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  • This ONLY helps us with promotional descriptions (e.g., Bestselling Author Jane Doe is giving away a Kindle; SIGNED paperbacks from NY Times Bestselling Author Jane Doe, etc.).

    For promotional purposes...

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  • What sort of romance are we talking about here?
  • This will be the MAIN BOOK/BOXED SET shown in the promo graphics. The ONLY other books that will appear in the promo graphics are ones that will be given away as print copies or audiobooks prizes.

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  • Of the previously mentioned enhancer(s), please tell us how many winners there will be and who gets what. For example:

    2 winners get a signed paperback of Book Title
    1 winner gets a $15 gift card
    1 winner gets a $10 gift card

  • This is in relation to YOUR country. For example: If you're in France, shipping internationally means you're willing to ship outside of your country, either anywhere OR wherever you specify in the notes below.

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