Thursday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 7/7

Reign: A Royal Military Romance

by Roxie Noir



Reg. Price: $2.99

Some fairy tales start after midnight.

The crown prince and I have nothing in common.

He’s a rugged, battle-hardened soldier who spent four years in the Royal Guard, an elite military unit. I met the King and Queen for the first time wearing leggings and a sweatshirt.

He’s the serious, quiet, straight-laced heir to the throne, and I accidentally got drunk at a formal dinner.

But there’s the way he looks at me, eyes blazing with hunger. Like he knows every dirty thought I’ve had about him – and he likes them. There’s the way my pulse skyrockets every time his hand brushes mine.

I’m the ambassador’s daughter. I know better than to mess around with a foreign head of state.

But I don’t know how long I can resist.

Not all princes are charming.

I spent years in the Royal Guard, our most elite military unit, fighting like hell so I could rule one day – not so I could give my father an heir with some well-bred rich girl.

I have a f*cking country to run. My love life can take a back seat. It’s not like I’ve ever met a girl I had to have.

Until her. The ambassador’s daughter. She’s so… American. Lowborn, brash, wildly unsuitable… and gorgeous.

I’m disciplined, tough as hell, and I don’t f*ck around. But I can’t stop thinking about the way she laughs, about how she might taste. My father’s threatening to strip me of my title if I touch her, but she makes me want to break every one of my own rules.

F*ck titles. F*ck rules. F*ck my father’s threats. I want her. I need her.

She’s mine.

Reign is a 90,000 word, 350-page, full-length novel with some seriously explicit scenes and a happily-ever-after ending.

This ebook edition ALSO includes the complete North Star Shifters.


Letting Him In

by Izzy Sweet



Reg. Price: 2.99

His money can buy him anything he wants–and he wants me.

I’m nothing.
A no one.
Just a desperate girl with two teenage mouths to feed.
Hitting rock bottom, I found myself in a sleazy strip club, about to strip my clothes off for rent money.

But Colt Jackson saved me.

He’s rich and famous.
Athletic and handsome.
A former college football player, he’s now a star sports agent–raking in some serious money.
All the guys want to be like him. All the girls want to be with him.

So what the hell does he want with me?

His touches are breaking down my defenses. His kisses are melting my resistance.

I’ve had to be strong for so long…

With him can I finally be weak?



Audible: A Bad Boy Football Secret Baby Romance

by Aimee Alesi



I’m married to the job and I like it that way… Until I meet him
I really don’t have time to date with how attached I am to my career. I especially have to stay away from Brian, no matter what. Yes, he may be the sexiest man I’ve ever met but being with him will literally ruin my career. I’m not allowed to date football players as a sports journalist.

Which begs the question: if I can’t date him, what the hell am I going to do about the fact that I’m carrying his unborn baby?

I have the money, the fame, and I’m a killer fucking Quarterback. So what’s missing?
Ever since becoming famous, every damn girl I meet somehow seems fake as fuck. I admit, I’ve done my fair share of sleeping around but I’ve never found a connection with any of them.

Then I meet her. Here in LA, all you see is the same plastic faces and phony personalities. But this one seems different. Everything about her screams unique and for the first time, I’m really falling. She may be wary of me at first but if it’s the last thing I do, I will win her over.

This standalone novel with HEA ending is temporarily on sales for .99 and comes with free bonus book!


Weekend Surrender

by Lori King




After another painful betrayal and break up, Rachael Morgan sets out to prove to herself that she can handle a good time with a man and walk away sexually satisfied and with her heart intact. She could have never imagined that she would be agreeing to the proposition of a lifetime. Every woman in Stone River, Texas would jump at this chance, but she’s afraid she’ll leave pieces of her heart behind.

Raised on their family ranch the four Brooks brothers have always shared everything. Even women. When they find themselves face to face with the one person who could complete them all, they set out on a journey to claim her for their own.

Fate can place them all in the right place at the right time, but will Rachel be able to overcome her relationship scars, or is she destined to live her life alone believing that no man ever stays?

Surrender Series
Weekend Surrender
Flawless Surrender
Primal Surrender
Broken Surrender

Emma Edwards

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