. Icebreaker speaks of love in a rare form, and gives you amazing characters to fall in love with.

So grab your skates and get ready to glide into a 2023 epic romance!

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Icebreaker – Hannah Grace

Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life for a shot at Team USA. It looks like everything is going according to plan when she gets a full scholarship to the University of California, Maple Hills and lands a place on their competitive figure skating team.

Nothing will stand in her way, not even the captain of the hockey team, Nate Hawkins.

Nate’s focus as team captain is on keeping his team on the ice. Which is tricky when a facilities mishap means they are forced to share a rink with the figure skating team—including Anastasia, who clearly can’t stand him. 

But when Anastasia’s skating partner faces an uncertain future, she may have to look to Nate to take her shot. 

Sparks fly, but Anastasia isn’t worried… because she could never like a hockey player, right?

Our Review

When you pick up a book and feel like you just have to read it all in one go to keep that excitement alive, this book was the opposite of that. This book felt like something to savour and enjoy rather than binge in one night.

Let me tell you, this book was an absolute rollercoaster! I couldn’t help but highlight so many parts. I took my sweet time reading it because I knew once it was over, I’d be left feeling all sorts of emotional. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened. It’s raised the bar.

Not only was the writing fluid, engaging and top-quality, but Hannah Grace was intentional with making this book diverse – which is something we have to appreciate.

This wasn’t your typical third-act drama kind of book. Nope. It had its ups and downs, but you couldn’t help but feel everything alongside the characters. It had depth, and it was amazing right until the very end.

Nate Hawkings is my new favorite sports romance leading man, hands down. He’s caring, reckless, and just so lovable – he managed to win me over completely. And his inner thoughts? Hilarious. But the banter between the characters? Even better!

Our titular figure skater Anastasia Allen was beyond relatable. Seeing her go through tough times was hard, but watching her grow stronger was so rewarding. I loved how she formed a close bond with the team, like they were family. And she didn’t take any nonsense – she stood up for herself, and I admired that.

The grumpy & sunshine trope was done really well in this book – whilst typically we see the FMC as the sunshine – Anastasia starts the novel as closed-off and self-focused with Nate being the sunshine character. Her walls eventually came down in this rinkside romance to pave the way for a dynamic and interesting romance.

And get this, it’s the author’s debut novel! I’m seriously impressed. I can’t wait to see what else Hannah Grace has in store.

Rinkside romance with icebreaker book by hannah grace

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Icebreaker book spicy?

Despite its innocuous appearance – this book has tons of spice. Hot and heavy and incredibly well-written – the spice in this book is on another level. We’re inclined to say the spicy scenes are the most well-written in YA yet.

Is Icebreaker book LGBTQ?

There is a minor LGBTQ character, but this is primarily a hetero-romance novel. Interested in some hockey LGBT romance? Check out Icebreaker by A.L. Graziadei!

Is Icebreaker book appropriate?

This book is not suitable for under 18’s. With heavy and steamy spice scenes, this novel should be geared towards 18+ readers.

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