Monday Romance Reads To Devour 7/22

Monday Romance Reads To Devour 7/22
The Other Brother
Hazel Kelly
Ash Warburton is a billionaire with a bad attitude and nothing but his fortune to keep him company. But when he meets a young chef who’s as bold as she is beautiful, he’s inspired to change his beastly ways and win her heart. Fairy tale happy ending guaranteed.
Summers’ Deceit
Sara J. Bernhardt
Jane Callahan is a reclusive, seventeen-year-old high school student dealing with the death of her beloved brother. Her home in Southern California with her mother is a constant reminder of her loss and pain. In hopes of escaping her past she moves to North Bend Oregon to live with her father, where she meets a beautiful boy named Aidan Summers.

Jane is intrigued by his looks as well as his unusual ways of attempting to get her attention. After months of uncommon conversation and frustration, an uncertain romance brews between Jane and Aidan, but Aidan has a ghastly secret that could destroy everything.

Rogue Star Series
Elin Wyn
Get the first three books of the steamy science fiction romance series readers are calling “epic!” and “fantastic!”

It all starts with a bang…

Our rescuers are giant, golden skinned aliens…

And their rogue of a captain seems very interested in the little human commander.


The Contract
Skye Jones writing as SR Jones
The Contract
In my world, family and honor are everything. In my world, women are powerless. In my world, men call all the shots.
My uncle is a mafia king, and my father wants the same power. I am a pawn in their games, to be used and traded.
Two weeks ago, I was promised in marriage to a man I barely knew.
Two days ago, I discovered that man liked to torture women for fun.
Two hours ago, I begged my mother to stop the marriage.
Two minutes ago, I found myself promised to another man … to my uncle’s terrifying enforcer, Damen.
It seems I can only avoid marriage to a madman by becoming the bride of a murderer.
He’s six-feet-five of sheer muscle and power, and he scares me as much as he excites me.
Ruthless, merciless, and without fear, his cruel smirk tells me he is going to enjoy having me at his mercy.
Have I swapped one kind of prison for another?

Emma Edwards

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