Get A Life, Chloe Brown!: A Heartfelt Chronic Illness Romance

In a world brimming with literary gems, Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert stands out as a wonderfully heartfelt novel that has taken the bookworm community by storm. With its irresistible blend of romance, humor, and genuine emotion, this book has become a beacon of hope for those seeking relatable and empowering love stories. This is the first book in the Brown Sisters series from Talia Hibbert.

Explore the boundless possibilities that life and love can offer. We’ll follow the enchanting world of Chloe Brown and her pursuit of a life rich with meaning and passion, all while discovering the depths of her own heart. Prepare to be swept off your feet as we unravel the magic that makes Get a Life, Chloe Brown a must-read for romance enthusiasts and beyond.

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Get A Life, Chloe Brown!: A Heartfelt Chronic Illness Romance Book

Get A Life, Chloe Brown

Get A Life, Chloe Brown!


“Absolutely charming… a flawless balance of humor, heat, sweetness, and depth, and I loved every page.” – Helen Hoang, USA Today bestselling author of The Bride Test

A witty, hilarious romantic comedy about a woman who’s tired of being “boring” and recruits her mysterious, sexy neighbor to help her experience new thingsperfect for fans of Sally Thorne, Jasmine Guillory, and Helen Hoang!

Chloe Brown is a chronically ill computer geek with a goal, a plan, and a list. After almost—but not quite—dying, she’s come up with seven directives to help her “Get a Life”. And she’s already completed the first: finally moving out of her glamorous family’s mansion. The next items?

  • Enjoy a drunken night out.
  • Ride a motorcycle.
  • Go camping.
  • Have meaningless but thoroughly enjoyable sex.
  • Travel the world with nothing but hand luggage.
  • And… do something bad.
But it’s not easy being bad, even when you’ve written step-by-step guidelines on how to do it correctly. What Chloe needs is a teacher, and she knows just the man for the job.

Redford ‘Red’ Morgan is a handyman with tattoos, a motorcycle, and more sex appeal than ten-thousand Hollywood heartthrobs. He’s also an artist who paints at night and hides his work in the light of day, which Chloe knows because she spies on him occasionally. Just the teeniest, tiniest bit.

But when she enlists Red in her mission to rebel, she learns things about him that no spy session could teach her. Like why he clearly resents Chloe’s wealthy background. And why he never shows his art to anyone. And what really lies beneath his rough exterior…

“This is an extraordinary book, full of love, generosity, kindness and sharp humor.” — The New York Times Book Review

*Featured on the TODAY Show! Named a Best Romance of 2019 by Entertainment Weekly, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus, Apple, and Amazon, and Best of November from Essence, Woman’s Day, Marie Claire, Buzzfeed, Popsugar, Bustle, Bookish, Bookpage, Entertainment Weekly, and Washington Post*

Our Overview

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert is a charming novel that explores self-discovery, personal growth, and the power of love. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque British town of Redford, the story follows the journey of Chloe Brown, a young woman living with chronic illness, as she endeavors to break free from her self-imposed limitations and live life to the fullest. We’ll split this review into 4 acts so you can easily choose when to stop reading and rush to your local bookshop to buy!

Act 1: Meet Chloe Brown

The novel introduces us to Chloe Brown, a talented web designer who has built a successful career but struggles with the emotional scars of her past. Chloe suffers from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that has left her feeling disconnected from her own body. After a near-death experience, Chloe realizes that she needs to take control of her life and create a “Get a Life” list – a collection of daring and exhilarating experiences she’s determined to have.

Act 2: The Redford Renaissance

Chloe moves into a charming apartment complex in Redford, which she nicknames the “Redford Renaissance” due to its eclectic group of residents. Here, she meets Redford’s superintendent, Red Morgan, a handsome and enigmatic artist with a troubled past. Their meetings are marked by tension and misunderstanding, but there’s an undeniable attraction simmering beneath the surface. (Yippee!)

Chloe recruits Red to help her accomplish the items on her “Get a Life” list. As they spend more time together, their walls begin to crumble, and they discover a deep connection, built on shared vulnerabilities and a love for art.

Act 3: Love and Healing

As Chloe and Red’s relationship blossoms into a passionate romance, they both confront their past traumas and insecurities. Chloe learns to trust her own body and embrace her sexuality, while Red confronts the scars of his previous relationship. Their love story becomes a source of healing and empowerment for both of them.

However, just as they seem to have found happiness, a crisis threatens to tear them apart. Chloe’s illness takes a toll on her body, and Red must confront his own fears and insecurities in order to support her through a difficult time.

Act 4: A Hopeful Future

In a heartwrenching climax, Chloe and Red navigate the challenges of her illness together, deepening their love and understanding. Through their unwavering support for each other, they learn that love can conquer even the most formidable obstacles.

In the end, Get a Life, Chloe Brown will leave you with a sense of hope and inspiration. Chloe Brown’s journey of self-discovery and Red’s transformation into a loving partner showcase the transformative power of love and the importance of embracing life’s challenges.

Talia Hibbert’s novel is a beautifully written exploration of love, resilience, and personal growth, making Get a Life, Chloe Brown a heartwarming and unforgettable story for anyone in search of a romance that goes beyond the surface to touch the deepest corners of the heart.

Our Review

Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert is a heartwarming and refreshing contemporary romance that not only swept me off my feet but also left me with a profound appreciation for the way it handled the representation of chronic illness. This novel is a shining example of how literature can break boundaries and bring important issues to the forefront while delivering a beautifully crafted love story.

One of the standout features of this novel is its portrayal of Chloe Brown, a character living with fibromyalgia. Talia Hibbert does an incredible job of depicting Chloe’s experiences with chronic pain and the emotional toll it takes on her. Chloe’s journey towards self-discovery and healing is truly, deeply inspirational. Her determination to create a “Get a Life” list and step out of her comfort zone despite her condition is a powerful message of resilience and hope for readers who may also be living with chronic illnesses. It’s a reminder that life’s challenges should never define our limitations.

Now onto Chloe and Red’s romance! Their chemistry is electric, and the slow-burning, heartfelt development of their relationship is both believable and incredibly touching. Red’s character, with his artistic soul and caring nature, complements Chloe perfectly, and their love story is beautifully woven into the narrative.

What makes “Get a Life, Chloe Brown” truly exceptional is the way it combines a swoon-worthy romance with important discussions about self-acceptance, communication, and the power of support systems. The book not only highlights the struggles of living with chronic illness but also emphasizes the importance of open conversations and empathy in romantic relationships.

Special shout out to the residents of the Redford Renaissance! This quirky collection of people really helps in creating a vibrant and enjoyable atmosphere.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown is an absolute gem of a novel that skillfully balances the heartwarming elements of romance with the portrayal of a character who represents an often underrepresented group in literature. It’s a story that teaches us about love, resilience, and the importance of living life to the fullest, no matter the challenges we face. If you’re looking for a love story that goes beyond the ordinary and champions diversity and inclusivity, this book is an absolute must-read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Get a Life, Chloe Brown about?

Get a Life, Chloe Brown is a contemporary romance novel by Talia Hibbert. It tells the story of Chloe Brown, a young woman living with chronic illness. She creates a “Get a Life” list to break free from her comfort zone and live life to the fullest. Along the way, she forms a romantic connection with Red Morgan, the superintendent of her apartment complex. Thus leading to a journey of self-discovery, healing, and love.

Is Get a Life, Chloe Brown part of a series?

Yes, Get a Life, Chloe Brown is the first book in the Brown Sisters series by Talia Hibbert. The series includes three books, each focusing on one of the Brown sisters and their respective romantic journeys.

Are there any trigger warnings or sensitive themes in the book?

While Get a Life, Chloe Brown is primarily a heartwarming romance, it does touch on themes of chronic illness, trauma, and past relationship difficulties. Readers who are sensitive to these topics may want to be aware of them before diving into the book. However, the novel approaches these themes with sensitivity and care.

Does the book have a happy ending?

Yes, the novel has a satisfying and heartwarming conclusion! We promise you’ll come away from Get A Life, Chloe Brown with a smile on your face.

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