Thursday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/1

Thursday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 12/1

Romancing the Holidays: 7 Enchanting Christmas Reads by [Cazzola, Jolene, Dannon, Joanne, Hammond, Mel, Marks, Cherie, Myers, Heather C., Nolan, Kait, Pedersen, Tracey]Romancing the Holidays: 7 Enchanting Christmas Reads



Reg. Price: 2.99

Grab your hot chocolate, curl up by the fire, and give yourself the gift of love with these seven Christmas romances that are sure to fill your heart with holiday spirit. With varying heat levels and handsome heroes, there’s sure to be something here to make your heart sing.

Serendipity – A Christmas Fairy Tale – Jolene Cazzola
A Magical Christmas in Jerusalem – Joanne Dannon
Home for Christmas – Mel Hammond
Lost In Christmas – Cherie Marks
Hollywood Snowfall – Heather C. Myers
Dance Me a Dream – Kait Nolan
All About Us – Tracey Pedersen


Wait for Me by [Persaud, Diana]Wait for Me

by Diana Persaud



Reg. Price: 3.99

He’s never met a woman who could resist his charms…

Tom has an ambitious goal-to buy an auto body shop and become his own boss. Out to prove himself, Tom is committed to becoming a successful business owner. He has no interest in love, marriage, and least of all, babies.

…until now.

Anjali Singh wants it all. White picket fence. Two point five children. Even a dog. Unfortunately, it seems that every man she meets is afraid of commitment. Tired of waiting for ‘Mr. Right’, she decides to have a baby on her own. When she moves into her new home, she discovers her sexy new neighbor is definitely interested in ‘playing house’.

When he learns that Anjali has plans to start a family that doesn’t include him, Tom decides to show her exactly what she’s giving up. But when one disaster after another plagues his business, will he still be able to convince her he’s worth the wait?


This is a standalone Contemporary Romance intended for readers 18+.



Smut by [Black, Nona, Johnson, Shakuita, Kelley, Stephanie, Gabrielle, Nina]Smut

by Nona Black, Shakuita Johnson, Stephanie Kelley & Nina Gabrielle



6 stories, 4 authors, a lot of steam.

Enjoy a collection of steamy stories with Venefica Publishing’s first anthology… Smut






Crazy in the Heart (Calpernica Book 1) by [Gordon, Kimberly]Crazy in the Heart

by Kimberly Gordon



A guy, a girl, a house and a whole lot of trouble..
Brett Jacobson is a cursed man. He’s spent years trying to outrun his past, only to find himself stranded in a sleepy Midwest town that’s crazier than he is. Then there’s the beautiful, fiery woman who needs his help as much as she needs his love. That is, if his bad luck doesn’t rub off on her first…

A cop, a convict and a carpenter…
Erica Waters has a man problem. Times three. Plus the little one she’s trying to raise by herself with the help of her quirky sisters in a ramshackle farmhouse. Home repairs, ex-boyfriends and acts of God only seem to drive her closer to the handy, heavenly stranger she inadvertently plucked off the side of the road in a moment of weakness…

Inspired by the Book of Job and written in the zany tradition of Raising Arizona and O Brother Where Art Thou, Crazy in the Heart is a romantic comedy about broken people, broken churches, restoration and forgiveness, set in the fictional rural town of Calpernica, Illinois.

Emma Edwards

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