Dragon Shifters and More With Aria Winter!

Aria Winter is a romance author, whose books we absolutely love! With romance books mixed with science fiction and fantasy, we can’t stop reading her novels. So, check them out now!

Aria Winters Book List

Elemental Dragon Warriors Series

The Elemental Dragon Warriors Series is co-written with Jade Waltz. The series is a Dragon shifter romance. Each book in the Elemental Dragon Warriors series can be read as a standalone romance, but it is recommended to read them in order to enhance the reading experience.

Claimed by the Fire Dragon Prince (Book 1)

We set out from Earth in search of a new world. I never thought it would end with us crashing on a planet full of dragon shifters. When I’m taken from my people by a fierce Drakarian warrior, my first thought is of escape. Varus is the Prince of the Fire Clan. He claims the glowing pattern on his chest means that I’m his fated one—his Linaya.


Stolen by the Wind Dragon Prince (Book 2)

Our colonization ship crashed, stranding us on a strange new world. To make matters worse, my best friend disappeared. In my search to find her, I’m stolen by a dragon. A creature straight out of every fairy tale book I’d ever read as a child. He takes me back to his kingdom and he shifts into a man—a fierce Drakarian warrior. He claims that I am his fated one—his Linaya.


Rescued by the Water Dragon Prince (Book 3)

We set out from Earth to colonize a new world, but ended up crashing on a planet full of dragon shifters. These fierce Drakarian warriors believe in a fated bond. A glowing mark appears on their chest when they find their fated one. Prince Llyr of the Water Clan insists that he knows in his heart we’re meant to be together. The only problem is, his chest doesn’t have the mark and I worry he might be wrong.


Healed by the Earth Dragon Prince (Book 4)

We left Earth on the colonization ships and ended up crashing on a strange new world full of dragon shifters. Now that we’re here, I’m studying to be a Healer. When disaster strikes, members of the Earth Clan Healers are called upon to help. Little did I know their Prince would be among them. As soon as we meet, he claims I am his fated one—his Linaya.


Chosen By The Fire Dragon Guard (Book 5)

To celebrate the peace among the Clans, each territory will host their annual Harvest Games. The winner will be chosen to serve on one of the Drakarian deep space ships. Rakan is a Guard of the Fire Clan. When I find out he’s competing in the game for a chance to serve on a deep space ship, I don’t want him to go. The more time we spend together, I find myself drawn to him and I can’t bear the thought of him leaving.


Saved By The Wind Dragon Guard (Book 6)

The moment we reach the Wind Clan territory for the celebration of their Harvest Games, I meet Tai. Tai is a Guard of the Wind Clan. So, when his chest begins to glow with the fate mark for me, he is completely ready to take me as his.


Treasured By The Water Dragon Guard (Book 7)

When we travel to the Water Clan territory for the Harvest Games, I cannot deny that I’m glad to see Arnav again. He’s the personal guard of Prince Llyr, but also the most thoughtful and handsome man I’ve ever met. I doubt he’d ever want me, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming of what it might be like to be his.


Taken By The Earth Dragon Guard (Book 8)

I’ve been in love with Rowan for what feels like forever. When we talk, I feel as though my heart has found its other half. He’s the personal guard of Prince Kaj and he asked me to be his. He begged me to live in the Earth Clan territory with him, but I turned him down. It was my biggest mistake. Now that the Harvest Games are here, I’m anxious to see him again.

Ice World Warriors Series

Each book in the Ice World Warriors series can be read as a standalone romance, but it is recommended to read them in order to enhance the reading experience. Written by USA Today bestselling authors, Jessica Grayson and Aria Winter !

aria winter: claimed


When I went into cryosleep on the way from Mars to Earth, I never expected to wake up in a cage. When our captor’s ship crashes on an ice world, I’m rescued by a fierce Mosauran Dragon warrior. Markus is the Commander of his people, and his species is one of the most feared in the galaxy. And he claims that I’m his fated one—his Ashaya.

aria winter: bound


When we crashed on an ice world, my A’kai master began feeding on me to survive. When I’m rescued by Commander Vorek, I am both grateful and wary. He and his people are stranded here too, and surrounded by enemies on all sides. And Vorek claims I’m his fated one—his Si’an T’kara.

aria winter: rescued


When we crashed on an ice world, my master drank my blood so he could survive, leaving me near death. Rescued by a fierce Aerilon Fae warrior, he tells me that I am his fated one – his Al’essa. He’s fiercely protective of me, and I cannot deny the pull I feel toward him.

aria winter: stolen


When we crashed on an ice world, I killed my A’kai master. With few supplies and no food, I decide to take shelter in an nearby cave to wait out a snowstorm. As soon as I enter, a low growl tells me that I’m not alone. Luken is a wolf shifter, and the alpha of his Lycaon Clan. The moment his eyes meet mine, he claims I’m his fated one – his Lynara.

aria winter: taken


When we crashed on an ice planet, my A’kai master drank of my blood to survive. We find a settlement of his people. Bound and thrown in a cage, I’ve all but given up hope of rescue until one of the A’kai guards takes pity on me. Defying his people and his Commander, Erolas helps me escape. He claims I’m his fated one – his Sy’nan – and that I can trust him.

aria winter: fated


Ronin is a Commander in the Mosauran Empire. When we crash on an Ice World, he detects a signal from another Mosauran ship. As we search for his people, I cannot deny that I’m drawn to him. He vows he will protect me and keep me safe. He claims that I’m his Fated One—his Ashaya.

aria winter: protected

Protected (Book 7)

Rokan & Emma’s story…

Release date: June 26 2022

Once Upon a Fairy Tale Romance

The Once Upon A Fairy Tale series is co-written with Jessica Grayson. Each book in the Once Upon a Fairy Tale Romance series can be read as a standalone romance, but it is recommended to read them in order to enhance the reading experience.

aria winter: taken by the dragon

Taken By The Dragon: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling (Book 1)

Each year during the blood moon, a maiden is chosen in my village. Bound and blindfolded at the edge of the forest, they are left as sacrifice to the beast – a man that can take the form of a terrifying dragon. None have ever returned. To save my sister, I take her place. And I find myself drawn to the man behind the beast.


Captivated By The Fae: A Cinderella Retelling (Book 2)

Everyone knows better than to enter the forest during the silver moon cycle when the veiled barrier is thin between the human and Fae kingdoms. When the Fae Prince Ryvan discovers me in the woods, at first I am afraid. But the more time we spend together, I find myself drawn to him in ways I do not understand.


Rescued By The Merman: A Little Mermaid Retelling (Book 3)

The Princess of Solwyck slayed a dragon and saved her Kingdom, but at great cost to herself. When I find her floating adrift in the sea and near death, I risk the wrath of my King to save her. She may not remember me, but I cannot forget her.


Bound To The Elf Prince: A Snow White Retelling (Book 4)

The Elves of Rivenyl have always been enemies of our kingdom. But on the eve of my twenty-third birthday, Prince Caelen of Rivenyl arrives. He asks for my hand, claiming he wants to forge a bond of peace between our people through marriage. I’m reluctant to marry him, but when someone sends an assassin to kill me, Caelen saves my life.


Claimed By The Bear King: A Snow Queen Retelling (Book 5)

When my father made a deal to keep his throne, I did not know I was part of the bargain. I’m given in marriage to King Henrick – the fierce Bear King of the North. He tells me he can offer me everything but love. When I find out that his heart was frozen – cursed by the Ice Queen, I’m determined to help him.


Protected By The Wolf Prince: A Red Riding Hood Retelling

Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, a romantic fairy tale retelling…

Prince Malak and Luna’s story is due for release on December 10 2022.

Cosmic Guardians Series

The Cosmic Guardians Series is co-written with Jade Waltz. It is a slow burn reverse Harem that should be read in order. There are five books available in this completed series. The Cosmic Guardians series is a sci-fi-fantasy superhero series where the heroine has to find her destined guards… and fall in love with them before time runs out!


Charmed By The Fox’s Heart (Book 1)

When I woke up this morning and went to my regular coffee house, I had no idea my life was about to change forever. Cael’s devastatingly handsome smile and his intense green eyes are swoon worthy enough by themselves. But add in an air of mystery and this guy is the whole package. The excitement I never knew I was missing in my life.


Seduced By The Peacock’s Beauty (Book 2)

Ever since I learned that my dreams are based on reality, I now have the fate of two worlds in my hands. And I need to find the five guards who are destined to aid me. Aris has been my secret crush for a long time. Something about his emerald eyes and charismatic personality draws me in. He was once my guard and I was his queen.

aria winter: protected by the spider's web

Protected By The Spider’s Web (Book 3)

All the queens before me had harems, both for protection and to help them wield their elemental powers. Five men are destined to become my guards and join my harem. With lavender eyes that seem to stare straight to my soul, Davin intrigued me from the moment we first met. Part of me wonders if he is supposed to be mine.

aria winter: ensnared by the serpent's gaze

Ensnared By The Serpent’s Gaze (Book 4)

Seth is the fourth guard I’ve found. Everything about him is so familiar, I want more than anything to hold him close and never let him go. But the prophecy says that one of my guards is destined to betray me.

aria winter: forged by the dragon's flame

Forged By The Dragon’s Flame (Book 5)

As Kian’s blue eyes stare up into mine, my soul instantly recognizes his. He is my beloved and I cannot fight him or forsake him, even if he is the one who might lead me to my death. As I search for the final gemstone to save and restore the balance between two worlds, I have to decide: Can I trust the man who might betray me?

Once Upon A Shifter Series

The Once Upon A Shifter Series is co-written with Jade Waltz. There is only one book in the series so far.

aria winter: ella and her shifters

Ella And Her Shifters (Book 1)

Shifters are myths that are told as cautionary tales to children. They’re not supposed to be real. But on my eighteenth birthday, I learn the truth when five of them appear. They claim to be my guards and that I’m supposed to fulfill a prophecy to unite our two kingdoms as one again. To do this, I’ll have to marry the prince.

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