Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 4/29

Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 4/29
Talk Wordy to Me
Frankie Love
When my date comes to my door, I am oh-so-glad I said yes.
Chuck McArthur is a tall, dark, and handsome man who happens to love books as much as I do. He calls me Cookie and I’m more than eager for him to have a taste. Luckily for me, he likes a woman with some curves, and lucky for him, his dirty talk is quickly becoming my favorite sound.
Broken Hearts
M. O’Keefe
His name thrums through me like a heartbeat.
I climbed out of the smoldering crater of my life only to find myself back in the middle of a slow-motion trainwreck. I’m hunted, torn between my past and present, ripped apart by two warring families. My husband is dead, and his killer is the only man who’s ever felt the deep well of emotion I keep hidden from the world.
Vicious and scarred—his rough touch is seared into my skin, but his soft caresses are what break down my walls bit by bit. Until there’s only me left. My soul in his bloody hands, and my broken heart beating just for him. Only him.
My shadowy protector, my phantom lover—kiss me or kill me, I don’t care. As long as you’re the one who does it.
Ashes and Wine
Patricia Hoving
It’s Lilah’s birthday, but why does it feel like her sister’s the star of this party. She’s gotten used to being second-rate to her more outgoing sister, Southern. But when Southern winds up dead, no one was more puzzled than Lilah over who had the motive to kill her.

Wyatt’s been a police officer for a year, and he’s already ripe for a promotion. There is so much that he could be doing with his talent, especially after being stuck with a lazy partner.

But be careful what you wish for when he finds himself called to the scene of a murder. The killer is on the hunt for some evidence tied with the mob, and they think Lilah has it. But Wyatt’s ability to protect Lilah is threatened when love gets involved.

Will he be able to keep her safe? Or will his feelings for her interfere with his ability to do his job?

Love & Ruin
J.A. Owenby
A hidden beauty. A soulful singer. Does he have the right tune to open her heart?

Gemma can’t seem to escape the constant reminders of her brutal past. But when her secret college application succeeds, she jumps at the chance to start a new life away from her damaged daily existence. And though singing with a sexy stranger stirs her soul, she suspects his intentions aren’t pure.

Indie band frontman Hendrix is plagued by guilt over his family’s heartbreaking history. But when he meets the shy new girl on campus, he finds a path to forgiveness. And as he slowly falls for her quiet courage, he vows to keep her safe.

But Gemma is still in danger, and a rising threat looms to shatter the fragile healing she’s found with the aspiring musician. And with Hendrix desperate not to be responsible for another deadly tragedy, he’s terrified they’ll be torn apart.

Will their destiny collapse under pressure, or will they find strength in a selfless love?

A Werewolf A Vampire and A Fae Walk into a Bar
Karpov Kinrade
I lived a pretty ordinary life—a kid raised in my family’s bar who went off to college to escape the small-town life. But when my grandfather died and I returned to take over the family business, I discovered a much more extraordinary world waiting for me.

Vampires, werewolves and fae are real.

And they want my baby.

My daughter is meant to fulfill some crazy prophecy related to the end of all magical creatures, but I’m having none of that. Now, since I can’t get rid of them, the three Sexies who walked into my bar that fateful, stormy night, work for me.

They can change diapers and serve drinks while I get a handle on not only being a new single mom, but also the center of a race war between creatures I previously believed were myths.

I didn’t expect any of this. Not the Sexies. Not the single motherhood. And certainly not the chemistry I feel with each of them.

But we don’t have time for raging postpartum hormones. Because they aren’t the only ones after my child, and keeping her safe is proving a more dangerous job than the What to Expect Books ever prepared me for.

Emma Edwards

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