Ivy Smoak: A Romance Author You NEED To Discover

International bestseller Ivy Smoak has given us countless series that we just cannot put down. Made of Steel, the Hunted, Empire High (we’re still obsessed with Matthew Caldwell), and so many more. If you haven’t read these already, then you are seriously missing out.

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About Ivy Smoak

Ivy Smoak is the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon #1 bestselling author of The Hunted Series. Her books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

When she’s not writing, you can find Ivy binge watching too many TV shows, taking long walks, playing outside, and generally refusing to act like an adult. She lives with her husband in Delaware.

Ivy Smoak Books In Order

Made Of Steel Series

The Made Of Steel series is a steamy romantic suspense completed trilogy with a guaranteed HEA!

ivy smoak: made of steel

Made Of Steel – Book 1

Last night I got kissed by a man in a mask.
I didn’t see his face, but I know exactly how he made me feel.
Desired. Protected. The kiss left me panting.
He ran off before I unveiled his true identity.
I don’t even know his name.
But I’m going to find out.

Ivy Smoak Made of Steel
ivy smoak: forged in flames

Forged In Flames – Book 2

It’s hard to be consumed by revenge when my heart feels like it’s breaking in two. Part of me is still in love with Miles. But I’m not the girl he remembers. And I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t started to fall for the NYC vigilante.

ivy smoak: carved in ice

Carved In Ice – Book 3

When I was little, I dreamed my life would be a fairy tale. But it just so happens that I don’t need a knight in shining armor to save me anymore. I’m made of freaking steel. It’s time for answers. Time for vengeance.

The Hunted Series

The Hunted series is an extra steamy romance following student Penny and her hot professor, James. This is seven book completed series with a guaranteed HEA!

ivy smoak: temptation

Temptation – Book 1

Shy student Penny Taylor always follows the rules. At least, that’s how it appears to her classmates. but she has one illicit secret. She’s fallen for her professor. And she’s pretty sure he’s fallen for her too.

ivy smoak: addiction

Addiction – Book 2

Penny fell hard for her professor, but secrets have torn them apart. After all, scandalous affairs are meant to go down in flames. As she struggles to accept that their relationship is really over, her best friend’s crude advice. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.

ivy smoak: eruption

Eruption – Book 3

New York was supposed to be a fresh start for them both. But secrets from James’ past, his scheming ex, and unsupportive parents make it hard to move forward. And Penny’s starting to realize that she barely knows the man.

ivy smoak: devotion

Devotion – Book 4

One day before the wedding of her dreams and Penny is in a city that is no longer her home. Alone, heartbroken and lost. And even if Penny and James do come back to each other, Isabella is still out there plotting. The world is still against them.

ivy smoak: the light to my darkness

The Light To My Darkness – Book 5

James Hunter and Penny’s story is far from over. With fame comes danger. And there is one last threat to James and Penny’s new family.

ivy smoak: a whirlwind of color

A Whirlwind Of Color – Book 6

Penny has the perfect husband. The perfect family. The perfect life. There’s just one problem. She doesn’t remember any of it. Will Penny walk away? Or will James be able to help her remember everything they have?

ivy smoak: this is love

This Is Love – Book 7

James Hunter and Penny have found their way back to each other. But they’ve left a trail of heartbreak in the process. Will this be the end of their love story? Or only the beginning?

Empire High Series

Empire High is currently five books long with the next book in the series, Homecoming (Book 6) being released on November 10 2022.


Untouchable – Book 1

Everyone knows Matthew Caldwell. He’s charming, gorgeous, wealthy. And way out of my league. So when he offers me an in to the lifestyle of the rich and famous? I agree in a heartbeat. But I should have known better than to pretend to belong in his world.


Elite – Book 2

My mom fell in love with a monster. I know my mom never wanted him in my life and I don’t either. But now I’m being forced to live with him. I’m stuck in a world where I don’t belong.


Betrayal – Book 3

The only thing keeping me in this city is Matthew Caldwell. if I didn’t love him, I’d be long gone. But he says I’m changing. That I’m becoming the thing I hate. And I’m worried that he might be right.


Matchmaker – Book 4

Matthew Caldwell is NYC’s most eligible bachelor. Sixteen years ago he lost everything. And he made a vow to never love again. There’s just one problem. Only one woman in the city has caught his attention. And it’s the only woman he can’t have.

Best Romance Books 2022: runaway

Runaway – Book 5

To the first boy I ever loved. I intended to keep my promises to you. I loved you, Matthew Caldwell. With my whole heart. I think a piece of me will always love you. But it all came crashing down when I realized you didn’t keep your promises to me.


Homecoming – Book 6

Coming November 10 2022!

Single Girl Rules Series

The Single Girl Rules is a series of 3 novellas full of love, laughs and steam!


Single Girl Rules #BFF

The Single Girl Rules are not your normal boring girl code rules. No, these rules are extra AF. And since I’m about to get married, I have to hand them off to the next generation of single girls looking for some steamy guidance.


Single Girl Rules #BananaParty

It’s finally here. Friday. Girls’ night! And to celebrate, I got tickets to the hottest party in the city. That’s right… We’re going to the Banana Party!


Single Girl Rules #ThreeHeadedMonster

I’m the ultimate single girl. But I’m also the best girlfriend in the world. So when my lesser half invites me to Harvard to help him get into the most exclusive club on campus, I’m happy to help. In fact, I’m willing to do anything to get him into this club.

Even if it means taking my top off during a scavenger hunt. Or slipping away during a fancy dinner to use my best persuasion skills on one of his future brothers. I might even have to tame a three-headed monster…whatever that means. Spoiler alert – it’s a sex thing.

Men Of Manhattan Series

The Men Of Manhattan is a three book series but each book is a standalone and can be read individually.


City Of Sin – Book 1

I know I have a reputation as a playboy. And I like my reputation. The only reason I agreed to go on a blind date was because I was promised two Knicks tickets for my time. But I never expected for her to pass on me. And I’m going to prove to her that she made a mistake.


Third Chances – Book 2

Daphne always regretted not being confident enough to talk to her college crush. And when he shows up during her friend’s bachelorette party, she’s not going to let him slip through her fingers.


Missing Pieces – Book 3

He’s still in love with his ex. And Haley refuses to be a consolation prize. So why did she just agree to a spur of the moment road trip with him? She just has to keep reminding herself that she’s doing this for herself. It has nothing to do with the gorgeous man staring at her.

The Society Series


The Society #StalkerProblems

I got an invitation to an illicit club. They say they’ll grant me three wishes. They say they’ll make all my wildest dreams come true. All I have to do is sign the contract. Is it too good to be true? I’m about to find out.

Sweet Cravings Series

The Sweet Cravings series is a three book series but each book is a standalone and can be read individually.


Playing A Player – Book 1

My last single friend just got married, leaving me roommate-less. When Rory shows up at my door, I’m more than a little surprised to find out that a guy has answered my ad. Especially one as handsome as Rory.


Those Summer Nights – Book 2

The easiest way to get over someone is to never see them again, right? So when my ex stomps on my heart and throws it into the ocean, I decide to spend my summer on the opposite side of the country. And this summer is all about me.


Going For Gold – Book 3

The rumors you’ve heard about the summer games are true. What do you expect when you put a bunch of sex-starved athletes in the best shape of their lives together in one small village? But it doesn’t matter to me. I’m focused on winning gold. Who cares if the hottest guy at the summer games seems intent on winning me over?

Secrets Of Suburbia Series

The Secrets Of Suburbia series is a three book thriller series but each book is a standalone and can be read individually.


The Truth In My Lies – Book 1

I’m not supposed to leave the house. But what my husband doesn’t know won’t kill him. I break his rules every morning on my runs. So every day I wake up, run, clean the house, wish for a better life, repeat. And every day is exactly the same. Except for Thursdays. I live and breathe for Thursdays. It’s when he comes.


Sweet Like A Psycho – Book 2

To most people, suburbia is synonymous with good school districts, manicured lawns, and friendly neighbors. But you can never really tell what’s hiding behind those white picket fences and smiling faces. I mean, we all have secrets. And me? I’m a murderer. At least that’s what everyone thinks.


Crazy In Love – Book 3

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Mistletoe and holly and lights all aglow. It’s my favorite time of year. Until my husband had to go and ruin it. Christmas is officially canceled at my house now that I’ve kidnapped my husband and locked him in the basement. And not even Santa can get me out of this mess.

Gods of Pentavia Series

The Ruin Of House Hornbolt is the first book in the new fantasy Gods Of Pentavia series.


The Ruin of House Hornbolt – Book 1

When Princess Isolda is summoned by her spymaster to an abandoned tavern, she discovers the first clue to the decade’s old mystery of her father’s assassination. It’s exactly what she’s been searching for all these years. She just never expected it to point to her husband being the killer.



Sea Of Stars

My parents lied to me my whole childhood. My friends lied. The love of my life lied. They hid what I truly am, apparently for my own safety. But now that I know I’m the last of my race to be born with the gift of sight? I’m not so sure it’s a gift at all. And I’m not sure they were trying to keep me safe either.



I’m not a good man. And it turns out I’m an even worse professor.

I have sinful thoughts about one of my students. Every night. I picture her in my bed. In my shower. Underneath me. Right up against the chalkboard. I’m especially fond of that one.

In my defense, I know her thoughts are as sinful as mine. She’s begging me with her beautiful blue eyes. She’s daring me to cross the line.

No, I’m not a good man. And I’m done pretending to be. I know exactly what I’m going to do to her as soon as she walks into my office hours…



Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of books does Ivy Smoak write?

Ivy Smoak writes steamy contemporary romance.

Is there going to be an Empire High Book 6?

Yes, there is going to be an Empire High book 6, it is called Homecoming and it will be released from Ivy Smoak on November 10 2022.

What do I read after the Hunted series by Ivy Smoak?

If you enjoyed the Hunted series by Ivy Smoak then you should try some books from the following authors that you may find simliar to Ivy Smoak:

  1. Helen Hardt
  2. Sylvia Day
  3. Laurelin Paige
  4. Rina Kent
  5. Jo Watson
  6. Adriana Locke
  7. Brenda Hiatt
  8. Michelle Valentine

Is Obsessed by Ivy Smoak a series?

No Obsessed by Ivy Smoak is not part of a series.

What is the order of the Hunted series by Ivy Smoak?

The order of the Hunted Series by Ivy Smoak is as follows:

  1. Temptation
  2. Addiction
  3. Eruption
  4. Devotion
  5. The Light To My Darkness
  6. A Whirlwind Of Color
  7. This Is Love

Is the Hunted series over?

Yes, the Hunted series is a completed series with a HEA!

Which book will you be reading first? Let us know!

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