The Best Audio Book Subscription For Romance Lovers!

Audio book subscriptions are sweeping the nation as the fastest growing way to consume books. Listeners love the convenience of being able to enjoy a story while doing chores around the house, during their commute to work, or just as a way to unwind and relax without the clunky weight of a print book. But you might be wondering which audio book subscription service is best? To that end, we’ve put together a list of the best audio book subscription services for every budget and consumption level so you can get hours of uninterrupted romance!

Audio Book Subscription: Best Paid Services

Audible is the largest and most reliable audio book service on the market. With over 58,300 romance titles alone, it has the biggest selection. Their app has cool features like the ability to bookmark sections, share clips, make a wish list, and more. And because it’s owned by Amazon, subscribers get a ton of extra perks including their Whisper Sync function, Free Prime Reading, 2 for 1 credit sales, and much more.

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Scribed offers both ebooks and audio books. They have a ton of popular titles and are adding more all the time. Their app includes the ability to create lists, download titles for offline listening, make bookmarks, and customizable jumping back/forth locations. Scribed members also get to enjoy free access to some of their other apps such as Pocket, BlinkFest, and FarFaria.

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While is really just a basic audio book player (and technophobes might enjoy their simple easy to use design) they are worth mentioning because they allow listeners to support their favorite local bookstore while still using larger apps like Audible. So if you’re a conscious consumer who wants to support local or indie businesses, is the way to go.

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Audio Book Subscription: Best Free Services

Overdrive and Libby

Overdrive and Libby are two free services that let you checkout audiobooks from your local library. Both apps work the same. You start by selecting your library and entering your library card information. You do not need both apps, we just thought we’d mention them both. Overdrive is a bit more basic while Libby is more user friendly and offers a few more features such as their “What’s Available” list for browsing.

Check Out Overdrive and Libby here.


Hoopla is another library app that gives you free access to TV shows, movies, mustic, comic books and ebooks in addition to – of course – audio books! The only pitfall is that not many libraries use it. It’s worth checking to see if yours does!

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Librivox is a really cool find. This app allows listeners to listen to free public domain books (aka the classics) as they are read out loud by volunteer narrators. What’s cool about this is there are many different variations for each title, including titles read in many different languages.

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Audio Book Subscription: Services You’re Probably Already Using

While the above audio book subscription apps are wonderful, the truth is you probably don’t need another app. Most ebook stores have their audio book features and capabilities built right into the same app you’re already using to shop, listen to music, etc. So if you’re already using one of the apps below, you’re probably already getting the best audio book features at your fingertips.


If you’re signed up for Prime or Kindle Unlimited, most of your Kindle books (if not all) are going to come with the option to switch between the ebook and the audio book. Unless you’re a very voracious listener who wants podcasts and other content too, you may not even need Audible.


The Nook app allows you to browse, purchase, and consume audio books all in one app, just like their ebooks.

iTunes and GooglePlay

While Apple and Google might be better known for their music and games, they also offer a wide selection of audio books that you can purchase and listen to in the same app, eliminating the need to look elsewhere.

What is your favorite way to listen to audio books? Any audio book subscription services we missed? Tell us below in the comments.

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