20 Office Romance Manga – Paperwork and Passion

In the vast landscape of manga genres, one theme stands out as a captivating portrayal of the complexities of relationships – office romance. As we navigate through the pages of these manga, we are transported into the world of bustling workplaces, where professional deadlines intertwine with the delicate threads of love and desire. Join us on a journey through the corridors of corporate life as we delve into the unique and often heartwarming stories that unfold within the pages of office romance manga.

From subtle glances across the office to clandestine rendezvous in the breakroom, these stories not only explore the challenges of balancing work and personal life but also shed light on the universal nature of love, blooming amidst the fluorescent lights and computer screens. So, grab your virtual ID card as we step into the enchanting realm of office romance manga, where passion and professionalism collide in the most unexpected ways.

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Office Romance Manga List

As we embark on our exploration of office romance manga, it’s time to unveil a curated list that will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of budding workplace love to the lows of navigating the intricacies of professional relationships. In this section, we’ve meticulously compiled a collection of must-read office romance manga that beautifully captures the essence of love in a corporate setting.

Whether you’re a seasoned manga enthusiast or a newcomer eager to delve into the genre, these titles promise to deliver a delightful blend of romance, humor, and the unmistakable charm of office dynamics. Join us as we unravel tales of flirtatious encounters, secret glances, and unexpected connections, all set against the backdrop of the workplace. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the world of love at the water cooler, where each manga is a chapter in the collective narrative of romance amidst the daily grind.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – Fujita

Office Romance Manga

Narumi Momose, scarred by past relationships due to her otaku interests, tries to keep her fandom a secret at her new job. However, her childhood friend and coworker Hirotaka Nifuji, also an otaku, discovers her secret. Instead of exposing her, he suggests they date to avoid workplace complications. This office romance manga is compelling because it explores the challenges of love in a professional setting while incorporating humor and the shared passion of the main characters for otaku culture.

After the Rain – Jun Mayuzuki

Office Romance Manga

Akira Tachibana is a 17-year-old high school junior, grapples with expressing her emotions. Working at a family restaurant, she quietly develops feelings for the 45-year-old manager, Masami Kondo. The story delicately explores a tender romance between Akira, navigating the challenges of adolescence, and Kondo, at a pivotal moment in his life. This manga captivates readers with its nuanced depiction of an unconventional love story, touching upon age differences and the complexities of personal growth.

The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl – Miyuki Tonogaya

Office Romance Manga

Himuro, an ordinary office worker with a secret as the descendant of a snow spirit, is smitten with his coworker Fuyutsuki. Despite their outward calmness, Himuro’s love for Fuyutsuki is as intense as a blizzard. The catch? Fuyutsuki is completely oblivious to his feelings. Follow the heartwarming and humorous journey of a snowman in love trying to melt the ice around his coworker’s heart. With a mix of humor, introspection, and subtle romance, The Ice Guy and the Cool Girl offers a captivating tale of transformation and genuine connection within the office environment.

Sweat and Soap – Kintetsu Yamada

Office Romance Manga

Asako, a woman with a unique issue of copious sweating, crosses paths with Koutarou, a perfume developer intrigued by her distinctive scent. Asako works at Lilia Drop, a toiletry maker, secretly relying on their soap to combat her body odor. When the company’s lead product developer expresses interest in her scent, a comedic and unexpected romance unfolds. With a blend of humor, romance, and moments of vulnerability, Sweat and Soap provides readers with a quirky and heartwarming narrative that challenges traditional notions of attraction and connection in the office.

Still Sick – Akashi

Office Romance Manga

Meet Makoto Shimizu, your typical office worker seamlessly navigating the corporate world. However, her ordinary facade crumbles when coworker Akane Maekawa stumbles upon Makoto’s well-kept secret: she spends her free time drawing and selling girls’ love comics! Akane, not someone Makoto would peg as a fellow enthusiast, becomes an unexpected confidante. As their bond deepens, it becomes apparent that Akane might be harboring a secret of her own. Still Sick weaves a tale of personal growth, self-acceptance, and the joy of finding love in unexpected places within the confines of the office.

Happy Marriage?! – Maki Enjoji

Office Romance Manga

To aid her father, Chiwa Takanashi consents to an arranged marriage with Hokuto Mamiya, the company president and a stranger to her. Initiated by Hokuto’s grandfather, Chiwa assumes the arrangement isn’t binding, but Hokuto seems to have a different perspective. “Can two strangers cohabiting navigate their way to a happy marriage?” Explore the journey of Chiwa and Hokuto as they discover whether their unexpected union can lead to genuine happiness.

The New Recruit – Zec and Moscareto

Office Romance Manga

Seunghyun, determined to avoid romantic entanglements in his professional life after overcoming a past crush, faces a new challenge when he encounters Jongchan, his strict new boss with an unexpected tender side. Will Seunghyun navigate the complexities of his first job and find success in his first relationship with the enigmatic Jongchan? Discover the sweet and potentially challenging dynamics of workplace romance in this captivating tale.

My Senpai is Annoying – Shiromanta

Office Romance Manga

In Igarashi Futuba’s new job, everything would be perfect if it weren’t for her senpai, Takeda Harumi, who manages to be incredibly annoying in every way possible! From his laugh to his imposing stature, and the fact that he treats her like a child, Futuba can’t stand it. Despite spending a lot of time together, she insists she only sees him as an irritating senpai… or does she? Dive into the comedic dynamics of this workplace relationship as Futuba grapples with her true feelings for Takeda.

Manly Appetites – Mito


Meet Minegishi, a successful and respected salaryman with an unusual office passion – he loves feeding his grumpy coworker, Otsu. In this sweet and savory BL office comedy, follow Minegishi as he navigates the complexities of office dynamics and discovers if Otsu shares his appetite, not just for food, but perhaps for something more.

Kijima-san & Yamada-san – Hoshimi SK


Dive into the charming world of Kijima-san, who gained telepathic abilities after an accident, and Yamada-san, his coworker with the most vivid and affectionate thoughts. As Kijima daily hears Yamada’s unmistakable feelings for him, he finds himself drawn to her warm and bubbly personality. Despite the mutual understanding of their emotions, Kijima struggles to take the next step in this wholesome rom-com where love is expressed for all to hear.

Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon – Shio Usui


Explore the world of yuri romance with Uno Hinako, a modern career woman striving to fit in by immersing herself in makeup, fashion, and heterosexual relationships. Despite her efforts, self-doubt plagues her inside, leading to failed attempts at “normal” romance with men. When she fears she may be alone forever, a new definition of normalcy emerges in her connection with Asahi Sato, a composed colleague at her workplace. What begins as respect gradually transforms into a more intimate and fulfilling relationship in this heartfelt yuri romance for the modern woman.

Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! – Yuu Toyota


Join Adachi, a thirty-year-old virgin, as he stumbles upon a magical power – the ability to read minds through touch. However, rather than bringing joy, this newfound ability becomes a source of misery for Adachi, who struggles to control and utilize it effectively. To complicate matters, when he accidentally taps into the thoughts of his competent and handsome colleague, he learns about the colleague’s intense crush on none other than Adachi himself! Brace yourself for a hilariously awkward journey as Adachi navigates the complexities of his newfound skill and unexpected office romance.

365 Days to the Wedding – Tamiki Wakaki


Embark on a comedic adventure with Oohara Takuya and Honjouji Rika, employees at J.T.C. travel agency. Faced with the prospect of managing a new branch in Irkutsk, they devise a quirky solution to avoid the relocation – they decide to get married! The catch? They barely know each other. Follow their hilarious journey as they attempt to convince their office that they are engaged, all for the sake of avoiding a transfer to a distant location. Will their fake engagement withstand scrutiny long enough to escape the move? Find out in this entertaining office rom-com!

Midnight Secretary – Tomu Ohmi


Kaya easily adapts to organizing “dinner dates” and unconventional hours for Kyohei. However, things take a turn when Kyohei’s intense gaze begins to shift in her direction. Can Kaya handle the change in dynamics as their relationship starts to evolve beyond the professional? Explore the intriguing twists and turns in this captivating tale as the boundaries between them blur in the face of Kyohei’s smoldering gaze.

An Incurable Case of Love – Maki Enjoji


Nurse Nanase strives to reunite with the charming doctor who once played the role of her dream prince. However, upon meeting him again and working together, she discovers that Kairi Tendo, the once idealized figure in her mind, has become an aggravating and entirely different person. Dive into the twists and turns of this romantic tale as Nanase navigates the unexpected reality of working alongside the doctor who shattered her preconceived notions.

The Trouble With My Boss – Mika Sakurano


I’m the only one holding the secret of our overly talented and somewhat perverted boss, Saeki-san. The mystery lingers as I question why this successful and hardworking individual possesses such an unexpected side. Join me in meeting the amazing characters that have propelled this sensational workplace love story to over 10,000,000 views online. Explore the unique dynamics and discover the secrets that make this narrative truly captivating.

On or Off – A1


After joining his friend’s startup, university student Ahn Yiyoung never expected to find himself presenting their work directly to SJ Corporation, a major company led by the highly sought-after talent, Kang Daehyung. Complicating matters, Director Kang happens to be Yiyoung’s ideal type, adding an extra layer of pressure. When Yiyoung’s presentation takes an unexpected turn, his eagerness to impress Director Kang leads him to desperate measures. This decision plunges him into a complex web of personal and professional entanglements. “How far is Yiyoung willing to go to achieve success in both his love life and his career?” Explore the twists and turns of this romantic and professional dilemma in Yiyoung’s life.

Candy Color Paradox – Isaku Natsume


In his role at a weekly magazine, Satoshi Onoe prides himself on his good writing and ethical reporting. However, when the stakeout teams are rearranged, he finds himself reluctantly paired with Motoharu Kaburagi, an ill-mannered photographer known for his troublesome ways. Onoe disapproves of Kaburagi’s haphazard and unethical reporting methods, leading to constant bickering between the two. Despite initial annoyance, Onoe’s feelings take an unexpected turn towards sweetness as he spends more time with Kaburagi. Explore the evolving dynamics of this professional relationship, as Onoe’s initial disdain transforms into something more heartfelt.

Black and White: Tough Love At the Office


Shirakawa Junko is on a trajectory to climb the corporate ladder in the Overseas Investor Department until Kuroda Kayo, another high-achieving employee with a foreign university degree, joins from Corporate Sales. As they are assigned to work together, their competitive spirits escalate into a heated rivalry. Whether they’re butting heads or exploring a different kind of tension, these two office rivals are primed for a clash, both personally and professionally. Dive into the dynamic world of workplace competition and unexpected connections in this spirited office romance.

Office Gods – Catharina Octorina


Iris, a young human woman, finds herself thrust into the world of divine bureaucracy as she takes on a job in the office of the gods, specifically in the department of Hermes. Despite the gods and goddesses’ breathtaking beauty, Iris soon discovers that their personalities are just as petty and quarrelsome as they were in ancient times. Navigating through Eros’ antics, Aphrodite’s temper, and getting entangled in a love triangle between the demigod sons of Athena and Hades, Iris must find a way to survive the divine chaos that unfolds in her unexpected new workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an hour of romance a modern workplace love story?

An Hour of Romance is a Korean manhwa and it is a modern workplace love story. Cha Ju An, a highly successful career woman at JK Electronics, and Yoo Do Jin, a well-intentioned but clumsy individual, unexpectedly switch souls during office hours.

Are there any romance manga books?

Yes, there are numerous romance manga books across various genres. Some popular titles include “Fruits Basket,” “Ao Haru Ride,” and “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected.”

Do workplace romances work?

The success of workplace romances varies. While some couples thrive, challenges like office politics and potential conflicts of interest exist. It’s essential to navigate such relationships with caution, considering company policies and professional boundaries. These are some of the challenges that occur in office romance manga.

In the enchanting world of workplace romance manga, these stories captivate readers with their unique twists, vibrant characters, and compelling narratives. From the tangled webs of office relationships to the humorous dynamics of professional life, each manga offers a delightful blend of romance, humor, and relatable moments. Whether it’s navigating the challenges of a secret crush or exploring the complexities of divine bureaucracy, these manga transport readers into imaginative realms where love and work collide. As we conclude this exploration of office romance in manga, we invite you to dive into these captivating stories and experience the joy of unexpected love amidst the daily grind.

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