Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 6/7

Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 6/7


23 1/2 Hours to Live

by Angela Kulig



Reg. Price
: 2.99

Forced out of college Freshman year and into a dead end job, Kaylee doesn’t become angry and bitter; instead she does her best to not even exist.

Here’s a quick list of what Kaylee Hall expects from life:

1. Nothing
2. Nothing else

She doesn’t date.
She doesn’t make friends.
She doesn’t feel anything.

So when the guy who ruined Kaylee’s life in every way shows up and tries to casually rewrite her life story, she consults her list and doesn’t know what to think.

Jack Claret has been called many things.

1. Hot
2. Really Hot
3. Prude
4. Manwhore
5. International Bestselling Author
6. Ruiner of virgin fangirls everywhere
7. Totally insane.

One thing Jack hasn’t been called, is punctual. So when he shows up to win Kaylee back, he finds it’s roughly a year too late. Relying on his powers of make-believe, and superior command of the English language, Jack seeks to undo the damage between them—even as Kaylee’s whole world falls apart.



by AshlEy Black



Reg. Price: $2.99

“You TEASED me Elena, let me THRILL you,” Thorn invited my ass.

HOT, darkly erotic suspense full of sexy death metal rock star mayhem

“I’m afraid of you Elena,” Thorn’s gaze fell from mine. “I’m afraid of what they will make me do.”
The mask was a frustrating barrier between us.
I reached up. 
He stayed my hand, dark green eyes lifting to my mouth. “Please,” his voice cracked. “Don’t touch me.”
“Who are they Thorn?” I pressed, frustrated. Who was he running from? Was this all in my dark demonic rock star’s troubled mind?
 He bowed, lowering his masked head, and pressed it to my chest.
The sudden coldness of it between my breasts was shocking. I bet he could FEEL my heart trying to punch him through that mask of his as it went verily berserk.
This man broke my sanity. I had nothing left. I wanted to understand. All he gifted was mayhem.
“I must lick your heart,” he said eventually. Because THAT made sense.
I heard the playfulness in his tone, and in place of the cold unyielding rubber of the mask, his lips. He had rolled up the lower part of the mask to reveal that deadly and delicious mouth of his.
“You really are a broken toy,” I sighed.
“Yes,” he agreed. “Don’t ever forget it.”

Elena teased bad ass death metal rocker Thornton Darko (also powerful warlock), and broke him.

He has fallen in love with her, and she, at least, she thinks, with him. Everything inside of her is telling her he is a dangerous and rather insane, mistake.

Things turn ugly for Elena, and Thorn. Some of his loyal army of fans, turning against her and their so-called messiah. Thorn takes her away to Mexico, and they embark upon a blistering, hot, disturbing, and dark romance together. He affectionately calls it ‘project THRILL’, and Elena could not be more thrilled, and terrified. An intoxicating and killer combination.

When Elena’s gorgeous artist (and former special operations solider in Afghanistan) fiancé Brett thought dead, and is instead confirmed ‘missing’, the status gives Elena hope.

But there is not much hope that he will ever be found, much like Thornton’s mysterious missing wife. A former witch, who the man himself jokes, attempted to ‘vanquish him’.

Then Brett shows up.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Because Thornton will not let Elena go. Anyone who gets in the way of his possession of her tends to get fucked up.
THRILL ME is one blistering hot ride of mayhem you don’t want to miss!



Vampire Career

by Phoebe Matthews




Reg. Price: $2.99

Vampire Career: A new vampire, a gnawing hunger, and a friendly guy equals disaster just a heartbeat away. Newly turned vampire Georgia can deal with the “dead all day” part, but the rest of her new lifestyle desperately needs a training manual.

Review for Vampire Career by S. T. Hailstock
VAMPIRE CAREER is book one in Phoebe Matthews’s Turning Vampire series. Read it…read it…read it. If you’re a fan of vampire books, or if you’re not a fan, or if you’re up to your eyes in vampire stories, this one is worth the time.



by Ashley Black



‘If you don’t stop teasing me Elena, I will have to rip your skin off with my teeth.’
I laughed, and messaged him back. ‘Do you mind me saying that I love your mouth? I love it!!! Nothing hurts my mind or fires it up and delights it MORE. I respect your mouth Thorn.

He responded quickly, ‘I plan to let you use my mouth. I mean this. I don’t know where Ashby is, but I will find it, and YOU. I want you to do with my mouth as you please.’

Elena Wallis is a tease. An outrageous flirt. Playful, charming, and an epic breaker of hearts.

Sometimes a good tease can get someone hurt.

Sometimes very hurt.

Even killed.

Elena is getting her lady balls busted by her publisher to write the final book in an erotic vampire biker series. But she is painfully inert.

Creativity finds her repellent; her muse has kicked her ass to the curb.

Surfing Facebook one night, she connects with one of her favorite rock stars. Far from a mad groupie, Elena is an admirer of fine things, and bad ass death metal rocker Thornton Darko, or Thorn from Cellrager, is incredibly FINE, a little insane, and a rumored Satanist, but that is all cool with Elena; she’s bored, and her interactions with Thorn have fired up her creativity again.

Quite simply, he blows her mind and knocks her senseless. Elena is having so much fun, she is smashing out that book now with the on-tap inspiration that is Thorn.

She meets him in the delicious flesh, and is quickly addicted to his brand of mayhem after a blistering hot night.

But she can’t lose her head or her heart here, for her heart is another’s – her gorgeous artist fiancé’s Brett Argosy.

She resolves to ensure the boundaries are clear about communications between Thorn and her, moving forward.

But the impossible has happened. Thorn seeks something more with Elena.

He has fallen in love.

He is very serious. And when Thorn wants something this badly, things tend to get fucked up. He will not be denied.

When Brett’s life is threatened, Elena starts seeing the devastating result of what at first had seen as just a harmless tease.

Thorn’s pursuit turns deadly as he becomes more and more obsessed with securing Elena, until she fears for her life and her gorgeous fiancé’s.

What do you do when a powerful rock star will do almost anything to possess you?

Even kill?

That is some scary shit Elena is not going to be able to tease herself out of.

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