Wednesday Romance Reads To Devour 4/29

Wednesday Romance Reads To Devour 4/29
In the End
Tarrah Anders
Kendall Jameson was traveling when the outbreak started. All she knew was what she heard on the radio. There was a virus, a sickness being spread across the country, and everyone was running scared. On her way home, she makes one last stop to see her best friend and by fate or chance or by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, she finds herself quarantined inside by a sudden military presence.

She doesn’t carry the virus, and as far as she knows, neither does anyone else in the facility but the men guarding the store doesn’t seem to care and she knows they’re not letting her go anywhere anytime soon.
Levi James never expected that his National Guard unit would be ordered to confine over two hundred civilians inside a retail store, but orders are orders. He’s here to do a job. That’s all these people are, until he meets her.

They connect instantly over their similar surnames and the comfortability while getting to know one another.
Instant attraction sparks and their forced confinement gives them the chance to become more than strangers, even more than friends.

When Levi starts to feel sick, he worries he might be the threat they’re all so worried about. But Kendall refuses to leave his side.

If this is really the end, she wants to spend it with him.

Will they be separated and lose one another forever, or can they overcome the virus and live to fight another day?

Spring Romance: Nine Happily Ever Afters
Tessa Bailey
Enemies to lovers. Second chance romance. Small towns.
What happens when love blooms? We have NINE steamy books from bestselling authors to keep you company. If you love alpha heroes and strong heroines, you’ll love this FREE boxed set!

Books included:
Mouth to Mouth by Tessa Bailey
Gypsy King by Devney Perry
Hitching the Cowboy by Kennedy Fox
Our Options Have Changed by Julia Kent and Elisa Reed
The Initiation by Nikki Sloane
Sucked Into Love by Rochelle Paige
The Pawn by Skye Warren
Wait For Me J.H. Croix
Royal Hottie by Kylie Gilmore

SPRING ROMANCE is a limited-time boxed set as a gift to our readers and to introduce you to new series to love.

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