Enter to Win 2 Paperbacks from Author Roxy Harte

Enter to Win 2 Paperbacks  from Author Roxy Harte


Unholy Promises


Roxy Harte

Of his many secrets, the most dangerous might just be an old lover.

Lord Fyre’s life is so secretive even his lovers, Garrett and Kitten, know him only by the alias Thomás Stephanopoulos. An international résumé as a dark operative led to him being a wanted man in many countries – dead or alive. When his past catches up with him, the anonymity he’s found at Lewd Larry’s BDSM Fetish Fantasy Night Club may no longer keep him safe.

Learning his twin brother is in grave danger, Thomás must return to Paris to save him despite the dangers to himself. But the cat and mouse intrigue he left behind isn’t his only challenge. A past lover known for her penchant for poisons may be the greatest danger he’s ever faced after she discovers his death was staged and she has been mourning a man very much alive. Vowing revenge, she sets her sights on those he loves.


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Allow us to introduce you to

Roxy Harte

Roxy Harte, is a multi-published contemporary romance and suspense author exploring the emotional and psychological elements of relationships involving BDSM, bondage, sadist, masochist, dominance, and submission; DDLG, age-play relationships; LGBTQIA relationships; and also relationships in which one of the main characters suffer from a chronic illness or disability. She’s married to R, the most wonderful guy she’s ever met, has three adult children, many grandchildren, and is devoted to her rescues, Jazzi, her fur pup,and five kitties, Karma, Dharma, Tilak, Sadie, and Roo.



Meet Roxy Harte on a more personal level! 

1. How long have you been writing romance?

Officially since 1996 but I’ve been a storyteller much longer.

2. What was your motivation to begin writing?

Respite, time for me. I was homeschooling 3 children, caring for both of my disabled parents, and running a martial arts school. I set an alarm and wrote from 3am to 5am for several years.

3. What romance genre do you write?

BDSM Romance, Gay Romance, DDLG/Age Play Romance

4. What heat factor do you write? How many chili peppers on a scale from 1 being mild to 5 being scorching hot.


5. How many books have you written so far?

36, 26 are currently available at Amazon, the rest are out of print and I am working on updating them for rerelease

6. Have you written any series, and if so, how many?

The Chronicles of Surrender (6), The Van Zant Siblings (9), Mistress Minerva’s Dommes (2) Little Bedtime Stories (age play) (4), Billionaires and Bad Boys Scandal (2), 

7. Who is your favorite fictional character, and why? 

The Chronicles of Surrender’s Celia Brentwood, aka Cécilia aka Kitten, aka Sophia Jane Marie Alexander … her character arc from the beginning of the series to end is so big, going from mousy scared of her own shadow journalist with a lot of deep-seated religious issues after being raised by a single parent and  pastor to being purchased at auction as a BDSM slave for 30 days to really embracing her sensual submissive kitty-play persona Kitten, entering a ménage with Lord Ice and Lord Fyre, wanting never be a wife or mother and then totally stepping up and becoming a super bad ass mom, saving herself and others. Yeah, Kitten is definitely my favorite!

8. Have you ever role-played the scene to make sure it works?

Yes, definitely

9. Tell us about your new release. How did you come up with the title? 

The Chronicles of Surrender, Unholy Promises is the third book in a series that was originally slated to be a two book series (Sacred Secrets and Sacred Revelations) but I just couldn’t let the world I’d created go, and especially the dominant and sadist Lord Fyre, also known as Thomás Stephanopoulos, also known as Luka Papakirk, an international black ops operative wanted in a few dozen countries and currently hiding out in a BDSM Club in San Francisco… his character was just so big and so incredibly scary sexy…

As a play on opposites and also because he’s made so many promise to so many women and he keeps breaking them… and because the promise are so layered in false identities … Unholy Promises worked, but the crux was the character Celia Brentwood’s first impression of him:

(Quote begin) 

A ghost hand flies into the pantry and jerks the phone from my hand so fast my head spins. Then the hand pulls me from my hole and shoves me into a wall. Can’t breathe. Oh shit. Lord Fyre, though in my mind, Satan, Lucifer, the most Unholy One himself. His voice is as dark as midnight and sweet as sin, “We haven’t been properly introduced. Kitten, isn’t it?”

10. What genre/troupe does this book fall under?

BDSM Club Romance/Action-Suspense 

11. What heat factor is it?


12. What came first, the plot or characters?


13. Who are the main characters? 

Celia Brentwood/Kitten 

Garrett Lawrence/Master/Lord Ice 

Thomás Stephanopoulos /Lord Fyre

14. Give us a plot point that isn’t in your synopsis. No spoilers please. 

Lord Fyre’s wife, Latifa, is depicted as an unsympathetic character because she’s a woman who leaves her husband and takes her children back to Africa. It seems selfish and cruel since he cannot enter the country she’s in for being wanted there dead or alive…

However, her greater story is heroic.


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