Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 8/23

The Billionaire's Proposition: Complete Collection (BWWM Interracial Romance Bundle Book 5) by [Francis, Rose]The Billionaire’s Proposition – Complete Collection

by Rose Francis



Reg. Price: 4.99

This bundle contains all 3 stories in The Billionaire’s Proposition series:

– The Billionaire’s Assistant: Naomi is having one of those “Murphy’s Law” kind of days—everything that can go wrong is going horribly wrong. A terrible morning ends with a job offer from a mysterious stranger. But what’s the catch?

– Serving the Billionaire: Curvy Cherise never expected the hot new guest in her restaurant to request her as his server. But the mysterious man insists on having her in more ways than one!

– The Tycoon’s Reluctant Bride: Lonely Megan finds her life even emptier when her best friend suddenly passes away. But she wins a much-needed island getaway and encounters a hunk who is convinced she’s destined to be his wife!

Follow the wealthy Davenport cousins as they pursue their love interests and find their way to happy endings!


The Duke's Secret: Regency Romance (Charmed By A Duke #1) by [Florey, Amelia]The Duke’s Secret (Charmed By A Duke #1)

BY Amelia Florey


amazonPhilip Chisholm might marry the wrong woman! The handsome duke is about to marry out of duty, to a woman that suits his status.
Hannah Boland arrives unexpectedly, and tempts the duke’s frivolous side. Yet in holding to propriety, Philip pushes her too far. Will he realize what she means to him, before she leaves for good?

Series Description:
Charmed By A Duke is a series of clean short Regency romances. Each sweet love story is standalone, the tale of a duke and his pursuit of happiness. The stories by Amelia Florey are witty and engaging, with fairy-tale endings you won’t soon forget.








Every year, millions of people wait for love to find them. The glue that holds our loosely strung and sometimes battered souls together, many believe that love will miraculously show up on their doorstep. But destiny isn’t a matter of chance – it’s a matter of choice. As Valentine’s Day approaches, follow the three intertwined love stories of six hopeful souls who will choose their destiny in love and let their hearts fall where they may. Saying, “I love you,” or “be mine,” is never easy. But if you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.


Tiger Lily Part One: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Trilogy by [Duncan, Amélie S.]Tiger Lily: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Trilogy Part One

by Amelie S. Duncan



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With a past like Lily Salomé’s, there’s not much that surprises–or scares her. So when her boss gives her a challenging proposal, she jumps at the opportunity to do the impossible: persuade one sexy and brooding business mogul to sign with their publishing company. Easier said than done. Jonas Crane doesn’t return phones. Forget about securing a meeting. He’s just not interested.

But when a pretty publishing assistant with a true love of intellect and literature approaches him, Jonas doesn’t seem quite so resistant. As the two begin a blossoming companionship, obstacles arise, challenging everything they’ve worked for. Is the smart, mouthwatering billionaire just too out of Lily’s league?

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