Wednesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/23

Wednesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 3/23


Grayson (Brotherhood of Souls Book 3)

by K.C. Falls



Reg. Price: $3.99

This romantic suspense story is one of transformation and passion for all things life offers. Grayson takes risks in life and love. When chances are to be taken, this bad boy Southern lawyer finds out he never really left his past behind.

Kara’s journey as a new business owner far from home, brings her unexpected benefits, and dangers, when this legendary Soul chooses her state of the art services. It wouldn’t be the first time Kara had succumbed to the temptations of a fine male specimen under her skilled masseuse’s hands but it could be the last.

Life, especially romance, is all about new beginnings. Sometimes you have to take big chances to reap big rewards. But the best laid plans don’t often factor in the kind of chemistry that takes your breath away.

“A new adult romance with a Southern accent.”

When Kara traded her bustling urban life for “Low Country” living, she didn’t expect to be caught up in a dangerous adventure featuring a deliciously smooth talking alpha male with a cause. And she never thought the man she loved would disappear before she had a chance to tell him so.

She can’t bring herself to start a new chapter. A chance discovery leads her to a risky decision with serious consequences. But the way Kara sees it, life is all about listening to yourself when your heart has something to say.

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For the People: Post-Secession

by R Holland



The world is divided between the high class and the low class. There is no in between. As the high class looks for the ultimate healthcare, they use the low class as their test subjects. They kidnap young Kiranda and her mother and kill her father. Big mistake! After Kiranda escapes the facility and returns to her world, she readies herself to go back for revenge. But first she has to find out her enemy’s weaknesses. They were told they don’t have any. While in the enemy territory, Kiranda finds an old friend she long thought was dead. Soon she will be forced to choose between the friend in their world and a friend in hers, all while trying to plan a way to bring the high class to their knees.

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by L. Penelope



Their love could break the world.

Lyrix, the first new angel to emerge in a millennium, brings hope for her endangered race. But the weight of duty is heavy. As the newest and strongest, she is expected to become a Seraph, one of the stoic angel kings and queens. She dreads the prospect of losing all her emotions in the transformation, but avoiding her destiny may lead to extinction for her kind.

Wren is half-human and a second-class citizen among angels. A chance meeting with Lyrix leaves them both yearning for a life lived on their own terms. A relationship between an angel and an angelborn is unprecedented, and powerful forces oppose their union. On a journey to the human world, tragedy strikes, and Wren and Lyrix realize their love may destroy both worlds.

A standalone, new adult paranormal romance. Intended for audiences 17+.


Unraveling Molly

by Sophia Derobe


Molly Luco’s life isn’t what she had hoped for. Taking care of her abusive brother is just one of the many things threatening to hold her back. When a man from her past comes back into her world, Molly realizes that her carefully constructed mess might quickly become unraveled.

Emma Edwards

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