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A Cowboy This Christmas

At Christmas, even the loneliest cowboy can find true love, whether it arrives with the subtle fragrance of evergreen or the kick of a wild stallion. Celebrate the holiday season with these nine short, sweet, and heartwarming contemporary romances.

“The Cowboy’s Comeback Christmas” – by Jan O’Hara – USA Today Bestselling Author
The woman formerly known as Shrinking Violet is back, bearing a new no-nonsense attitude and a deadline for leaving town. Five Christmases ago, Russ broke both their hearts. Can he prove he’s a changed man and convince her to stay?

“Capturing the Christmas Cowboy” – by Roxy Boroughs, Amazon Bestselling Author
To secure her job with an advertising company, an L.A. photographer travels to the wilds of Montana, searching for a rugged cowboy to peddle cheap cologne. There she meets a down-on-his-luck, camera-shy rancher, who wants to give his little brother a homespun Christmas – just like the ones they knew before they lost their parents.

“A Rocking Horse Christmas” – by Raine Hughes. Amazon Bestselling Author
Recovering from a life-changing injury, a bronc buster drives across Canada with his young sons to work as a ranch foreman. Heart-sore owner, Sally, hides a wariness of being touched with a warm, hopeful smile. Will the miracle of Christmas help them find true healing love?

“Candy Cane Cowboy” – by A.M. Westerling – Amazon Bestselling Author
Mandy Robinson, a server in a country diner is puzzled when her encounters with the new short order chef, injured bull rider, Chay Burton, seem to mirror events as chronicled over a hundred years ago in her great grandmother’s diary. Romance blossoms as Christmas approaches but should she trust the journal that hints of eventual heartbreak or a cowboy who only has his love to offer?

“All I Want for Christmas” – by Victoria Chatham, Books We Love Bestselling Author

Rancher Luke Evans expects to spend Christmas alone. When a snowstorm strands Kate Cooper and her five-year-old daughter Alice, that changes. While the child’s smile warms his heart, will widowed emergency nurse Kate dare to love again? Could she and Alice become the family Luke always wanted?

“Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy” – by Amy Jo Fleming
Jolene, a young widow, needs to sell the ranch that she loves. It’s the only home her son Cody has ever known. There’s a catch. Her late husband’s cousin owns half the property. Devon will be home for the holidays and Jolene needs to convince him to sell before Christmas. Will those old feelings that Jolene and Devon once shared ruin her plans?

“Silver Belle’s Christmas Cowboy” – by Lawna Mackie
Being the caregiver to nine reindeer in Alaska has many challenges, including a promise Silver Belle Delaney intends to fulfill. Granted, there are a few hiccups. Steal her employer’s reindeer…oh, and his truck and trailer, drive through a blizzard, then hope and pray the handsome, wealthy rancher doesn’t throw her in jail on Christmas Eve.

“My Cowboy, Until Christmas” – by Shawna Mumert – Debut Author
Desperate to keep her ranch, Caroline Bailey, a young widow, hires Trace Morgan, a drifter, to help her until Christmas Eve, when the final ranch payment is due, but working together changes their dreams and their lives.

“A Heart Creek Christmas” – by Joanie Wilde – Debut Author
A kind-hearted equine osteopath lands her dream job – and possibly the love of her life in a broken-down cowboy. Can they move past their personal barriers to find love in time for Christmas?

This anthology is the work of nine independent-minded women who live in or near cattle country, Alberta.

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Interview From The Authors Of A Cowboy This Christmas

Q: How did you all come up with the idea for this anthology?

Roxy Boroughs came up with the idea and we all agreed it would be a great series centered around our favorites: cowboys and Christmas.

Q: What elements do all the stories have in common?

Raine Hughes: Of course, the cowboy is key! As is romance. What a delicious combo, eh?

Q: Fill in the blanks, “If you like ___, ___, and ___ then you’ll love A Cowboy This Christmas!”

Joanie Wilde: If you like cowboys, Christmas, and sweet romance, then you’ll love A Cowboy This Christmas!

Q: What is one thing you hope readers will take away from this anthology?

Shawna Mumert: I hope readers will enjoy the stories and feel that they’ve enjoyed nine different celebrations at Christmas time.

Q: What did you enjoy most about working on this anthology?

A.M. Westerling: I enjoyed the comradery, energy and enthusiasm of the group as we all worked toward a common goal. I also enjoyed the opportunity to write a short contemporary romance, something different for me. It was a bit of a challenge as all the elements are still required i.e. set up, turning points, black moment.

Q: What is your favorite thing about romance?

Victoria Chatham: I love the happily ever after ending.

Q: How long did it take to come up with your story?

Lawna Mackie: It didn’t take me long to write Silver Belle’s Christmas Cowboy…about two months to be exact. I was born in Jasper, Alberta, and grew up believing that elk were actually reindeer. Although I eventually discovered the truth, my love for these majestic creatures remained unchanged. Every Christmas, I would eagerly await their presence, convinced that Santa himself couldn’t be far away.

Q: How did you come up with your story?

Amy Jo Fleming: When we decided on a Christmas cowboy romance, the idea for my story immediately came to mind. I love the idea of a second chance at love for two characters who were meant to be together but managed to ruin things the first time round. How could the Joelle ever come to trust Devon again after he broke her heart. Could Devon ever prove that he was the man that Joelle had believed in? Could these two possibly have a happy ever after ending?

Q: Weird Facts for $100 Alex!

Jan O’Hara: A weird “fact” about my metabolism and writing: During the thick of winter, I once wrote a vacation romance set in Jamaica and felt like I was roasting in a T-shirt for the months it took me to pull the story together. Meanwhile, “The Cowboy’s Comeback Christmas” visited me during a HOT and smoky spring, and I shivered while Violet and Russ found their way to each other.

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