Heartfelt Healing: A Review Of Abby Jimenez’s Yours Truly

In Abby Jimenez’s novel Yours Truly, readers are once again immersed in a world where love, humor, and heartache intertwine with captivating finesse. Jimenez, known for her ability to craft deeply relatable characters and poignant narratives, does not disappoint in this latest installment. Yours Truly follows the story of Dr. Briana Ortiz, a dedicated emergency room physician, navigating the complexities of life and love amidst the high-stakes environment of her profession. The novel begins with Briana dealing with the fallout of a broken engagement and the pressure of a demanding job, setting the stage for a story rich with emotional depth and unexpected turns.

As Briana’s world collides with that of a new, enigmatic colleague, Dr. Jacob Maddox, Jimenez explores themes of resilience, vulnerability, and the transformative power of connection. Yours Truly captures the nuances of modern romance and personal growth. Jimenez’s writing shines with authenticity. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to Abby Jimenez’s work, Yours Truly promises an uplifting read perfect for lounging on a summer’s day.

Grab your comfiest blanket, curl up, and be whisked away into a soft, fluffy romance.

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Heartfelt Healing: A Review of Abby Jimenez’s Yours Truly

Yours Truly Abby Jimenez

Dr. Briana Ortiz’s life is seriously flatlining. Her divorce is just about finalized, her brother’s running out of time to find a kidney donor, and that promotion she wants? Oh, that’s probably going to the new man-doctor who’s already registering eighty-friggin’-seven on Briana’s “pain in my ass” scale. But just when all systems are set to hate, Dr. Jacob Maddox completely flips the game . . . by sending Briana a letter.

And it’s a really good letter. Like the kind that proves that Jacob isn’t actually Satan. Worse, he might be this fantastically funny and subversively likeable guy who’s terrible at first impressions. Because suddenly he and Bri are exchanging letters, sharing lunch dates in her “sob closet,” and discussing the merits of freakishly tiny horses. But when Jacob decides to give Briana the best gift imaginable—a kidney for her brother—she wonders just how she can resist this quietly sexy new doctor . . . especially when he calls in a favor she can’t refuse.

Our Overview

In Abby Jimenez’s Yours Truly, the story centers on Dr. Briana Ortiz, an accomplished emergency room physician grappling with personal and professional turmoil. Briana is reeling from a recent divorce and struggling to keep her head above water in a demanding hospital environment. Her world takes an unexpected turn when Dr. Jacob Maddox, a new and seemingly aloof colleague, joins her team. Initially, Briana is wary of Jacob, perceiving him as standoffish and difficult to work with.

However, as they are forced to collaborate on various cases, Briana begins to see a different side of Jacob. He is kind, empathetic, and battling his own personal demons. Through a series of heartfelt exchanges and mutual support, Briana and Jacob develop a deep and genuine friendship that slowly blossoms into something more. As they navigate their own vulnerabilities and past traumas, they find solace and strength in each other. The novel delves into themes of forgiveness, personal growth, and the healing power of love, culminating in a poignant and satisfying resolution where both characters embrace a hopeful future together.

Our Review

Abby Jimenez’s Yours Truly is a heartfelt and compelling read that beautifully captures the complexities of love and personal growth. From the very first page, the novel draws readers in with its authentic portrayal of Dr. Briana Ortiz, an emergency room physician navigating the tumultuous waters of a recent divorce and a demanding career. Jimenez’s writing shines with wit and warmth, making Briana’s journey both relatable and deeply moving. The character development is exceptional, especially in the evolving relationship between Briana and the enigmatic Dr. Jacob Maddox. Their chemistry is palpable, and their gradual transition from colleagues to friends to something more is handled with a delicate and realistic touch.

Jimenez doesn’t shy away from exploring vulnerability, resilience, and the healing power of love. The dialogue is sharp and engaging, often infused with humor that lightens the more intense moments. Readers will find themselves rooting for Briana and Jacob, both as individuals and as a couple, as they confront their pasts and look towards a brighter future together.

However, one drawback of Yours Truly is that certain plot points can feel somewhat predictable. While the narrative is engaging and the characters are well-developed, some elements of the story follow familiar romantic tropes, which might be a bit formulaic for seasoned readers of the genre. Despite this minor criticism, Yours Truly remains a delightful and emotionally resonant novel that will leave readers with a sense of hope and satisfaction. Abby Jimenez has crafted a story that is both heartwarming and deeply affecting, making it a must-read for fans of contemporary romance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yours Truly a standalone novel or part of a series?

Yours Truly by Abby Jimenez is part of a series. It is the second book in the “Part of Your World” series. While it can be read as a standalone novel, readers may find additional enjoyment and context by reading the first book in the series, Part of Your World. This introduces some characters and themes that continue in Yours Truly.

What are the trigger warnings for Yours Truly?

A couple of trigger warnings for you before you read: Chronic kidney disease, divorced main character whose ex husband cheated, depression, clinical anxiety, and mention of pregnancy loss and suicide.

Is Yours Truly spicy?

Whilst there are some spicy scenes, this is a fairly mild novel. So if you’re looking for a heated book, best to check elsewhere! Why not check out our list of spicy romance books?

Which autoimmune disease does Abby Jimenez have?

Jiminez has Sjogren’s Syndrome which presented in kidney disease.

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