Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/13

Tuesday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/13

Strong Reflection: Book 2 of the Dark Series Trilogy by [Mckoy, Cate]Strong Reflection: Book 2 of The Dark Series Trilogy

by Cate Mckoy



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HANG ON! Words to describe their road trip, relationship and love!

Healing from her injuries after helping to take down the Newburgh Slasher, FBI Agent Ashley “Mack” Mackenzie decides to vacation with her former partner and friend, Catlyn Lyte before participating as her Maid of honor in Catlyn’s wedding. She needed to get her mind off her nightmares of the night her family was slain in a violent home invasion and the hot sexy dreams of her boss Director Kyle Strong. Fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. That is until Kyle decides to accept Catlyn’s fiancé, Jack Gard’s invitation to also vacation with them. How can she forget her inappropriate dreams about her sexy boss if he was underfoot? And she could do without his habitual reprimands while on vacation.

Kyle didn’t understand his agent’s constant failure to follow his orders or policies and her reckless acts to get the job done, catching killers, rapists and the like. Nor did he understand his intense attraction and emotions regarding his agent.


The Gift Boxed Set (Books 1, 2 & 3): The Billionaire's Love Story by [Zante, Lily]The Gift, Boxed Set
(Books 1, 2 & 3)

by Lily Zante



Reg. Price: 2.99

Billionaire businessman Tobias Stone, struggles to come to terms with his past. He uses his wealth to insulate him from the real world where everything can be bought. Even sex.

Savannah Page, a debt-ridden single mom, has come to New York with her young son, Jacob, to make a fresh start. Struggling to make ends meet, she is determined to make a good life for both of them.

What happens when the billionaire with too much money, meets the single mom with too much heart?



Shine (Wild Love Book 1) by [Jameson, Red L.]Shine (Book 1 of the Wild Love Series)

BY Red L. Jameson



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The fireman is hot—able to burn me. But still, I crave the singe.
The professor is cold—brooding with intrigue, making me yearn for more.
The police officer easily unlocks my laugh—something I thought was caged for life.

Two years ago, before my cheating husband died, he promised he’d right his wrongs–and there were so many wrongs. On his deathbed, he swore he’d send a slew of men to worship me and treat me like a goddess.

I don’t know how, but my husband kept that one promise. Unbelievably, I get to choose between three men—one’s perhaps too hot, another too cold, while the other might be just right. And faintly, I can hear my husband chuckling and whispering that I don’t have to choose.

Maybe—just maybe, they could all be mine…


My Mr. LondonRomance: My Mr. London (New Adult Contemporary Romance) (My Mr. Romance Book 3) by [Cartwright, C.C.]

BY C.C. Cartwright



I spot her front and center from my vantage point up on stage.

It’s love at first sight, or lust.

Hell, what do I know about love.

I’ve been jaded by the countless women who come in and out of my life.

You see, I’m the lead singer for Belgravia Underground and we’re London’s latest hot band.

All I know is I want this girl.


I’m a good American girl just looking for an adventure.

I find myself living and working in the bustling city of London on a six month job assignment.

Tonight my coworkers insisted on dragging me out to the hottest club in town.

What I didn’t expect was to be completely mesmerized by the sinfully sexy British bad boy package up on stage.

He notices me and it sends a thrill to my girl parts.

All he can be is trouble.

But maybe that’s just what I’m looking for, a little British Bad Boy trouble.

Don’t miss this hot, sweet and romantic read!

Emma Edwards

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