Wednesday Romance Reads To Devour 3/24

Wednesday Romance Reads To Devour 3/24
Second Chance Valentine
Annie J. Rose
Travis broke my heart, but he left behind something more valuable than gold.
Now, seven years later, he’s back in town at the local hospital, and my little girl needs a doctor.
Will this incredible twist of fate be the fairytale ending I’d always dreamed of?
Or will this Valentine’s Day live up to the massacre that plagues it’s name?
Tempted by the Boss
Hazel Kelly
When Ella Riley gets a chance to score her dream job at the Abbott Hotel, she can’t believe her luck… or how insanely sexy her billionaire boss is.

Still, Ella is determined to impress him with her professionalism in order to land the full time position she so desperately needs.

So what will she do when she finds out her boss has an entirely different agenda?

Emma Edwards

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