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Highland Wishes

Box Set



Join USA TODAY BESTSELLING authors Glynnis Campbell, Suzan Tisdale, and Kathryn Le Veque, and BESTSELLING authors Hildie McQueen and Emma Prince for four holiday-inspired never before published tales that are sure to warm your hearts this holiday season.

Deep in the Scottish Highlands stood a well, left behind by the Northmen who had built a longhouse upon the site. The longhouse eventually crumbled, the Norse died off, but the well remained. The well was built in the trees, high above the land, and built in dark gray stone that is native to the area. Upon the stones of the well were carved these words:

May your journey be quiet and your days of joy long. May your deeds remain strong for Odin. May your love stay true to your noble heart.

This well, so alone upon the hill, soon became the stuff of legends, It was said that a young Northman fell in love with a local Taevali maiden. Her parents forbid her to see him so, in desperation, she stole away on a cold December night with the intention of marrying her Norse lover in secret. They were followed by her parents but rather than be separated, the desperate lovers ran to the longhouse and hid in the well. There was a terrible storm that night and the run off from the mountains that kept the well supplied with water soon overflowed, dooming the lovers on what would be the Christian holiday of Christmas.

Now, their spirits wander the trees where the well is, where they met their deaths, together in spirit as they could not be together in life. It is said that if lovers make a wish upon the well during this holiday time, the spirit of the young Northman and his lovely maiden will grant the lovers one wish for their marital happiness, one wish that will bind them together for eternity.


Some Sort Of Happy

by Melanie Harlow


amazonI almost didn’t believe it was him.

In high school, Sebastian Pryce had been an aloof outsider who kept to himself. But now, ten years later, he’s back and unusually attractive. With muscle in all the right places and hands that know exactly what they’re doing, Sebastian is everything I didn’t know I needed. And while he isn’t exactly friendly, he has a magnetism that draws me in.

He pulls away, afraid he’ll break me.

Until the night I demanded more—and he gave it. (Hard and deep. Twice.)

Were we just two lost, lonely people seeking solace?

Or could a disgraced reality TV star and a flawed, frustrating man actually find some sort of happy together?



Santa Baby, I Want A Bad Boy For Christmas

by Justine Elvira


amazonEmbrace the holiday season with a fun and sexy romance.

Morgan is having a miserable week. She broke up with her boyfriend, can’t afford to go home to spend the holidays with her family, and has to work every day leading up to Christmas.

Enter mall Santa.

When Morgan is forced to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas, she doesn’t hold back. She wants a bad boy for Christmas. He must have chiseled arms, smoldering eyes, and a panty-melting smile.

Will Santa send Morgan her perfect bad boy?


A Very Country Christmas

by Zara Stoneley



A short Christmas story of three courses.

Love is in the air in Tippermere as Lottie dreams of a white Christmas with no trimmings – other than her hot and hunky eventer, Rory. But things are never quite that simple on the Tipping House Estate.

Festive fervour takes over and it isn’t all seasonal peace and goodwill as expectations rise and it soon escalates from cosy dinner for two, to all the trimmings for ten!

With missing turkeys, loose horses, troublesome terriers and randy huntsmen, Lottie is hard pushed to find time for a kiss under the mistletoe, let alone find the opportunity to woo Rory with her sexy Santa costume.

But there is only one thing Lottie really wants for Christmas, and only one man can deliver it…

Enjoy your trip to Tippermere, and don’t miss the novels in this series…

Emma Edwards

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