Hello Girls Emily Henry: A Teen Thelma & Louise Remake

Thelma and Louise gets remade in this powerful, darkly funny teen novel from acclaimed authors Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry. Two teenage girls who have had enough of the controlling men in their lives take their rage on the road to make a new life for themselves. In Hello Girls Emily Henry, we’ll follow the complex lives of two teenage girls who run away from their homes in search of freedom and a better life. This coming-of-age story follows the journey of Winona and Lucille, who are both struggling with difficult family situations and the expectations of society.

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hello girls emily henry

Hello Girls

Winona has been starving for life in the seemingly perfect home that she shares with her seemingly perfect father, celebrity weatherman Stormy Olsen. No one knows that he locks the pantry door to control her eating and leaves bruises where no one can see them.

Lucille has been suffocating beneath the needs of her mother and her drug-dealing brother, wondering if there’s more out there for her than disappearing waitress tips and a lifetime of barely getting by.

One harrowing night, Winona and Lucille realize they can’t wait until graduation to start their new lives. They need out. Now. One hour later, they’re armed with a plan that will take them from their small Michigan town to Chicago.

All they need is three grand, fast. And really, a stolen convertible can’t hurt.

Chased by the oppression, toxicity, and powerlessness that has held them down, Winona and Lucille must reclaim their strength if they are going to make their daring escape—and get away with it.

“Why did people lie? With their words, with their voices, with their bodies, with their beautiful houses and beautiful clothes and sometimes even their faces? Why couldn’t everyone just be what they were?”

Hello Girls: The Teen Thelma & Louise Remake You’ve Been Waiting For

Our Overview

Hello Girls by Emily Henry is a coming-of-age novel that follows the journey of two teenage girls, Winona and Lucille. These two run away from their homes in search of freedom and a better life.

Winona is living with an abusive stepfather and a mother who is often absent, leaving her feeling trapped and powerless. Lucille, on the other hand, is living with a controlling mother who wants her to conform to societal expectations and follow a traditional path in life.

One day, after a particularly rough night, Winona and Lucille decide to escape their lives and embark on a road trip to New York City. They steal a car and a credit card and begin their journey, hoping to leave their pasts behind and start a new life in the big city.

As they make their way across the country, the girls encounter numerous bumps in the road. Including a run-in with the law and a dangerous encounter with a group of men. However, they also experience moments of joy and self-discovery, as they explore their identities and forge a deep bond with each other

Along the way, Winona and Lucille also meet a long list of interesting faces, including a group of musicians and a young man named Alex, who becomes an unexpected ally in their journey. These interactions help the girls to see the world in a different way and to understand that there is more to life than the struggles they have left behind.

In the end, Winona and Lucille arrive in New York City, where they face a final showdown with their pasts and the people who want to control their lives. The climax of the book is both thrilling and emotional, as the girls confront their demons and find the strength to move forward into a brighter future.

Overall, Hello Girls is a powerful and emotional novel that explores themes of identity, freedom, and the challenges of growing up in today’s society. Through its vivid characters and thrilling plot, the book offers a poignant commentary on the struggles that many young people face and the importance of finding one’s own path in life. It’s a novel that everyone can relate to, especially those who are struggling to adjust to the difficult life of adulthood.

Our Review

Emily Henry’s Hello Girls is a captivating and emotional novel that explores the struggles of growing up in today’s society.

One of the most impressive aspects of Hello Girls is the way in which the characters are developed. Both Winona and Lucille are complex and multi-dimensional, with their own unique struggles and motivations. The author does an incredible job of making these characters feel real and relatable, allowing readers to become invested in their journey and rooting for them throughout the book. Everyone reading will surely see a part of themselves in Winona and Lucille.

The novel directly discusses the challenges and joys of growing up in today’s society. There it offers a powerful commentary on the pressures that young people face, from abusive family situations to societal expectations and the difficulties of forging one’s own path in life. Through the girls’ journey, the book offers a hopeful message of resilience and the power of friendship to overcome challenges in life.

We love a good road trip novel, but something about this one feels important. The road trip directly reflects both running away from difficulties as well as taking a grueling, and confusing path to reach your goal. It fits perfectly within the themes of the novel (not to mention it’s super fun to read!).

Hello Girls is a beautifully written and emotionally impactful novel that any young adult or teen should read. With its vivid characters, thrilling plot, and timely themes, this book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt trapped or misunderstood in their own life. It also delivers a reminder that there is always hope for a brighter future.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hello Girls about?

Hello Girls is a coming-of-age novel that follows the journey of two teenage girls, Winona and Lucille, who run away from their homes in search of freedom and a better life. The story explores themes of identity, family, and societal expectations.

Is Hello Girls a standalone?

Hello Girls is a standalone book, so you can fit it easily into your reading schedule.

What should I read if I like Emily Henry?

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