Reach for the Stars with Carrie Soto is Back!

In my opinion, Taylor Jenkins Reid is back! With Carrie Soto is Back, we’ll follow TJK’s iconically imperfect protagonist as she battles her way through competitive tennis.

Carrie Soto is a tennis legend, claiming 20 Grand Slam titles. For years, her father, Javier, has been her coach. Now, it is 1994, and Carrie is retired. During the US Open, Carrie watches as Nicki Chan matches her record. Carrie wants to come out of retirement to reclaim her record. Will Carrie be able to affirm her place in tennis history?

Come find out as we delve into an exhilarating sports novel by the bestselling author, Taylor Jenkins Reid.

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Official Description

carrie soto is back

Carrie Soto is Back

In spite of it all, Carrie Soto is back, for one epic final season. In this riveting and unforgettable novel, Taylor Jenkins Reid tells her most vulnerable, emotional story yet.

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Full Description

Carrie Soto is fierce, and her determination to win at any cost has not made her popular. But by the time she retires from tennis, she is the best player the world has ever seen. She has shattered every record and claimed twenty Grand Slam titles. And if you ask Carrie, she is entitled to every one. She sacrificed nearly everything to become the best, with her father, Javier, as her coach. A former champion himself, Javier has trained her since the age of two.

But six years after her retirement, Carrie finds herself sitting in the stands of the 1994 US Open, watching her record be taken from her by a brutal, stunning player named Nicki Chan.

At thirty-seven years old, Carrie makes the monumental decision to come out of retirement and be coached by her father for one last year in an attempt to reclaim her record. Even if the sports media says that they never liked “the Battle-Axe” anyway. Even if her body doesn’t move as fast as it did. And even if it means swallowing her pride to train with a man she once almost opened her heart to: Bowe Huntley. Like her, he has something to prove before he gives up the game forever.

In spite of it all, Carrie Soto is back, for one epic final season. In this riveting and unforgettable novel, Taylor Jenkins Reid tells her most vulnerable, emotional story yet.

Our Overview

“Some men’s childhoods are permitted to last forever, but women are so often reminded that there is work to be done.”

The novel opens in 1994 at the US Open. Carolina “Carrie” Soto sits with her father Javier watching tennis players Nicki Chan and Ingrid Cortez face off in the final of the tournament. If Nicki wins, she will have tied Carrie’s record of 20 Grand Slam titles, which Carrie first set before her retirement in 1989. When Nicki wins, Carrie decides to return to tennis with her father as her coach once again.

Carrie rapidly improves and enters the main women’s tour in tennis. By now, Javier has instilled in her an insatiable need to win and to achieve her status as the greatest.

At her first tournament, she meets Paulina Stepanova, and they quickly become bitter rivals. Carrie also garners a reputation for being cold and ruthless, earning her the nickname the “Battle Axe.” She wins her first Grand Slam and then three more before she turns 20. Stepanova remains ahead of her in the ranking, and Carrie is obsessed with being number one in the world.

Carrie leaves Javier for another coach named Lars van de Berg. Lars helps her to become number one in the world, but he also encourages her to jump a lot when she plays, which injures her knee. Meanwhile, Carrie has repeated “flings” with men. She has an affair with a married tennis player, but he ultimately leaves Carrie. Fearing further rejection, she pushes men away.

In 1987, Carrie sets the record for most singles Slam titles. However, her knee is injured, and she retires in 1989.

In 1994, Carrie begins training with Javier. Her agent, Gwen Davis, helps set Carrie up with a practice hitter and he convinces her to practice together. They become friends.

The first tournament Carrie plays in 1995 is the Australian Open. She progresses through several rounds but loses to Cortez. She is frustrated, but Javier tries to convince her to see how well she did. Carrie begins training for the French Open. As she interacts more with Bowe, Javier encourages her to keep her heart open. Bowe improves his play as well.

During the French Open, Carrie advances to round 16 and wins, moving to the quarterfinal. She finds herself tearing up, and she lets herself cry in front of the crowd, which she has never done before.

Carrie loses to Antonovich, and when Javier tries to reassure her, they fight. That night, she also goes to see Bowe, and he comforts her. She lets him kiss her, and they spend the night together. She and Javier reconcile when he comes to see her when Nicki does indeed break Carrie’s record. When they arrive back home, Javier collapses. He needs heart surgery. He is determined to have it and recover so that he can help Carrie prepare for Wimbledon, even if he won’t be able to travel with her.

Carrie wins her first match at Women’s Tennis Association, and Bowe makes it to the semifinals before he loses. He does so graciously and decides to retire from tennis. He also tells Carrie that he loves her. Carrie progresses through the tournament, reaching the final with Nicki. Carrie enjoys playing, and she realizes that even if she wins, it’s possible Nicki will beat her record again in the future. Ultimately, Carrie loses, and she is surprised to find that the loss does not destroy her. Instead, she feels relief. For the first time, she doesn’t have to be the best tennis player. She can be whatever she wants.

Our Review

TJR has a gift for crafting unforgettable heroines and transporting readers through time to experience different cultures and eras. Her latest novel, “Carrie Soto is Back,” is a thrilling and captivating read that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

TJR’s heroines are flawed yet resilient, and Carrie Soto is no exception. She’s a fierce tennis player who will stop at nothing to be the best, even if it means alienating those around her. But beneath her tough exterior lies a vulnerable and lonely woman who fears being abandoned.

The story follows Carrie as she faces a fierce opponent who threatens to take away her records and reputation as a tennis star. To reclaim her title, Carrie must work with her former flame, Bowe Huntley, a struggling player who is trying to rebuild his life after overcoming addiction and personal struggles.

Through the ups and downs of the tennis matches and personal relationships, Carrie learns to open her heart and discover what truly matters in life. The characters are well-developed and endearing, with Javi and Bowe being standout favorites.

Even if you’re not a fan of tennis, this book is a must-read. We will iterate that this book is tennis, tennis, tennis! TJR expertly weaves in the rules and excitement of the sport while keeping readers engaged and invested in the outcome. The narration is immersive and will have you cheering on Carrie as if you were right there on the court with her.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Reach for the Stars with Carrie Soto is Back!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to read Malibu Rising before Carrie Soto is back?

If you’ve read Malibu Rising, Carrie Soto is that tennis player, but you don’t need to read Malibu Rising to enjoy the book. JKR has fun crossovers in most of her books, making a really fun universe within her novels.

Who is Carrie Soto based on?

Carrie Soto is based off the tennis worldstar, Serena Williams.

What ethnicity is Carrie Soto?

Carrie Soto is Argentinian-American.

Who is Carrie Sotos love interest?

It’s hard to keep track. Carrie embarks on lots of romantic endeavors and affairs in this novel!

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