Monday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 10/31

Monday Romance Reads For You To Devour – 10/31

Emerald Isle Enchantment Boxed Set by [Leon, Katalina, Garson, Dena, Royce, Rebecca, LaRose, J.L., Thomas, Rea, Masters, Louisa, Cavanaugh, Virginia]Emerald Isle Enchantment Boxed Set



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Reg. Price: 2.99

Tullamore Castle Ireland, is an enchanted place where the adventurous can expect the unexpected. Seven steamy paranormal romance stories with a magical Celtic twist. Find love with a vampire, amorous ghosts, a Djinn, a griffin-shifter and more.

Katalina Leon, Dena Garson, Rebecca Royce, Rea Thomas, Louisa Masters, Virginia Cavanaugh, J.L. LaRose


Crave your HateCRAVE YOUR HATE (Came Back Haunted Book 1) by [Black, Ashley]

BY Ashley Black



Reg. Price: 2.99

“I still want to lick you everywhere, and break you with my tongue.”

Thornton Darko came back haunted, craving the hate of the woman who broke him.
The highly anticipated hot darkly erotic story of Thornton Darko (‘Thorn’), sex crazed, twisted, prickly demon death metal rock star and prick teasing steamy romance writer and enchantress, Elena Wallis continues in CRAVE YOUR HATE.
Thornton Darko is not who he used to be.
He came back; more powerful, more bad ass, more sex crazed than ever before.

He came back haunted.
Let’s get your panties twisted, you were teased, thrilled and broken in the Teased & Broken series, but Thorn has so much MORE to give you, get on this HOT NEW RELEASE Crave your Hate …

“I still want to lick you everywhere, and break you with my tongue.”
His gaze slides down my dress.
I am so afraid of this man.
He is going to leave me soaked and loathing.
My dress, now around my ankles, appears to rustle in agreement.
“What do you want?” I struggle to keep my voice even, for the riot between my legs. My pulse trips on dark lust.
He is doing this to me, Thorn’s energy suffocating mine. I am choking on desire. Don’t look at his mouth!
Damn. Too late. His sinful lips part ever so slightly and my panties are duly SLAYED.
“Look at him,” I fume inwardly. “Sitting there majestic as fuck upon his throne watching me watch him.” The muscles in his powerful thighs tighten and flex as his legs spread wide. His hand flashes urgently to grip the obscene bulge seething in his pants.
“What do I want? So many things love! Revenge. Your hate, ah to taste it on your pretty mouth!”
His bitter laugh cuts me open as he beckons with a black gloved finger.
My tongue slides over my lips.
“Drop to your knees and crawl backwards.” “What?” My voice wavers. I can barely breathe.
“Yes,” he smirks. “It would please a prick. I have a weakness for your exquisite ass Elena. It should enter the room first in its dealings with me. Always.” The hissing flame in his startling green eyes becoming an inferno.
“It’s dealings with you?” I whisper, horrified and aroused.
I turn away from him. All of me- heart, tiny soul, and sanity drop to my knees.
“Yes,” he grunts. “That ass is getting dealt with. It has an appointment with my lap. I
want you to rub that ass all over me until we both can’t take any more.”

If you like your erotic suspense to feel like a dark, seductive, insane storm of sensual mayhem – this series is for you!
Find out what goes down when Thornton Darko makes a thrilling come back!!!



Captive: A Bad Boy Romance Anthology (Alpha Collection Book 2) by [Rowena, Tanner, Natasha, Clarke, Amelia, Gold, Lexi, Brice, Leanne, Towers, Terry]Captive: A Bad Boy Romance Anthology

by Rowena



Reg. Price: 3.99

5 intense love stories. Limited time bundle.
This bad boy anthology is filled with dangerous men, outlaws, and criminal activity, and each love story involves a kidnapping in some way. Some of the heroes are trained killers and some are much, much worse.
Got the stomach for it? Get ready to dig into an eclectic mix of romances blossoming from forced proximity!

•Crotch Rocket: a fast-paced, MC bad boy ride
•The Baronet and the Thief: the adventures of a dominant British billionaire and the cat burglar who robbed him
•A New Don: a romantic suspense mafia love story
•Deviant: a semi-dark love triangle romance
•Faith: a dark romance novel starring the baddest of them all.


Close Encounters 1 and 2Romance : Close Encounters 1 and 2 (New Adult and College Romance Book 1 and 2) (New Adult and College Romance Series Book 1 and) by [Cartwright, C.C., Cartwright, Christine]

by C.C. Cartwright



Four beautiful and fun-loving college coeds embark on their first year at USC.
Each roommate is eager to experience everything campus life has to offer.

One of them is a naughty girl who challenges her new roommates to a game: who will have the most close encounters in one month?

Deena, the aspiring cheerleader, enjoys a variety of men and is sure she can win.

But good girl, Clarissa, secretly starts a forbidden tryst with the hot Professor Grant Montgomery, who all the girls sit up front for.

Lexi is coming off a bad breakup. Could her first hookup with the frat boy jock have him falling hard?

Kara, the virgin roommate, is the last hold-out.

Which roommate will let her heart get in the way of winning the challenge?

Which of the roommates will end up finding love?

A Naughty New Adult and College Series you won’t be able to put down!

Emma Edwards

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