Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/15

Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/15


Dark Of The Moon

by Karen Robards


amazon“I’m not a child, Connor!” Caitlyn snapped, exasperated. “I want you to kiss me. Now. Please.”
For a moment longer, he resisted her gentle assault. Then he kissed her fiercely, as if starving for the taste of her mouth. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she clung to him as the only solid thing in a whirling universe.
“Don’t stop,” she whispered when he pulled his mouth away.
“Even if I wanted to, I could not,” he confessed. Then he was kissing her again, with increasing hunger, as his arms slid around her and he fumbled for the buttons at the back of her dress….

Disguised as a lad, Irish street waif Caitlyn O’Malley makes what could have been a deadly mistake when she tries to rob a tall, black-haired, dazzlingly handsome aristocrat on a cobbled Dublin street. Connor d’Arcy, Earl of Iveagh, is far from the English fop he appears, as Caitlyn soon discovers. Taken under Connor’s protection, conveyed to his family home in the shadows of Donoughmore Castle, Caitlyn grows up into a beautiful lady—and in the process finds herself falling madly in love with her enigmatic guardian.

Funny, heartwarming and passionate, this sweeping tale of adventure and romance by the New York Times, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author races from an Ireland seething with rebellion to the glittering heights of London society as Ireland’s boldest highwayman fights for his country—and to keep from falling under the spell of his own ward.






I swore never again, but now that I have Susan, I can’t let her go…
I had it all, and I threw it all away.
Bikes, tats, a body to die for, and girls lined up by my bed.
I lived for the road, the parties, and the adrenaline rush.
Until I f***ed up and fell in love.
And when they lowered that coffin in the ground, I swore never again.

Once was enough.

Then along came Susan.
Smart, sassy, with lips begging to be kissed.
She thinks I’m just another dumb biker.
An organ donors on wheels.
She has no idea who she’s messing with.

She’s too prim, too proper, too good

…All the more reason I want to make her bad.

To keep her in my home.
To keep her in my bed.
To make her mine and NEVER let go.


Unwrapping Her Perfect Match

by Kat Latham


amazon’Twas a week before Christmas, and at the auction house…

At six foot one, Gwen Chambers has felt like a giant her whole life. She’s a calm, capable nurse saving lives in a busy London hospital, but healthy men give her heart palpitations. When larger-than-life rugby player “Little” John Sheldon convinces her to bid on him in his team’s fundraising auction, she discovers how pleasurable heart palpitations can be.

A rugby player was stirring, with desire no one could douse…

John has wanted Gwen since he first saw her, but when he’s injured in a match just before Christmas he suddenly needs her too. Not only can the sexy nurse help him recover, but she might be able to help him look after his daughter—a shy ten-year-old who speaks only French.

But will it be a Happy Christmas for all, and for all a good night?

From decorating the Christmas tree to ice skating at the Tower of London, Gwen helps father and daughter open up and bond with each other—and she bonds right along with them. But when John’s agent calls with a life-changing offer, Gwen has to decide how far she’s willing to go for her perfect match. Will their first Noël also be their last?


Begin Again

by Kathryn Shay



Welcome to The Ludzecky Sisters, a contemporary romance series from NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathryn Shay. Follow these six beautiful blond sisters as they try to make their way in the world after a tragedy strikes the family. Each book has a cameo appearance by one of the sexy heroes from Shay’s beloved O’Neil series.

BEGIN AGAIN tells the story of Paulina Ludzecky who, since her husband died three years ago, runs a contracting business with her twin, Antonia. She’s ready to dip her toes in romance, when she meets Adam Armstrong, the architect on the new music hall her company is building.

For Adam, opposites attract and he’s drawn to this no-nonsense, down-to-earth girl next door. She’s equally interested in him though he’s too different from her to settle down with. But alpha male Adam has other plans for Paulina and isn’t about to let her go, even when Paulina has trouble with committing to him. Sex, yes! Love, no! This second chance at love story will tug on your heartstrings.

Emma Edwards

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