Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 3/5

Thursday Romance Reads To Devour 3/5
Whispered Wishes
Sue Lilley
They’re living the dream. But dreams aren’t real life. And secrets can’t be hidden forever…

Lucas and Nathan are sworn enemies. When Olivia gets trapped between them, old hurts run deep and trust is not on the agenda. Then Nathan’s worst nightmare comes true. His beloved daughter is missing.

With tragedy snapping at their heels, they’ll have to work together to find her. But how can they bury their toxic past before it’s too late? Get right to the heart of this sizzling love triangle. An intriguing tale of bad choices and second chances.

His Curvy Chef
Ember Flint
A Billionaire Alpha Older Man & Curvy Girl HEA Romance

You spend all your life dreaming of that one true love and then you find it and you can’t have it. How fair is that?

38-year-old billionaire Xavier Ballantine, ‘X’ for his friends, has dedicated his entire existence to duty: duty to his family’s business, to his dear ones, to an ex-wife he married just to do the right thing and then to his two beloved motherless twin daughters, his sole responsibility since their birth and also his only joy in a dull life that used to have no space for smiles.
And then there she was and suddenly he wanted things. Wanted her.
Soft and beautiful inside and out, the light to eclipse all others, his one true love, she was his from the first moment he spotted her over a year ago, but they don’t belong together.
She’s too young for him, too full of life, too joyful and he has an emotional baggage not even his private jet’s hold could carry.
He could never have her. Or could he?

24-year-old Cleo Morris hasn’t had it easy, but nothing has ever been able to snuff out her light; she just needed a kitchen and time to create and she could forget about anything and everything that ever hurt her, until she met the one person she couldn’t look away from, the one man that now is never far from her heart and mind: her first and only true love.
Serious, no-nonsense and take-charge in all aspects of his life, X is a CEO in and out of his office and looks after everyone he feels responsible for, including her .
She feels safe with him, protected.
Under his gaze, the pain of the loss of her dear yaya and the years of scorn and undermining she had to endure because of her curvy physique and her desire to be a chef just disappear.
There’s only one teensy tiny problem: he is her boss and they don’t belong together.
X is older than her, he’s refined and classy and they don’t share much, aside from their love of food and their partly Greek background.
She could never have him. Or could she?

Leap day is fast approaching and someone is about to jump straight into love, with both feet and without looking.

Dear Reader:

This steamy will-they-won’t-they Leap year novella is short, filthy-sweet and, as usual, it’s a SAFE read with NO cheating.
Come on in, pull up a chair and sit down to enjoy a slice of this piping hot dish that features a madly in love possessive alpha and the voluptuous heroine of his dirtiest dreams as they leap into their happily-ever-after when a passion that’s been simmering for fourteen months is finally let loose.

A Kiss in the Shadows (Lost Coast Harbor #2)
Eve Kincaid
A man she shouldn’t trust…
Lost Coast Harbor newcomer Will Patton is determined to rebuild the legal career that his stubbornness nearly destroyed. To do that, he’ll use his position in the district attorney’s office to expose the town’s dirty police chief—but Will never counted on being so drawn to the chief’s irresistible daughter.

A woman he shouldn’t want…
Nurse Erin Grady is on a personal mission to bring a desperately needed mental health clinic to Lost Coast Harbor. To achieve her dream, Erin will even accept money from the police chief—who happens to be her estranged father. She’s willing to overlook where the money comes from, until a determined and very sexy prosecutor literally crashes into her life.

A town full of corruption…
The darkness in Lost Coast Harbor runs deep and wide—and exposing the truth will require Erin and Will to reveal their hearts…no matter the risk.

Emma Edwards

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