Thursday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 10/20

Impermanent by [Jacobs, Jessa]Impermanent

by Jessa Jacobs



Reg. Price: $4.99

A young woman with an embarrassing secret runs away from the only family she’s ever known because she sees her own picture on a milk carton…
A young man makes his fortune in real estate after running from his family and a terrible secret of his own…
A chance meeting in the desert.
Will they be able to save each other, or will their secrets destroy their chance for love?


Demonspell: Curse of the Everlasting Relatives (Sunspinners 1) by [Matthews, Phoebe]Demonspell:  Curse of the Everlasting Relatives

by Phoebe Matthews



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Reg. Price: 2.99

Demonspell, or Curse of the Everlasting Relatives. is the first novel in the Sunspinners series.
Along with a big house and income, Elaine inherits five immortal relatives who need constant attention. Try keeping a husband with that set of in-laws. Yes, she has tried. Twice. And failed. Now, just when she meets a new guy, a band of demons demands that Elaine and her family leave Seattle immediately, alive or dead.
From the author of the award-winning fantasy Mudflat series, here is another series set in contemporary Seattle, across town. Matthews has been published by Avon, Dell, Holt, Putnam and Silhouette.



Thief of Hearts (The Pruxnae Book 1) by [Varna, Lucy]Thief of Hearts

by Lucy Varna



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On the eve of her appointment to the ranks of the elite Queen’s Guard, Alna Lomig bumps into Gared ab Einif. Her wariness of the handsome Pruxnæ melts under his roguish charm, softening her resistance to his gentle courtship. When he sneaks into her room in the House of Jakuv, she offers one night of shelter and nothing more, certainly not the kiss he’s come to claim.

Gared has more than a single kiss on his mind. He’s searching for the one woman who can give him his most secret desire. To get it, he’s not above kidnapping a beautiful Lady Warrior and hiding her away in her home planet’s dense jungle.

The jungle holds more than refuge. Within its verdant foliage lurks a danger even a wily Pruxnæ isn’t prepared for, forcing Alna and Gared to face the truth lying within their hearts before the jungle destroys them both.






All Tasha Pike has wanted for the past twenty years is to rent Sand Dollar Point for a summer. The grand Victorian on the beach of Summerbury, Maine was the object of her childhood fantasy and her standard of romance—and it was finally happening. Her dream summer is ruined, however, when she arrives in Summerbury to find that Hollywood superstar Spencer Ellis has muscled his way into the house instead. His offer that they share Sand Dollar Point is not only infuriating—it’s insulting.

He’s a celebrity, and one she’s determined to hate.

Spencer’s summer in Maine was supposed to help him get his head screwed on straight. One look at Tasha, however, made that impossible. She’s beautiful. She’s angry. She doesn’t care who he is. She doesn’t care about his fame. In fact, she doesn’t even like him.

She’s irresistible.

He’s only got the summer. She’s only got her heart. They’ve only got each other.


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