Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 4/28

Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 4/28
Samantha Whiskey
I’m the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL because I know how to read the field.
I control the plays—and my life—with absolute precision.
Until Liberty Jones delivers the ultimate hit to my blind side with a story about two pink lines.

The beautiful, free-spirited brunette has starred in my dreams since she disappeared after our wild weekend in Vegas, but I’ve been burned before. No way in hell am I falling for that line again.

But Liberty is the complete opposite of my ex—she’s smart, compassionate, sexy as hell, and couldn’t care less about my money or status.
In fact, she’s leaving as soon as she finishes her doctorate.
And the baby she’s planning to raise alone? It’s mine—and I want them both.
She certainly doesn’t need me, but she can’t deny our sizzling chemistry.
I can’t deny that I’m losing my infamous control and falling for her.

For the first time in my life, I’m not the only one calling the plays, and one snap decision could crush our happily ever after.

Married to My Boss
Annie J. Rose
We had one hot week together.
And it ended badly.
Now six years later I need him
To be my fake husband to land a job.
But what happens when faking it
Turns all too real?
Will he ever forgive me when he finds out
It’s not the only lie I’ve been telling?
Forbidden Nanny
Annie J. Rose
This is so awkward.

My brother’s s*xy best friend is now my new boss.
He’s hired me as his nanny.
It’s impossible to keep my distance from him.
To ignore the attraction when all I want to do is kiss him.
So, now might be my only chance to be a little stupid.
To fulfill those fantasies.

As long as I don’t lose my heart to him in the process.

Emma Edwards

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