Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 2/11

Tuesday Romance Reads To Devour 2/11
Big, Bad Lawyer
Lana Lachlan
His tastes run on the darker side.

The entire floor of the law library usually belongs only to Ophelia at night. But after a chance encounter there with her best friend’s boyfriend, Jack, she knows she must stay away from him.

Jack is an experienced Dom, and this little spitfire is not usually his type. But when Ophelia steps up to his challenge, he’s more than intrigued. Who knew a trip to the library could result in a tryst that will change their lives?

In the Moment
Lorhainne Eckhart
What happens when you meet a man you can’t take home to meet your parents?
Buy Me, Love
Lauren Milson
Katherine “Kit” Kensington is twenty years old and has never been on a date. As the daughter of a successful and wealthy hotelier, she is overprotected, constantly surrounded by her personal security detail, and doesn’t get to meet many new people.

Her father has an idea. Kit can put herself up for bid at his hotel’s annual Valentine’s Day Charity Auction. That way, she can have her first date at the hotel bar with someone fully vetted, while being under the watchful eye of her guards at the same time. Win-win?

It’s anything but.

Kit’s world is turned upside-down when possessive billionaire Maxwell Armstrong enters the room. He doesn’t just want to buy Kit’s heart – he wants to own it.

So he strides toward her, pulls her against his chest, gives the event organizer a blank check, and tells Kit no other man is allowed to bid on her heart.

Only catch? Mr. Armstrong is looking for more than just a date…

He’s looking for forever.

It’s an over-the-top insta-love V-Day! We’ve got a date auction, a billionaire with a secret, a curvy, sweet young lady, a swanky hotel, an old motel, and cuddling up with your one and only during a slasher flick (the only way to watch slasher flicks).

Enjoy this fun, sweet and steamy little treat.

Each book in the “The One and Only” series is a standalone and the books can be read in any order.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xx, Lauren

By Magic Beguiled
Maggie Shayne
A little boy’s haven…

As a child Adam found respite from his father’s cruelty in the woods around their home. During one of his forest adventures, he crawled through tunnel and emerged into another world, a magical world, where a beautiful fairy child splashes in an enchanted pool.

It was just imagination…

Or so Adam tells himself as an adult. Until he finds a painting of that same crystal-strewn glade, that same glistening pool, the same mysterious girl splashing in its waters.

That painting becomes his most cherished possession.

Brigit thinks she knows who she is…

A fire razed the orphanage where she lived. But a homeless man saved her, and he saved the book that had been left on its doorstep with her.

She and Raze have been family to each other ever since.

Brigit can paint anything she sees precisely, and she uses her gift to get her and Raze off the streets when he gets too old and too sick to survive that way anymore.

The wrong people find out about her ability, though, and Raze is kidnapped. To get him back, Brigit must get close enough to Adam to copy his painting, switch them, and deliver the original to the kidnapper.

But it’s not just a painting…

It’s the key to Brigit’s secret past, her connection to the enchanted land Adam discovered as a boy, and a message from a twin sister she never knew she had pointing the way to her destiny.

Emma Edwards

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